One Hour Site Fix Reviews 2024: Is It Legit?

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OneHourSiteFix is a malware removal services company. It offers a fast and effective solution for businesses and individuals whose websites have been compromised by malware or other malicious software. The company's team of experts use advanced tools and techniques to quickly identify and remove malware from websites, ensuring that the site is secure and functioning properly.

  • Ease of Use - 88%
  • Features - 83%
  • Performance - 88%
  • Help & Support - 90%
  • Pricing - 88%


  • Offers a free plan
  • With money-back guarantee (sort of)
  • One hour malware removal


  • Not many features compared to rivals
  • No monthly option

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Introduction to our One Hour Site Fix Reviews:

In this One Hour Site Fix Reviews, let’s take a long, hard look at whether or not this service lives up to its promise.

Getting hacked is a nightmare. Based on my two decades of experience in online reputation management, malware and malicious bots can do serious damage. Did you know that hacking, ransomware, and other cybercrimes will cost the global economy $10.25 trillion yearly by 2025? You can just imagine not only the economic loss but the psychological despair any website or online store owner experiences when this happens. So before cyber criminals strike, you need to get your site thoroughly cleaned. You can choose innovative options like OneHourSiteFix – a website security solution that promises to rid your site of malware in just one hour.

But does it, really?


Before we begin our One Hour Site Fix reviews, a little background is in order.

OneHour SiteFix is a malware removal solution developed by tech startup Sharkgate Limited. Based in London, England, Sharkgate designed the service after two decades of experience and results from strengthening the IT security of global brands like Microsoft, Accenture, Nokia, and others. The result? A quirky malware removal service that promises to tidy up your website and eradicate malware in just 60 minutes.


Ease of Use:

In this OneHourSiteFix reviews, we like how the service has a user-friendly dashboard that doesn’t strain your eyes. Overall, its dashboard is easy to understand. We also like how it offers you the opportunity to see how the service protects your site 24/7.

For instance, you can view how many attacks there were, how many of them the service was able to block, and from which countries they originated.

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If we’re going to evaluate whether or not this malware removal service delivers, let’s dig deep into OneHourSiteFix reviews of features.

Malware Removal:

To say that One Hour SiteFix is a tool is incorrect. It actually operates as a website security service, and malware removal service is its most popular offering. You can order a one-time clean-up of your website or subscribe to a yearly subscription.

One Hour SiteFix promises this: unlike other website security companies, they don’t rely only on automated scanning tools. As part of their “5-star service” they had three security experts conducting a manual inspection of all files and database entries within the span of one hour, or your money back.

DDoS Attack Mitigation:

In this One Hour Site Fix reviews, we note that the service provides mitigation against distributed denial of services (DDos) attacks through the Sharkgate CDN.

Website Protection:

For this OneHourSiteFix reviews, let's talk about how it protects your website. The service promises not only to remove malware from your site but offer continued protection. This is because if hackers fail today, they will probably come back some other time and mess with your site. For website protection, One Hour Site Fix its proprietary Sharkgate cloud-based firewall.

This firewall deters cyber-attacks launched by malicious automated bots. In addition, the Sharkgate firewall prevents bad bot traffic from flowing to your site through robust identification techniques.

Vulnerability Patching:

In this OneHourSiteFix reviews, how does it defend your site's vulnerabilities?

It’s important to lock up your site against hackers as soon as possible. Unfortunately, while important security patches are released to protect your site, they also attract the interest of thousands of hackers. Once a new security patch is released, you can bet every hacker in the world will look for vulnerable sites to exploit. In this One Hour Site Fix reviews, we note that you can rest easy since the site promises your website is long protected before hackers can strike.

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Support and Resources:

Let's talk about the level of support in this One Hour Site Fix reviews.

We like how welcoming One Hour Site Fix support can be. They have a 24/7 live chatbox where you can request an urgent website scan to check whether your site is infected. If and when the service detects malware, you can have it removed if you pay a one-time fee.

Aside from live chat, they also offer phone support, email, and a ticket.

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One Hour Site Fix Pricing:

Now, let's talk about pricing in this One Hour Site Fix reviews.


What’s great about OneHour SiteFix is that they offer a free virus scan. There are two paid plans: Fix & Protect ($14.95 per month on annual billing) and Fix Only ($250 yearly).

one hour site fix reviews of pricing

However, what’s not so great is that they only provide quarterly or yearly plans. There are no monthly options.

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One Hour Site Fix Free plan/trial/money-back guarantee:

We're happy to report in this OneHourSiteFix reviews that the site offers a free virus scan. Also, as a sort of money-back guarantee, if they can't deliver on their 1-hour malware removal promise, you get the malware scan for free. Check their terms and conditions page before committing.

Conclusion and Recommendations to our One Hour Site Fix Reviews:

Wrapping up this One Hour Site Fix reviews;

What is it best for?

The service is best for small websites, blogs, and small and mid-sized online stores that must toughen their website security.

What is it not best for?

Not for large enterprises, as the service doesn't have an enterprise-specific plan.

One Hour Site Fix Alternatives:

For your website security needs, you can consider alternatives to OneHour SiteFix such as;

One Hour Site Fix Reviews Final Word:

To conclude our OneHourSiteFix reviews, we find this service to be an innovative option for website security. It's not heavily dependent on automation and ensures that experts manually review the work. Still, we encourage that you cast a wider net and look at other online security tools out there.

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Is One Hour SiteFix easy to use?

Yes, it is. It has an easy-to-follow dashboard and useful analytics that show you where you are and how your website is doing in real time.

Does it really remove malware in one hour?

That's what the company promises, and there have been many positive reviews about it. The service also protects you with a money-back guarantee. If they can't fix your site in 1 hour, you get the same service completely free!

Thanks for reading our OneHourSiteFix reviews, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles. Check out reviews of related security solutions, website builder, gadget, and eCommerce platform review and comparison articles such as;


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