Microsoft Office 365 Reviews 2024: Still Worth It Or Not?

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Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that provides access to a suite of productivity and collaboration tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. It offers a flexible and cost-effective way for individuals and organizations to access the latest version of Office, as well as additional services such as email and online storage.

  • Ease of Use - 89%
  • Features - 92%
  • Help & Support - 90%
  • Pricing - 88%


  • Cloud-based so it’s more secure to use
  • Reduces the need for maintenance tasks
  • More cost-efficient as it reduces the need for infrastructure


  • Cannot be used for free and users need to sign up for a monthly subscription
  • Can’t be used in the event that your internet connection lags
  • Functionality is compromised when trial period ends

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Introduction to our Microsoft Office 365 Reviews:

Welcome to our Microsoft Office 365 reviews!

For over three decades, Microsoft Office has been the workplace software of choice not only for companies, but also for private individuals who have used its programs to organize their everyday lives. Much like every software application that has become part and parcel of our lives, Office underwent numerous developmental phases, evolving from one version to another to suit the changing needs of users.

In today’s review, we take a closer look at Microsoft 365 (formerly Office365), the latest iteration of this software suite, and see how it fares compared to its predecessors and against similar application packages that have become available over the past several years.

In this Office 365 Business review, we'll also delve into Office 365 benefits and prices of subscriptions.


To kick off our Office 365 reviews, how did this software come about?

Initially launched in June 2011, Office 365 is a hosted online edition of the classic Microsoft Office software suite. The subscription-based service includes an online edition of Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, as well as the Microsoft Office Web App suite.

The suite is deployed through Microsoft's proprietary cloud service, so companies or individual users don't need to do the usual maintenance tasks like manual updating or patching. Indeed, all IT administrators need to do is access the Office 365 suite from the web portal to create new user accounts, see the status of all services and tools in use, and also control access to sensitive features.

It also helps that Office 356 reduces the cost of infrastructure support. Currently, Office 365 is branded as Microsoft 365.

Ease of Use:

In practice, Microsoft Office has always been a doddle to use, and in this Office 365 Business review, it is no different.

What we noticed during our Office 365 reviews is that being hosted on the cloud, collaboration has become easier, it can be used anywhere at any time (well, as long as you have an active internet connection), and you can use it on just about any device from desktop machines to your handheld phone.

Stick with our Office 365 Business review to find out about features, benefits, and pricing.

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Microsoft Office 365 Features:

So what are the features and Office 365 benefits one might expect?

In this Office 365 review for Mac users and Windows desktop versions, out of the box, the cloud-based Office365 suite includes the following Office 365 apps:

  • Basic Office 365 applications (Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Skype for Business, and Word);
  • Exchange Online for email and calendar;
  • SharePoint Online for collaboration tools;
  • Yammer for enterprise-level social networking;
  • OneDrive for shared files storage;
  • Planner for project management;
  • Power Business Intelligence (BI);
  • Delve for social documents;
  • MS Video library;
  • Sway for report creation and newsletters.

What are some of the Office 365 benefits that you can reap from this software? For this Office 365 Business review, you can have the following advantages:

  • Easy access to all Office apps for greater productivity
  • Connect easily via group calls through Microsoft Teams
  • 1TB One Drive cloud storage
  • Premium features on
  • Premium security features to protect from online threats
  • Updated apps always

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Support and Resources:

Now, let's move on to support and resources in our Office 365 reviews;

What we like about the technical support aspect of Office365 is that there is such a wealth of information available at a user’s fingertips.

Another important Office 365 benefits is that depending on the sort of user that you are, the 365 platform offers several ways by which you can reach customer/technical support.

For home users, support is browser based. Just click the support button and you will be directed to a chat window where you can discuss the issue with a support representative who can walk you through the solution.

Corporate users, on the other hand, need to be Microsoft 365 admins to access the online support module. (Note that corporate users encompass all corporate clients from SMEs to VLEs, as well as educational/institutional clients.)

Non-admin corporate users are directed to the platform’s self-help section.

Otherwise, it is easy to learn more about the different tools and applications of the platform through the well-curated online knowledge base. This is another of the various Office 365 benefits you can get.

Next on our Office 365 Business review – pricing.

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Microsoft Office 365 Pricing:

Next on our Office 365 reviews, what are the cost differences between Office 365 Business vs Home editions?

The personal edition of Office 365 will set subscribers back by these annual prices:

The Microsoft 365 family edition is bet value for 2-6 users per month.


For Microsoft 365 business accounts, the price range can run at these rates depending on the type of Office 365 licensing you choose:


Microsoft Office 365 Free trial/refunds/money-back guarantee:

The free trial period for Office 365 runs for a month (30 days.)

Technically, users are entitled to a full refund if they cancel their subscription within 30 days of their last payment.

Make sure to read their service terms before buying a license.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Office 365 Reviews:

Office365 offers a more convenient way to work using Microsoft’s signature workplace tool suite. However, we have noticed that it can be inconvenient for those who may not have a strong connection to the internet from time to time.

What is it best for?

This is a good choice for corporate or enterprise-level users, or those using Microsoft Office in an academic or institutional environment or have used in these same environments so familiar with the functionality.

What is it not best for?

Not for personal users as it has been noted that most people who run Windows on their machines only use up to 20% of its capabilities. Likewise, not everyone can afford to add a subscription to their budget. Individual users also have the problem of finding a stable internet connection to work with.

Office365 Alternatives:

With its similar range of capabilities, Google Workspace offers great functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Microsoft Office 365 Reviews Final Word:

We have made the case for Office365 being one of the best workplace automation solutions for virtually everyone from families to large-scale businesses. Nevertheless, we still suggest you read up on what other cloud-based office software suites are available to determine what works best for you.


Can I use Office365 for free?

Yes, as we said in this Office 365 reviews, but only for 30 days. While you can still use it afterwards, note that much of the functionality will remain inaccessible unless you decide to pay for a subscription.

What are the different subscription types offered for Office365?

Personal; Family, up to six members; Small and Medium Business; Institutional / Educational; and Enterprise, prices for which are dependent on one’s subscription tier.

What are Office 365 connectors?

Connectors refer to a set of instructions to let you customise how your email seamlessly flows from your Office 365 and to avoid graylisting which delays email delivery.

That’s all for now:

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