ThePhotostick Mobile Reviews 2021: Is it time to backup mobile photos?

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Photostick Mobile

Ease of use 9.5
Design 9.5
Features and Functionality 9.5
Reliability 9.0
Pricing 9.5


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Small and portable
  • App support for most mobile platforms


  • Is offline, so can be physically lost
  • Speed of transfer can be dependent of your phone

Introducing the Photostick Mobile?

Losing data can be more than just a hassle. Backing up data isn’t the quickest thing to do and now all of your old cherished photos and videos gone, memories erased and you feel like there’s nothing you can do about it. Well, there is something you could have done about it and it definitely beats doing the old-school data backup. That something is called the Photostick Mobile and now they have Photo stick mobile for iPhone iOS and Android. And this is why I'm writing this brand new the Photostick Mobile Reviews (and photo stick mobile for iphone review article) to update from my old thephotostick mobile reviews!

phone using mobile photostick

The Photostick Mobile for iPhone and Android.

You may have heard about Photo stick for computer, but now you can also get Photostick mobile iPhone and iPad and the Photostick mobile for Android. What this nifty little device and handy tool does, is basically makes your life easier when it comes to backing up your valuable photos and videos. Like in my other tech reviews, I will go into detail the capabilities of this device in this photostick mobile review.

Instead of connecting your mobile phone into your laptop or computer, and then manually backing up all of your phone’s photos and videos into a folder and all that, thePhotostick mobile streamlines all of that tedious process for you. Let's get more into that below in this thephotostick mobile reviews.

Photo stick mobile iPhone & Photo stick mobile for Android


Features of ThePhotostick Mobile

The Photostick mobile for android and Photo stick mobile for iPhone itself, is a small USB Flash Drive (thumb drive) device that has a USB port (for computers) on one end, and either a micro-usb (for Androids) or a lightning port (for iPhones) on the other. This is different from the computer only version, where it only has a USB port and no ports for a mobile device.

A great feature use is that even if you don’t necessarily want or need to back up your media files on your phone, you can still use the Photostick Mobile as a quick and easy to way store your photos and videos. So, if you’re not looking for a dedicated back up device for your phones, at least you’re getting a small portable storage device for your mobiles. Who can say no to extra storage space when it’s so easy to run out of space?

Let’s explore further in this Photostick mobile review as well as other details and information in this thephotostick mobile reviews.

photostick mobile app on android phone

How does Photostick mobile work?

Photostick mobile for Android and Photostick mobile for iPhone work much like their computer/laptop counterpart; photo stick for computer. The device itself almost works like a “plug in and play” device, with the only extra step added is downloading their photo stick mobile app off the App Store (For IOS) or from Google Play (For Androids).

So, the traditional way of backing up your data on your mobile probably consists of something such as: Going into each folder on your mobile device. Finding the files that you want backed up and saved. Then manually selecting each one you want, before copying or moving it into the dedicated back up folder or external storage device.

Doing all of that is already tedious on a computer, so imagine what it would be like doing that on a mobile device. You probably don’t even need to imagine, you’ve done it before and understand how much of a painful process it can be, especially if you have hundreds of even thousands of photos and videos.

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That’s the beautiful thing about the Photostick mobile for Android and Photostick mobile for iPhone. You simply plug it into your phone and then hit the “Back up files” button on the free the photostick mobile app that you downloaded from the App Store (For IOS) or from Google Play (For Androids).

That’s literally all there is to it. It's so simple that writing this thephotostick mobile reviews is actually a little difficult, haha. The Photostick mobile will then go through your phone for all photos and videos and then back it up into device, helping to free up space and back up your previous memories. An Easy peasy lemon squeezy use of Photo stick mobile for iPhone.

Media Formats and Compatibility

Let's continue with our ThePhotostick mobile reviews.  You may have run into this issue in the past, where when trying to transfer certain files between your phone and someplace else, you get compatibility issues. Video files that played on your phone, are having trouble playing on your computer or something along those lines, right?

That’s another great thing about Photostick mobile (this includes both android and photo stick mobile for iPhone), the handy device is compatible with the all of the popular media file formats: JPEG, PNG, JPG, MP3 as well as others. Some versions of the Photo stick Mobile are even able to support a whole list more.

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Pricing for The Photostick Mobile. Where to buy?

After reading all of this Photostick mobile review, you may now be wondering the cost of such a convenient, easy and handy tool. Something that saves you from tedious processes and helps to back up all of your important photos and videos and all of those precious memories, as well as free up space, must definitely put a hole in your wallet, right?

Well not exactly. The Photostick is an extremely affordable piece of hardware. Both the computer variant, as well as the android mobile and photo stick mobile for iPhone versions. Pricing is below and they are currently giving discount of retail price and another 40% discount when you buy more than one! Nice!

The great thing also, is that the photo stick mobile for iPhone and android comes with a 30-day money back guarantee with your purchase also! So, if it really isn't working for you, just follow their refund policy and conditions, and you'll get your money back even if you have thephotostick mobile for iphone or photostick mobile android.


Not only is it available for desktop with their Photostick line (read our desktop Photostick review here) but it also comes in several upgradable storage sizes so you have some options to choose from. The storage sizes available; as of writing this Photostick mobile review are: 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.


To give you a rough idea, 128 GB can hold something along the lines of 60,000 photos. That’s a heck of a lot of photographs. All memories that you can keep safe and backed up on your Photostick device. Make your choice depending on what you currently have as storage on your phone but remember your phone obviously stores more than just photos. Best to check your phone settings to see how much storage your photos are taking.


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Alternatives; Offline and Cloud?

Still not convinced with the my thephotostick mobile reviews or other thephotostick mobile reviews? Okay let’s take a look at the other current options for backing up your precious memories from your mobile.

You may have looked into getting a subscription for a cloud storage service or even already have a subscription. Cloud storage definitely has it’s uses, but when doing back ups to cloud, you are still having to do the back up manually, which as we all know is a tedious process. The other requirement with cloud services is that you need an online working internet connection, that is also stable and fast enough to be able to upload your photos and videos.

All of the Photostick products (Photo stick for computer, Photostick mobile for Android, Photostick mobile for iPhone) operate completely offline. Since it’s a simply plug and play flash drive for iPhone or iPad, no internet is required when you want to back up your uploaded photos and videos. So long as you have the required app downloaded (this part would have needed an internet connection) then you are good to go! For both photo stick mobile for iphone as well as photostick mobile for android!

My Conclusion for Photostick Mobile Review

Whether you’re just short on time and don’t want to spend time going through all your precious memories, photos and videos. Or whether you just need the extra storage space, or even if you’re just a lover of all things tech that promote convenience, affordability and security; The Photostick Mobile for Android and Photostick for iPhone ticks all of these boxes for you.

If you’re looking for the same easy solution to backup files, but for computer. Then make sure you check out their Photo stick for computer products. For me personally, having these Photosticks definitely make life easier when it comes to extra storage and data backup.

And that concludes this Photostick Mobile Review (this is the latest thephotostick mobile reviews). Don’t wait until something happens and you lose your data or until you’ve run out of space. Free up space now and save your precious memories with the Photostick mobile.

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