Pixieset vs Shootproof 2024: Ultimate Photo Gallery Showdown! 🥊

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⏳ Do you want to skip the read and get right to my winner? Pixieset is the Winner within this Pixieset vs Shootproof photo gallery platform test.

Introduction to our Pixieset vs Shootproof Comparison:

Deciding between Pixieset and Shootproof for an online photo gallery service is an important choice for photographers who wish to showcase and sell their work. Both platforms offer a collection of features aimed at enhancing the client experience and streamlining the sales process. Curating your work in a professional and accessible way is vital, and with the rise of digital services, finding the right platform that serves not only as a gallery but also as a business tool has become essential.

As a photographer, my goal is to ensure that my clients have a seamless experience, from viewing their photographs to making a purchase. Understanding the similarities and differences between Pixieset and Shootproof regarding usability, features, customer support, pricing structure, user feedback, and additional services is crucial. Each platform has unique strengths that could be the deciding factor in choosing one over the other. Analysis of these platforms helps me discern which service aligns best with my business model and provides the value I seek for my clients and my brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Both Pixieset and Shootproof offer comprehensive features tailored for photographers.
  • Comparing usability, features, support, and pricing helps determine the best fit for my photography business.
  • Customer feedback and additional services play a key role in selecting a platform.

Quick Comparison Table

Feature🥇 PixiesetShootproof
Pricing PlansStarts with a free tier, offers monthly and annual paid plansFree trial available, then monthly/annual paid plans
Gallery ProofingBasic online proofing capabilitiesAdvanced gallery proofing features
E-CommerceHas print fulfilment servicesOffers print fulfilment as well as digital sales
Client GalleriesUnlimited client galleries in paid plansUnlimited client galleries in paid plans
Social SharingIntegrated social sharing optionsSocial sharing available
Website BuildingWebsite building functionality available as an add-onNot a primary feature
Mobile AppMobile app for on-the-go managementMobile app provided
Lightroom PluginLightroom plugin available for streamlined workflowLightroom plugin availability
Online StorageDifferent storage limits based on planStorage options vary by chosen plan

In my experience, both Pixieset and Shootproof serve photographers who need to share their work with clients online. Pixieset offers a sleek option with the ability to build a full website, while Shootproof focuses more on the robust gallery proofing and sales aspects. Each brings unique aspects to the table, such as Pixieset's website functionalities and Shootproof's emphasis on a feature-rich proofing process. Depending on the specific needs of the photographer, such as preference for e-commerce support or budget considerations, one may be more suitable than the other. Pricing plans and storage capacities vary, which are critical to account for when choosing between the two.

Overview of Pixieset and Shootproof

image 125

When examining Pixieset and Shootproof, I'm looking at two highly competent online gallery platforms targeting photographers who wish to share and sell their work. Both platforms offer client galleries, ensuring a professional and user-friendly experience for both photographers and their clients.

pixieset vs shootproof

Pixieset is a tool I find noteworthy for its sleek design and functionality. It's user-friendly and provides an attractive way for photographers to showcase their work. An integral feature is the platform's full website building capability, which can be quite beneficial for photographers aiming to establish a comprehensive online presence.


In contrast, Shootproof stands out due to its focus on the business aspect of photography, including features like contract and model release management. It also leans heavily on client privacy and photo protection, offering options such as watermarking.

Photographers who have used these platforms have left reviews indicating a preference based on their specific needs—whether that's a more aesthetically pleasing gallery or a stronger set of business tools.

Here's a quick comparison:

Client GalleriesOffered with additional website building featuresOffered with a focus on privacy and protection
CustomisationHighly customisable with a modern interfaceBroad array of customisation options available
Business ToolsWebsite builder, Online proofing, E-commerceOnline proofing, Print fulfilment, Contract management
User ReviewsPositive reviews for usability and designPositive feedback on business tools and privacy options

I always advise photographers to consider their priorities when choosing between the two services, as both have their unique strengths.

Ease of Use

image 123

When comparing the user interfaces of Pixieset vs Shootproof, I find that both platforms offer intuitive design layouts, aimed at ensuring ease of navigation for photographers and their clients.

Pixieset sports a clean, modern design which makes it straightforward to create and share galleries. The platform provides a drag-and-drop interface that simplifies uploading and arranging photos, which I can do without having to consult a manual. Clients can effortlessly view and select their favourite photos thanks to a user-friendly gallery view.

Similarly, Shootproof also presents a user-friendly environment. Arranging photos and setting up galleries is quite uncomplicated, and the built-in sales tools are integrated in a way that they don't overwhelm new users. Their gallery setup assists in easily managing events, which is particularly handy when dealing with large numbers of photos.

Gallery CustomisationRich, varied optionsHigh level of customisation
NavigationStraightforward, minimal learningIntuitive, easy to understand
Sales & OrderingSeamlessly integratedDirect, with comprehensive features
Client AccessibilityStreamlined, mobile-friendlySimple, with password protection

Both platforms offer email support and abundant online resources to help navigate any potential bumps. However, Pixieset simplifies the process for clients to download photos and place orders. This might be slightly more directly approached in Pixieset compared to Shootproof, where the journey to purchase can involve a few more clicks.

In my assessment, each platform has its own strengths in terms of ease of use, and the right choice would ultimately depend on the specific needs of a photographer's workflow and client interaction preferences.

Core Features Comparison

image 125

In comparing Pixieset vs Shootproof, I focus on various core areas such as the ease of use in their user interfaces, the functionality of their client galleries, and the robustness of their e-commerce and sales tools. Let's closely examine each aspect to help photographers choose the service that best fits their needs.

User Interface and Experience

Pixieset offers a clean, intuitive interface that is straightforward to navigate. The simplicity of its design themes contributes to a user-friendly experience. On the other hand, Shootproof sports a professional interface that prioritises presentation and functionality. Both services support a Lightroom plugin, enhancing their appeal amongst professional photographers.

Client Galleries and Photo Sharing

Shootproof and Pixieset both provide private galleries to safeguard client privacy while still allowing for convenient social sharing. Shootproof allows for music to be added to collections, which Pixieset does not, potentially creating a more immersive viewing experience.

E-commerce and Sales Tools

Both platforms offer tools to manage print sales, including pricing, price lists, and packages. They each feature a marketplace for vendor albums and integrate with Shopify for e-commerce solutions. Pixieset allows seamless selling right from the photo sharing site, while Shootproof's sales tools are comprehensive, offering discounts and promotions to clients.

Integration and Automation

Regarding integrations and automation, both platforms offer content management and marketing automation capabilities. Shootproof provides additional automations, such as automating communications and workflows, while Pixieset integrates well with other business management software, simplifying the user's administrative tasks.

Mobile Accessibility

Both Pixieset and Shootproof offer mobile gallery apps to enhance mobile accessibility. These mobile apps ensure that photographers can provide a quality viewing experience on mobile devices, facilitating greater flexibility for photo sharing and client interaction.

Security and Permissions

Security is paramount for both services, with options for watermarking and backup unique to Shootproof. Permissions settings are robust on both platforms, ensuring photographers control who views and purchases images from their galleries.

Business Management Features

Shootproof stands out by providing extra business management features such as contracts and invoices directly through the platform. Pixieset also offers business tools but to a lesser extent, focusing more on the client gallery and e-commerce aspects.

Additional Tools for Professional Photographers

Additional tools specific to professional and wedding photographers include an online proofing system and a Facebook support group – both of which are supportive communities providing resources and feedback. Shootproof offers a variety of additional tools like music options in galleries that can cater to individual business needs.

Aesthetic and Customisation Options

Customisation is key for both platforms, offering design themes that align with photographers' branding. Pixieset does well in offering a range of aesthetic options that can be customised to a photographer's brand, whereas Shootproof's customization options are also robust, allowing personalisation of the client experience.

My analysis here is a straightforward aggregation of features without exaggeration, aiming to make an informed comparison between Pixieset and Shootproof for those seeking a reliable photo sharing and business management solution.

Support and Learning Resources

image 122

As a professional in the field, I understand the importance of having reliable support and comprehensive learning resources when working with client gallery platforms such as Pixieset vs ShootProof. Here's how each platform approaches support and education for photographers like me.


For starters, Pixieset provides free accounts which include access to their help centre and email support. The documentation is thorough and covers a wide range of topics useful for beginners and experienced users alike. Anecdotally, I’ve found the instructions straightforward and easy to follow. There’s also a Facebook support group where I can connect with other Pixieset users, exchange tips, and seek advice from peers.

  • Email support: Yes
  • Facebook Group: Yes
  • Free account support: Included
  • Learning documentation: Extensive


On the other side, ShootProof takes pride in their customer service quality. There's a myriad of resources offered, from live chat support to a robust knowledge base. Proof of their dedication can be seen in their comprehensive documentation and the proactive customer service I've experienced. Free accounts still receive basic support, but advanced assistance might require a paid plan.

  • Live chat support: Yes
  • Email support: Yes
  • Free account support: Basic
  • Learning documentation: Comprehensive

Both platforms ensure that I have the necessary tools and support to maximise my use of their services, and my ability to resolve issues quickly allows me to maintain a professional standard for my clients.

Pricing Plans and Affordability

image 123

When considering online gallery services for photographers, a key aspect to examine is the differences in pricing plans and affordability. Both Pixieset vs Shootproof offer a range of packages to fit various needs, including options for free trials and various account options. I'll take you through these to help you determine which service may fit your budget and business requirements.

Free Trials and Account Options

Both Shootproof and Pixieset extend free trials, allowing users to test their platforms before committing financially. Shootproof offers a free trial where I can upload up to 100 photos, which is a manageable sample size to gauge the interface and features. On the other hand, Pixieset provides a free account option with limited storage space—enough to see the platform's value before upgrading to a paid plan.

Regarding paid options, Shootproof's packages range from plans with limited photo uploads to premium offerings with unlimited plans, catering to a spectrum of professional photography businesses. Discounts are periodically available which can reduce the annual cost.

Pixieset's pricing structure is similar, with tiered packages based on the amount of storage needed, and they also offer an unlimited plan. No overt discounts are mentioned, but there may be promotions or discounts available at different times of the year, particularly during the holiday or end-of-financial-year sales.

Both services project confidence in providing value for money, and my informed suggestion would be to consider the size and engagement level of your business when choosing between them, as what is most affordable for one may not be for another.

User Reviews and Testimonials

image 126

When assessing the effectiveness and reliability of Pixieset vs Shootproof from a professional perspective, I systematically analysed user reviews and customer testimonials.

For Pixieset, several user testimonials highlight its user-friendly interface and stylish gallery layouts. Clients find the aesthetics pleasing, which enhances the overall viewing experience. Nonetheless, I noticed a few mentions regarding limited customisation options, which some professional photographers found restrictive.

Pixieset User Feedback:

  • Ease of Use: Often praised for its straightforward user interface.
  • Design: Galleries are aesthetically appealing, though some users crave more personalisation.

In contrast, Shootproof testimonials frequently commend the platform for its comprehensive client management tools and the secure archiving feature. Users appreciate the ability to keep their galleries organised without impinging on their plan limits. However, pricing concerns emerge occasionally, particularly regarding the higher cost of the Unlimited Plan.

Shootproof Customer Satisfaction:

  • Features: Robust client management and secure archiving are significant pluses.
  • Cost: Generally well-received, but the price for higher-tier plans sometimes raises eyebrows.
PixiesetExcellent design, ease of useLimited customisation options
ShootproofSolid features, secure archivingHigher-tier plan costs can concern

Through my analysis, I surmised that while both platforms garner positive reviews, the choice between Pixieset vs Shootproof appears to hinge on the specific priorities of the user—whether they value design elegance or feature richness more in their daily workflow.

Additional Relevant Services and Platforms

image 127

In this section, I will explore a variety of services and platforms that cater specifically to the needs of photographers, ranging from marketing to business organisation. These tools are designed to complement and enhance the functionality of photo gallery services like Pixieset vs Shootproof.

Extended Services for Photographers

I find that SmugMug stands out as a strong alternative, offering secure, unlimited photo storage and customisable website design options, ideal for showcasing work. Sanity.io, moreover, provides a structured content platform that allows for powerful image management and real-time collaboration between team members.

Marketing and Client Engagement Tools

For engaging and marketing to clients, Canva is invaluable for creating professional-looking designs with ease. In terms of email marketing, services like GetResponse offer robust email campaign tools, while platforms such as ResNexus integrate text messaging capabilities to enrich communication channels, fostering impressive list growth.

Business Organisation and Scheduling

HoneyBook provides comprehensive business management tools ranging from client bookings to financial reporting, embodying a versatile solution for photographers. Similarly, Acuity Scheduling offers efficient online appointment scheduling, while Autopay options streamline payment processes, ensuring smooth business operations.

E-commerce and Online Sales Enhancement

For photographers aiming to boost their online sales, Shopify is an excellent cloud-based platform, with strong e-commerce capabilities and credit card processing. It's a comprehensive marketplace solution that facilitates creating a branded, professional online store.

Each of these platforms and tools provides unique benefits tailored to various aspects of a photographer's business needs. Implementing them can significantly enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement for my photography brand.

Personal Experience

image 128

When considering the efficacy of online photography services, I've had direct experience with both ShootProof and Pixieset. My use of each platform highlights distinct advantages tailored to different needs within my photography workflow.

ShootProof offered me:

  • A robust online proofing system.
  • A spectrum of gallery options that catered to my clients' needs.
  • The ability to brand myself cohesively through their customization features.

Pixieset, on the other hand, provided:

  • A sleek user interface that enhanced my clients' viewing experience.
  • Full website building functionality, which streamlined my online portfolio.
  • A cost-effective full-service suite for starting photographers when considering print sales.

My individual experiences have led me to appreciate both platforms for their unique services:

FeatureShootProof AdvantagePixieset Advantage
Online Proofing 
User Interface 
Full Website Service 

In applying these services to my business, I've found Pixieset to be more intuitive for my clients, especially when navigating the gallery features. ShootProof, however, gave me greater depth in customization, aligning with my branding needs at certain times. What I've determined is that no one service is superior; rather, it's about adjudicating which features align most synergistically with your specific business requirements at a given time.

Conclusion & Recommendation

image 124

In this section, I'll distil my findings to help pinpoint which platform might align with your specific needs, be it Pixieset vs ShootProof.

Who is Pixieset best for?

Pixieset is an excellent choice for photographers who prioritise sleek design and usability in their client galleries. The added website building functionality means it's particularly advantageous for those who wish to have an integrated web presence alongside their client proofing gallery.

Who is Shootproof best for?

Shootproof tends to suit photographers seeking a comprehensive business management tool. The platform shines for its wide range of organisational opportunities, including extensive gallery proofing features and a focus on sales, contracts, and overall client management.


While Pixieset vs Shootproof are leaders in their field, alternatives like Zenfolio vs ShootProof or SmugMug might offer different features that could be crucial for your business. Always consider your clients' experience and how the platform fits into your workflow before committing.

PlatformKey FeaturesPrice (Basic Paid Plan)My ViewTry For Free
🥇 SquarespaceBeautiful templates, social media integration, SEO tools$12/month
Check Pricing
Squarespace is a great all-around portfolio builder with excellent design aesthetics.Try For Free
🥈 WixExtensive customization, large app market, ADI featureFree to start, paid plans from $14/month
Check Pricing
Best for maximum creative controlTry For Free
🥉 Adobe PortfolioIntegration with Creative Cloud, clean templates, automatic optimizationIncluded with Creative Cloud ($20.99/month)
Check Pricing
Ideal for existing Adobe Creative Cloud subscribersTry For Free
WordPress.comMassive flexibility, huge template selection, powerful blogging featuresFree to start, paid plans from $4/month
Check Pricing
Best for those who want maximum flexibility and blogging capabilityTry For Free
WeeblyUser-friendly, built-in SEO tools, advanced website analyticsFree to start, paid plans from $6/month
Check Pricing
Good for beginners with small portfoliosTry For Free
FormatClient proofing, online store, themes optimized for artists$6/month
Check Pricing
Format is great for professionals, offering client proofing and online store featuresTry For Free
SmugmugUnlimited photo uploads, eCommerce capabilities, privacy controls$7/month
Check Pricing
SmugMug is an excellent choice for photographers, offering unlimited photo uploads.Try For Free
PixpaE-commerce, client proofing, blog, custom CSS$7/month
Check Pricing
Ideal for creatives who need a blend of portfolio and e-commerceTry For Free
DudaCollaboration tools, excellent templates, widget personalization$14/month
Check Pricing
Great for collaborative portfolio buildingTry For Free
Check Pricing
ZenfolioClient access pages, built-in marketing tools, unlimited storage$5/month
Check Pricing
Best for professional photographers who want client access featuresTry For Free

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Platform

My final advice is to carefully weigh your business needs and client choice feedback. Whether you lean towards Pixieset vs Shootproof, ensure that the platform you choose will seamlessly align with your workflow and enhance your professional service. To me, that's Pixieset as winner of this comparison!

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I cover the most pertinent inquiries regarding Pixieset vs ShootProof, focusing on aspects such as pricing, photo quality, user experience, and feature sets. These questions are designed to offer a clear comparison between the two services for photographers seeking the best platform for their needs.

What are the primary differences in pricing between Pixieset and ShootProof?

Comparing Pixieset vs ShootProof, Pixieset offers a range of packages with varying storage capacities, starting with a free tier that includes a certain amount of free storage, while ShootProof's pricing is primarily based on the number of photos you can have in your account rather than the storage size.

How does the photo quality compare when using Pixieset's printing service?

When using Pixieset's printing service, the platform maintains a high standard of print quality by partnering with professional print labs, ensuring that the final product matches the photographers' and their clients' expectations.

Can you provide examples of websites created with ShootProof?

Although ShootProof is known for its gallery proofing feature, it does not directly offer website creation. Instead, you can integrate ShootProof into existing websites. For examples of galleries or integrations, users would need to visit the individual websites of photographers who use ShootProof.

What are the advantages of using Pixieset over alternative platforms like Honeybook and PhotoBiz?

Pixieset distinguishes itself from competitors like Honeybook and PhotoBiz through its user-friendly interface, visually appealing client galleries, and full website building functionality which can be added to its base services for creating a comprehensive online presence.

In terms of features and user experience, which is superior: ShootProof or Pixieset?

Determining whether ShootProof vs Pixieset is superior depends on the user's specific needs. ShootProof offers strong features for gallery proofing and client interaction, while Pixieset is often praised for its sleek design and excellent user experience.

How does Pixieset ensure the original quality of uploaded photos is maintained?

Pixieset ensures photos uploaded to their service maintain their original quality by not compressing the images, allowing photographers to upload and share their work without losing any of the original detail or colour integrity.

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