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What is the problem?

On-page SEO is one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking your website in Google as if this is not done correctly, it can mean ranking lower that you could do due to poor optimisation or being penalized and ranking nowhere due to it being over-optimised. Striking that perfect balance is one of our specialities and with our help and technical SEO Services, your pages can be ranking better than ever.

Why does this matter?

In our expert opinion, a technical SEO audit is a long term investment which brings in repeated returns. As a veteran on page SEO company; Stuart Kerrs offers the most comprehensive audit and then offers complete on page SEO services to every client. Before you venture into the complex and confusing journey of SEO, get your basics right, ask Stuart Kerrs to help you with your website and on page SEO London needs.

Why choose Stuart Kerrs?

With our tools and expertise, we will perform a detailed technical SEO audit and remove every problem from your site, even before you build your first backlink. That’s how a great on page SEO company begins your SEO campaign.

Get the right keywords with Stuart Kerrs

The first step to on page SEO services and optimizing the various pages on your website is to identify the most suitable and relevant keywords and search terms for each page. With our on-page SEO services, we at Stuart Kerrs will first perform extensive keyword research to establish which keywords are the most relevant and will give you the best chance at ranking for before getting started with your on-page optimisation. Once your keywords are identified and you agree with them, we will then get started with the optimisation of each page for those search terms. In addition we also do a technical SEO audit. Your keywords need to be placed naturally in your Meta descriptions, Meta titles, titles tags, URLs, image alt tags and sparingly in the main content on the webpage. This has to be done in a natural way however, spammy keyword stuffing techniques of yesteryear will just get your website penalised by Google and requiring further Google penalty removal services.

Let our on-page optimisation specialists get the right pages ranking in the right place

Want to learn more about our on-page SEO services? Want to learn how get your on page SEO London ranked? Worried that you have been doing it wrong? Get in touch with our technical SEO Agency and we will let you know exactly what we can do to have your pages optimized to perfection.


Will you provide images and contents as needed?

Yes but you need to pay for those. If you have images and contents, you need to share it with us. We will optimise those but creation of contents and images are not included in the on page SEO service package.

Is it a onetime process?

No. While it is not to be performed daily, we should run a technical SEO audit periodically, approximately bi-monthly> there are multiple reasons behind these. Simply put, anything unattended to would accumulate dust, you need to clean them sometimes.

Can I have SEO campaign running while doing on page SEO?

Yes but we would recommended the opposite. Sort your on page issues before you start building links or share links on social networks. Don’t irk your users and Google bot, they might take a long time to return.

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