What Are The Latest Recurring Marketing Trends? – Part 2



Welcome back! Stuart Kerrs is very happy to see you. Settle down, and prepare your notes as we return to the deep end of the digital marketing pool. Last month we were discussing the industry of our choice and the big things we have to look forward to this year. Catch up to what we already covered in our previous article.

Oh, you already have? Excellent! Let us return to digital trends that we should look out for next year.

Infographics! Infographics everywhere!

Ok, maybe it's not that bad. But one thing is for sure, visualising your data will be more important than ever before. As marketers it is our job to know, to understand and extrapolate. Using accumulated data is easy enough when you have very little of it, but once you start thinking outside of the box it can get very tough, very fast. Human brain is not built to accumulate, store and recall an endless stream of numbers, coefficients, percentages and other data. There is a reason why every powerpoint presentation you have ever made most likely contained a pie chart or two.

Data visualization is imperative if a lot of complex information needs to be conveyed in a form factor that is both easily understandable and informative. We return to the age old sayings again (last one, I promise) but it proves to be very true – a picture can tell a thousand words. Numbers too!

Lists and columns of text and numbers will not cut it anymore. It’s great for keeping records, but when it comes to sharing this data, most of it will be misunderstood if understood at all.

Digital marketing industry has been slowly shifting to data visualisation over the course of last year, it is safe to say it is not about to lose steam going into this year. There is more information available at our fingertips than ever before in the history of humanity. Perhaps it is only fitting that we return to a more primitive way of conveying information. There must be a good reason we started visualizing information through cave paintings a long time before written word had been put to use.

Thin, but a very tall piece of the pie.

What is your opinion on long-tail keywords? Oh, not this again, one might say. True enough, coming from a PPC AdWords Service background I tend to compare much of the digital marketing happenings to my “adwording” experience. This particular trend applies better than most.

The market is full. There is no more space, go away and don't forget to validate your parking on your way out. Still here? Ok, then it’s time to learn how to get the most out of whatever little space you can squeeze your marketing campaign in. More and more brands and digital marketing agencies are focusing on specialized niche markets. This kind of strategy can be very lucrative and pay off at a better rate than trying to wrestle the big whales of the industry. As with aforementioned comparison to AdWords long-tail keywords, this niche marketing has a lot less competition and it’s easier to get a bigger bang for your buck. While there are not that many people out there looking to buy hand-crafted cat's pajamas, the ones that do are all yours. No need to fight another marketing campaign focused on people looking for this specific type of product.

While it is true that our planet is suffering from overpopulation, the amount of new consumers that get added to the pool is not that great. Digital marketing is a cutthroat business most of the time; to gain a customer you must take it away from a competitor. This, however, does not have to be a law. By targeting niche markets it’s possible to find consumers that have simply been ignored by the general marketing world. Until now.


This concludes our predictions of digital marketing trends that will play a big role in the remainder of this year and as such, it is time for me to put away my crystal ball and open some windows to get that incense smoke out of the room. Great things are coming our way, whether we want them to or not.

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