Peeps Glasses Cleaner Review 2022: Take a peep at the best eyeglass cleaner?

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Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

Ease of Use 9.5
Design 9.5
Features and Functionality 9.5
Reliability 9.5
Pricing 9.5


  • Small and easily portable
  • Easy to keep the cleaning tool itself clean with the cover


  • If you're forgetful to recover the cleaning tool, will get dirty quickly

Introducing the Peeps lens cleaner.

If you're someone like me, who has to wear eye glasses in order to be able to see things around me, then you know how important it is to keep your eye glasses in tip top shape and condition. I mean, otherwise; what's the point of having a dirty lens and then not being able to look and see through the very device that's supposed to make you look and see clearly. And even if you don't happen to have to wear glasses, I'm sure you still understand what we're talking about if you've ever had smudged or dirty sunglasses.

Maintenance is very important, and luckily there's a tool out there that makes the cleaning and maintenance part of having eye glasses a little easier. That tool is the Peeps eyeglass cleaner. Perhaps the best eyeglass cleaner there is out there currently.


peeps eyeglass cleaner tool

The problems of lens care

After reading my first paragraph about Peeps glasses cleaner, you might be wondering; well, what's the actual problem? It's easy to clean my glasses and/or sunglasses. Just use a cloth, or my shirt, or tissue, or whatever it is I have nearby!

Well you see, that right there is already some few issues. Eyeglass cleaning requires some attention and care, and you can't just go around using any old thing to clean and wipe away at your expensive glass lens. Check out these steps on how to properly clean your glasses, and it can be made much easier with the use of the best eyeglass cleaner; Peeps Glasses Cleaner. Now here are the issues with some the methods you might be currently using:

  • Using your shirt? – Be careful, you'll scratch your expensive lens!
  • Tissue? Or a paper Towel? – Same as above, you risk scratching your eyeglass lens, and tissue does a good job of smearing the dirt and smudged on your glasses.
  • Microfiber cloth? – Probably the best choice out of this list. It is in fact what a lot of glasses manufacturers include with your glasses. However, if not kept properly, the cloth will collect dust and debris, and you don't want to be wiping that over your glasses. Also, how often do you actually lose that small tiny piece of cloth? I bet quite often.

Your aim is not to just be transferring dirt from one spot of your glasses to another; but to properly clean and maintain your glasses. Stop smudging and smearing, and start using Peeps eyeglass cleaner.

peeps glasses cleaner

What Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner does for you

Okay, so let me talk a little bit more about what I consider the best eyeglass cleaner; Peeps Glasses Cleaner. To describe the tool in a couple words; functional and efficient. It isn't microfiber, but rather the product of many years of aerospace technology. Ever wondered what jet pilots and people such as astronauts, use to clean their helmet visors? That's right. Peeps Glasses Cleaner.

Some product research shows that Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner utilities carbon molecular technology in its product design. Yes its a carbon eyeglass cleaner! So cool! What that helps the tool to do, is to properly remove the dirt and debris from your glasses lens. Peeps Glasses Cleaner is non-abrasive, unlike the majourity of the things that you probably use daily to wipe your glasses. This nifty little tool helps you remove dirt by catching it and lifting it off the lens, rather than smudging and smearing it around. The tool itself is also extremely easy to keep clean, thus helping it's longevity, though we'll get more into that in the section below.

If you yet don't believe me; about the fact that Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is most likely the best eyeglass cleaner, then take a quick look at this Peeps reviews video. Even professional optometrists stand by this eye care product.

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Features of the Peeps Glasses Cleaner

Next in our Peeps review, let's take a slightly more detailed look at the product itself, what it has to offer, as well as it's features.

Portable Hard Plastic Casing. The entire tool is neatly designed so that it doesn't feel cumbersome to carry around and use. And it keeps it's cleanliness by storing itself away inside of it's own hard casing. Keeping the dust and debris off the vital cleaning parts of the tool.

Two step cleaning. Inside the casing, it also comes with a soft brush for you to brush away some of the bigger dirt particles before using the cleaners. And the actual cleaning pads themselves can clean both sides of your glass lens at the same time. Saves you some time and saves you from touching the glass to get to either side and leaving oily finger marks!

Carbon Molecular Cleaners. The actual eyeglass cleaner parts use carbon molecular technology. The carbon molecules are charged and thus attract the dirt and micro debris. Lifting it up and away from the glass lens rather than actually smearing it off. This is one of the main reasons as to why this is the best eyeglass cleaner.

Can clean all lens. Whether it be your daily vision glasses or just sunglasses, the Peeps eyeglass cleaner is designed to fit just about every single pair of glasses and sunglasses out there. As long as the frame isn't abnormally thick, you're good to go. Making this tool compatible with all glasses.

It's safe for your lens and is durable. This is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to any tool. Is it safe, will it damage my belongings, and how much use do I get out of the tool? Because of it's carbon molecular tech; Peeps Glasses Cleaner is safe for all lens types and boasts the use of at least over 500 cleans before suggesting to replace the cleaner.

peeps glass cleaner cleaning glasses

Pricing for Peeps

Let's get down to the cost of this nifty little cleaning tool. Is it going to be expensive for what it is? Absolutely not. Not at all pricey if you ask me.Function and efficient, the Peeps eyeglass cleaner comes in at a respectable price which is also on discount at the moment.  Just one tool to keep your glasses clean and maintained, and it doesn't break your bank.

The great thing also, is that best eyeglass cleaner is attaching a 30-day money back guarantee with your purchase also! So, if it really isn't working for you, just follow their refund policy and conditions, and you'll get your money back.

Where to buy Peeps?


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My Conclusion for Peeps eyeglass cleaner

Hope you have found my peeps eyeglass cleaner review informative. I'm a big lover of tools and gadgets. And the Peeps Glasses Cleaner is definitely one of my favourites. It's not quite my every day carry, but I always know exactly where it is. With one in the car and one at home, it's definitely an easy time for me when it comes to maintaining both my reading glasses as well as my sunglasses.

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