Offline Website Builder Software 2024: 10 Best Options! Which is best to use?

offline website builder software

⏳ Do you want to skip the read and get right to our pick? The best offline website builder software for most people is Adobe Dreamweaver

Introduction to Offline Website Builder Software.

What is the best offline website builder software to use?

Everyone is trying to get in on the action when it comes to the internet: it seems like people are trying to get themselves noticed and heard through a website. For the most part, though, standard site-building platforms can only be used online – that is to say, you can only use them if you have a working internet connection. While this works in areas where internet service providers are at least 80 per cent reliable, this can prove challenging and frustrating to site makers in locations where service gets sporadic.

In which case, perhaps it’s time to consider one of the best website builder offline on our list.

What is offline website builder software? Is there an offline website builder free plan offered?

The answers to these questions and more, below.

Top 10 Best Offline Website Builder Software

Want to know which builders have made the grade with us? Check out our list below:

  1. Adobe Dreamweaver – Best for professionals and those who want extensive features and control. (My Top Pick!)
  2. Mobirise – Best for those who prefer simplicity and are focused on creating small to medium-sized websites.
  3. Pinegrow –  Best for professionals who are looking for a balance between visual design and coding.
  4. Microsoft Expression Web – Good for users who want a free and simple offline website builder. (Discontinued)
  5. Template Toaster –  Great for both novices and experienced web developers who need a versatile tool to create templates for different CMS platforms.
  6. NicePage –  Good for users who want a modern, intuitive drag-and-drop editor with various design options and templates.
  7. RapidWeaver – Best for Mac users who want a native application with good features.
  8. Artisteer – Good for users who want to create templates for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS platforms.
  9. WebSite X5 – Suitable for beginners to intermediate users who want a desktop-based website builder.
  10. Tumult Hype – Great for Mac users focused on creating web animations and interactive content.

Quick Comparison Table for the Best Offline Website Builder Software

Rank Software Key Features Pricing Platform Compatibility My View
🥇1 Adobe Dreamweaver

(My Top Pick!)

Code editor, live preview, multi-screen support, extensive web development tools From $20.99/month

Check Pricing

Windows, Mac Best For Professional web developers
🥈2 Mobirise Drag-and-drop, Bootstrap builder, Google AMP support, SEO features Free (premium extensions and themes available)

Check Pricing

Windows, Mac Best For Small to medium-sized websites
🥉3 Pinegrow Visual editor, multi-page editing, CSS & SASS styling, WordPress theme builder From $12/month

Check Pricing

Windows, Mac, Linux Best For Professional web designers and developers
4 Microsoft Expression Web CSS management, PHP support, built-in FTP, standard compliant coding Free Windows Best For Basic web development
5 TemplateToaster Drag-and-drop, CMS support, responsive design, e-commerce integration From $49 (one-time purchase)

Check Pricing

Windows Best For versatile web design
6 NicePage Drag-and-drop, responsive, SEO optimization, e-commerce, numerous templates From $77/year

Check Pricing

Windows, Mac Best For Modern and intuitive web design
7 RapidWeaver Device simulator, Unsplash integration, social media integration, customization $99 (one-time purchase)

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Mac Best For Mac users, visually engaging sites
8 Artisteer Design suggestions, CMS templates, export as HTML, CMS support From $129.95 (one-time purchase)

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Windows, Mac Best For Creating templates for various CMS
9 WebSite X5 Drag-and-drop, e-commerce, blog, responsive design, SEO features From $79.99 (one-time purchase)

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Windows Best For Beginners to intermediate users
10 Tumult Hype Interactive content, HTML5 animations, scene editor, responsive layouts From $49.99 (one-time purchase)

Check Pricing

Mac Best For Creating web animations and interactive content

What is an Offline Site Builder Software?

In principle, an offline website builder software is a set of tools to create a website without going online before testing or deployment. It may be pre-bundled (several software applications sold together as a set by a single developer) or piecemeal (a disparate assortment of apps that can work together but offline website builder software download should be done separately.)

In this setup, one does not need to create login credentials as required by site builders, which can only be accessed online. Instead, your personal workstation serves as your login point, and this is actually safer than having to give your name, password, and other relevant details through a site. (Even with secure servers, you can never really tell.)

What are the advantages of using an offline website builder software as opposed to one deployed online?

Full control and maximum flexibility

The neat thing about the best website builder offline is the amount of control and flexibility you get. You may not know coding, either CSS or HTML, but working with an offline site builder means that you can learn as you work – in many cases, it’s simple enough – and there are no limits as to what you can do with your site.

Free to choose your own webhost

The best website builder offline allows users to choose a webhost that works for them instead of tying them down to a dedicated hosting service that may not exactly work for the type of site they have.

No need to pay monthly or annual fees

Pay once, use forever is the motto of many offline website builder free software developers instead of having to pay up on a monthly or annual basis. However, if new releases or patches come up, you may need to pay renewal or patch fees. Some brands offer offline website builder free plans, too.

Work on your site when not online

No internet connection? No problem with the best website builder offline! You can go on working and go online when you’re ready to publish or deploy.

On the Flip Side, What are the Disadvantages of Using an Offline Website Builder Software?

Unfortunately, working with the best website builder offline does have its drawbacks. More glaring ones include:

Don’t expect too many features

The best website builder offline are basic when it comes to functionality, so you may need to install third-party apps to enhance the functionality or appearance of your site.

You have to find a host for it

When the time comes to put your site online, you need to get a host for it as all you get is the site builder and not much else.

Definitely not for newbies

Knowing some CSS coding and basic HTML helps, but we don’t recommend diving into an offline site builder if your knowledge about coding is tabula rasa.

Best Website Builder Offline Software – Up Close In Detail


nicepage offline website builder software
nicepage offline website builder software

Our top choice for HTML websites is NicePage. Boasting a drag-and-drop builder, the platform formerly known as Artisteer brings a range of functions that enable users to create engaging, interactive sites.

Ease of use:

Even if you know absolutely nothing about coding, you’ll find this easy to use. It takes all the guesswork out of page creation by offering several thousand pre-designed development blocks and themed templates. Not only that, you can also download a variety of images from numerous sources, including Google, Instagram, and Pixabay. Completed sites can be exported as HTML, or a theme for WordPress or Joomla.


  • Freehand positioning
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Animations library
  • Mobile optimisation


  • Easy enough to use even for novices
  • Available for both Mac and Windows
  • Allows users to create templates that can be used with other creative platforms


  • Functionality is severely limited in the free version


There's an offline website builder Free plan for individuals and then further paid plans below each offering different features;


Get the Nicepage offline website builder software free download full version and unlimited Free Starter Edition. During which time you can try the Nicepage's functionality and features before the premium version purchase. If you're considering Nicepage, do read their terms and conditions page. 

>> Try Nicepage For Free <<


mobirise offline website builder software
mobirise offline website builder software

Building blocks are literally what you get with Mobirise as its block-driven builder allows you to create whole sections of a site in one go.

Ease of use:

Another easy to use software, Mobirise needs to be installed on your desktop computer (yes, it’s available for both Mac and Windows) for you to use it. However, it’s very user-friendly and can actually double as a learning platform for those who want to learn CSS and HTML.


  • 4,000 website blocks
  • Galleries with lightbox
  • Multimedia streaming
  • Over 300 homepage templates


  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced multimedia capabilities
  • Extensive selection of site building blocks and templates


  • Can get expensive over time, what with individual work patches or widgets pegged at $39 each.


It’s interesting to note that Mobirise offers just two options: free and All-in-One. Now, the offline website builder free version can be misleading: it’s very basic and additional widgets or templates will set you back by $39 each. On the other hand, the All in One package has all the functionality and aesthetic elements you need – and it’s a better buy at $149.


Raring to create your own website through Mobirise? Mobirise trial comes in 14 days. Read through their terms of service page before you commit.

>> Try Mobirise For Free <<

Template Toaster

templatetoaster offline website builder software
templatetoaster offline website builder software

If an offline CMS website builder is more your thing, then Template Toaster is the best website builder offline to choose. This nifty site builder enables users to create custom templates (hence the name) that work with CMS-driven platforms like WordPress or Blogger.

Ease of use:

True to its name, Template Toaster enables users to create templates for a variety of platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, and even ecommerce players Valumart and Magento. Site and page creation are also a snap as the CMS interface works just like Microsoft Word. You can even create a site offline with the WordPress offline site builder.


  • Easy to use CMS editor
  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • Pre-built templates for supported platforms


  • Easy enough to use
  • Excellent for template creation
  • Interfaces with numerous standard site and ecommerce platforms


  • Watermarking on sites made with the free edition
  • Disparate costing between Standard and Premium versions.


You can use Template Toaster offline website builder free of charge, but the resulting site will carry the builder’s watermark. The prices for the paid editions may also raise eyebrows: at $49 – the standard price for mid-range subscriptions for online builders – the Standard Version has minimal functionality.

You’ll need to chip in an additional $100 to upgrade to the Premium Version to maximize your Template Toaster experience.

template toaster pricing
template toaster pricing

>> Try Template Toaster For Free <<


pinegrow offline website builder software
pinegrow offline website builder software

Here’s the thing about Pinegrow: it’s definitely not for novices. This particular offline site builder was specifically created for professional web developers.

Ease of use:

Pinegrow is not for the faint of heart because it is not the easiest offline site builder to use. Definitely a platform for professionals, the UI in this builder works similarly to an image editing app like Photoshop or Snapseed.


  • Simultaneous multi-page editing
  • Offers both Bootstrap and Foundation components
  • VCS + Atom integration


  • Offers a theme creator function for WordPress
  • Drag and drop website builder offline
  • Features are available for professionals, thus enabling them to create more elaborate sites
  • Flexible payment options


  • Can be challenging to use for non-creatives and those with minimal knowledge of coding
  • Complicated pricing scheme
  • You need to renew your license regularly


The platform does not sport an offline website builder free version. Like Photoshop, what you’re actually paying for when it comes to Pinegrow is the licence to use it. Functionality is dependent on whether you’re paying for the Individual, Company, or Student licences, understanding that the second will certainly have more features as it is best suited to creative agencies or corporate IT departments.


>> Try Pinegrow For Free <<


rapidweaver offline website builder software
rapidweaver offline website builder software

An offline website builder software specifically created for Mac users, RapidWeaver is also one of the oldest apps currently available. It’s one of the best website builder offline that is easy enough to use even for those who have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever regarding coding and development.

Ease of use:

Everyone, from professionals who craft their own code to people who have absolutely no idea what HTML is, can use RapidWeaver. This Mac-only offline site builder uses a block-based building system that makes site creation quick and easy. It also comes with a Design Simulator that allows you to preview the site before uploading and deployment.


  • Block based building interface
  • 50 built-in themes
  • SEO optimisation suite
  • Automatic navigation
  • Code injection


  • Building block system allows for quick and easy creation and editing
  • SEO capabilities are already built in
  • Code is easily customisable


  • Only available for Mac
  • Can get very expensive over time


Expensive only begins to describe it and there is no offline website builder free plan. The basic RapidWeaver package will set you back $89 and you need to pay additional for any other widgets or extra features you might need.


>> Try Rapidweaver For Free <<

Conclusion and Recommendations for the Best Offline Website Builder Software

Alternatives to Offline Website Builder Software:

However, we also feel that all five of our best offline website builder software are still hampered by the fact that they do not have as many features as the most popular online builders. In fact, we would recommend that you still consider an online site builder alternative. You may be paying more per month, but you also get numerous features for creating the best possible sites.

Offline Website Builder Software Final Word:

We have to admit that offline website builder software like Adobe Dreamweaver and Mobirise offer the best deals in our Top 10 list. The former allows users to create great-looking HTML sites from the get-go, while the latter is a neat way to learn coding whilst creating fully-functional websites in a learn-as-you-go scenario. Some of our featured platforms offer an offline website builder free plan, but some are costly.

>> Try Adobe Dreamweaver For Free <<


How much do I need to spend for a good offline website builder?

Some builders actually come for free, but keep in mind that the features will be limited. Also, some builders will put a watermark on your site if you build it on a free version. More realistically, the price range stands between $49 and $199.

Do I get hosting with my offline site builder?

Unfortunately, no. You will need to get a third-party host for your site, though some platforms recommend services their users can consider.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this Best Offline Website Builder guide, we are thankful and hope you can now answer the question for what is an an offline website builder software! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of best website builder programs, eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers and more! Feel free to check them out;

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