OBS Studio Review 2024: Unveiling the Surprising Pros!

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OBS Studio is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming.

  • Ease of Use - 82%
  • Features - 91%
  • Performance - 93%
  • Support & Resources - 87%
  • Pricing - 97%


  • Free to download
  • High-quality output
  • Easily streams to both social media and other streaming platforms


  • Can intimidate novice users
  • Not available on Android

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Introduction to our OBS Studio Review:

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile software for live streaming, recording, and video production, OBS Studio is one of the most popular options available. Here is what you should know about this powerful tool.

Read through this OBS Studio review to know the ins and outs of this screen recording and streaming software.

Overview: Professional Quality Screen Recording in a Compact App

Online content developers need to create more professional-looking videos for an international audience. For this reason, many creators now use screen recording applications like Open Broadcaster Software or OBS Studio, available as OBS Studio Windows 7 and OBS Studio for iPhone camera plugin (OBS Studio for Android not yet available).

What is OBS Studio?

OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software Studio) is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. It was initially created for gaming enthusiasts who wanted to share their gameplay with others online, but it quickly became a popular tool for various types of content creators, including podcasters, YouTubers, and live event producers.

Ease of Use:

In this OBS Studio review, right off the bat, I can say this: this is not for novices riding their first rodeo.  While OBS Studio is a powerful tool, it can be overwhelming for beginners who are not familiar with its terminology and interface.  OBS has been around for quite some time now; in fact, the developers only recently ended support for their original program OBS Classic which many old hands in the content development and digital broadcasting sectors trained on in the early days of streaming media.

If you’ve just started creating and developing content for online streaming, the OBS Studio UI is more than a little intimidating. For the experienced, however, it's actually easy to use. However, OBS Studio provides extensive documentation and tutorials that can guide you through the setup and usage of the software. Additionally, OBS Studio has a large community of users who share tips and tricks on forums and social media platforms.

Download OBS Studio for Windows 7, Mac and Linux

OBS Studio Features:

OBS Studio is a feature-rich tool that can handle many tasks related to video production and streaming. Here are some of its most notable capabilities:


Once you’ve downloaded and installed OBS Studio into your desktop of choice, the following functions are all ready to go:

  • A wide range of configuration options;
  • Intuitive audio-visual mixer
  • High-performance audio-visual capture ability; and
  • Custom transitions.

Compatibility and requirements

OBS Studio is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It requires a 64-bit processor and at least 4GB of RAM for optimal performance. Additionally, OBS Studio requires a compatible graphics card that supports DirectX 10.1 or OpenGL 3.2 or higher.

OBS Studio Screen Recording:

This is one of the more straightforward aspects of OBS studio Windows 7. Once you’ve linked your rig as one of your video sources, OBS Studio screen recording and capturing screen footage is easy.  Just make sure your hardware resources are compatible with OBS Studio requirements. You can link up several devices as sources, by the way, so you can even link up your mobile phone if that’s your primary recording device. With OBS Studio record screens or game footage in real-time and mix in previously recorded reels for a side-by-side comparison, or even do picture-in-picture (PIP) if you want to do live commentary.

OBS Studio Video Editing:

For this OBS Studio review, editing is pretty much where the challenge is for many users. Those who have been churning out content for a while – or who happen to be entertainment industry professionals – will find this easy to use. Those who are just starting out, however and those who are just occasional bloggers might find the OBS Studio UI intimidating. However, more experienced users will find the editing aspect of the app a breeze to use.

Publishing and Sharing:

Users can easily stream videos from OBS Studio Windows 7 or OBS Studio for iPhone to social media streaming platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live, along with others like Hitbox and Twitch – the latter of which is recommended by many video creators as there is very little in the way of lag and playback is virtually seamless.

Live streaming:

OBS Studio supports various streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more. You can stream your content in various formats, resolutions, and bitrates, depending on your preferences and the capabilities of your hardware and internet connection.

Video recording:

You can use OBS Studio to record your screen, webcam, and audio in various formats, including MP4, FLV, and MOV. You can also adjust the recording settings to optimize the quality and size of your files.

Scene and source management:

OBS Studio allows you to create and switch between multiple scenes, which are collections of sources (such as images, videos, text, and audio) that you can arrange and manipulate as you wish. You can also add filters, transitions, and effects to your sources to enhance their appearance and behavior.

Audio and video mixing:

OBS Studio lets you capture and mix audio and video from multiple sources, such as microphones, cameras, and media players. You can adjust the volume, balance, and delay of your audio sources and apply filters and effects to them. You can also crop, resize, and transform your video sources and apply filters and effects to them.

Plugin and script support:

OBS Studio has a vibrant community of developers and users who create and share plugins and scripts that extend the software's functionality and automate common tasks. You can browse and install plugins and scripts from the OBS Studio website or create your own.

The Importance of Audio Quality in OBS Studio Streaming

The quality of audio in a live stream can have a significant impact on the audience's experience. OBS Studio offers many features and settings to adjust and optimize audio, such as noise suppression, compression, equalization, and more. However, it's crucial to use good quality microphones, headphones, and soundcards, and to pay attention to the environment and acoustics of the recording space.

See more OBS Studio features

Support and Resources:

The OBS Studio Help Center offers a wiki-style walkthrough that is easily understandable. Note, however, that much of the technical support you’ll be getting from the site is offered by volunteers rather than full-time tech professionals, so you might have to take technical assistance with a grain of salt unless they’re experienced users. There is also a wealth of resources such as OBS Studio tutorials and a shared knowledge base curated by long-time users.

See more OBS Studio support features

OBS Studio Price Plans:

Developed as an open-source software, OBS Studio has always been free to download. Its creators allow other developers to use the source code. Provided, that they abide by the guidelines of OBS’ GPLv2 license. You can download OBS Studio Windows 7, OBS Studio for iPhone or iPad (but not OBS Studio for Android) completely free of charge. But before you commit, make sure to read their service terms.

>>Download OBS Studio for FREE<<

Conclusion and Recommendation to our Review of OBS Studio:

OBS Studio is a versatile and powerful software for video recording and live streaming that can help you create professional-looking content. Its numerous features and capabilities, along with its open-source and free nature, make it a popular choice for content creators of all kinds. However, it can be intimidating for beginners, and it requires a reasonably powerful computer and graphics card to run smoothly.

What is it best for?

OBS Studio is a great recording and editing tool if you’re an experienced content creator or developer. Indeed, the output is of great quality.

What is it not best for?

However, if you’re a complete novice to content creation, this might be a little too advanced for you. In which case, you might want to consider a simpler OBS Studio alternatives.

OBS Studio Alternatives:

When it comes to live streaming and recording software, OBS Studio is a popular choice. However, it's not the only tool available on the market. In this section, we'll compare OBS Studio with some of its competitors to see how it stacks up. Here's a list of the best OBS Studio alternatives;

  • OBS Studio vs Streamlabs OBS: Streamlabs OBS is a modified version of OBS Studio that includes some additional features specifically designed for live streamers. These features include built-in integration with Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms, as well as alerts and overlays. However, Streamlabs OBS can be more resource-intensive than OBS Studio, which could be an issue if you have an older or less powerful computer.
  • OBS Studio vs XSplit Broadcaster: XSplit Broadcaster is another popular live streaming and recording tool. It offers a more user-friendly interface than OBS Studio, which makes it a great option for beginners. It also includes features like scene transitions, built-in chat, and image and text overlays. However, XSplit Broadcaster is a paid tool, which means it may not be the best option if you're on a tight budget.
  • OBS Studio vs Nvidia ShadowPlay: If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you may already have access to Nvidia ShadowPlay. This software allows you to record and stream your gameplay with minimal impact on your system resources. However, Nvidia ShadowPlay is limited to Nvidia graphics cards, which means it's not a viable option for everyone.
  • OBS Studio vs Bandicam: Bandicam is another live streaming and recording tool that offers a user-friendly interface. It's also a paid tool, but it offers a free trial version that you can use to test it out. Bandicam offers features like game recording, webcam overlay, and microphone recording, among others.

Overall, OBS Studio is still a great choice for live streaming and recording, thanks to its flexibility, open-source nature, and wide range of plugins and integrations. However, the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences.

OBS Studio Review Final Word:

There are better paid alternatives but let’s be thankful to developers for thinking of sharing this brilliant solution with the rest of the world.


How much does it cost to download OBS Studio?

OBS Studio is free to use and download for your desktop (OBS Studio Windows 7, Mac, Linux) and for your iPhone (OBS Studio for iPhone). Sadly, there is no OBS Studio for Android phones as of now.

I shoot material on the go, can I use OBS Studio to edit and stream on my phone/tablet?

For iOS users, you can use OBS Studio for iPhone or iPad as a camera plugin for streaming purposes. No OBS Studio for Android version has been developed at present.

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