Netpeak Spider Review 2024: Is This A Good SEO Crawler?

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Netpeak Spider is a software tool used for technical SEO analysis, which helps in improving website performance and visibility in search engines.

  • Ease of Use - 85%
  • Features - 80%
  • Reliability - 80%
  • Help & Support - 85%
  • Pricing - 90%


  • Powerful data segmentation
  • Great integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Affordable pricing


  • Dated interface
  • No support for Mac or Linux

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Introduction to our Netpeak Spider Review:

In this Netpeak Spider review, let’s tease out the details of this crawler and determine whether it’s a worthy addition to your marketing toolkit.

Overview: Personal SEO Crawler

Do you want to boost your SEO efforts with effective web-crawling software? If so, you should consider Netpeak Spider. It’s a desktop software as a service (SaaS) developed to assist marketers, SEO professionals, and web developers to successfully execute search engine optimization (SEO) audits and website data extraction. Armed with these tools, hopefully, your pages get brownie points from Google.

Already familiar with this software? You can click through this link for a Netpeak Spider download – for Windows only. Netpeak Spider Mac and Linux downloads aren’t fully supported by the platform yet. However, you can request notification when Netpeak Spider Mac becomes available through this link.


Ease of Use:

For this Netpeak Spider review, the software is desktop-based, so you need to do installations. Overall, however, the SEO crawler is easy to use. However, the design is dated and unimpressive. After signing up, you’ll get an invitation to a Netpeak Spider download of the software’s launcher. Unfortunately, the launcher only runs on Windows 7 and beyond; there's currently no Netpeak Spider Mac or Linux downloadable apps. Nevertheless, you can sign up for notifications once a Netpeak Spider Mac or Linux download is available.

In this Netpeak Spider review, let’s tease out the details of this crawler and determine whether it’s a worthy addition to your marketing toolkit.

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Netpeak Spider Features:

It isn’t as chock-full of features as other SEO solutions. It focuses primarily on crawling, site audits, and optimization. Despite this limitation, using this software can still deliver good results for your SEO projects.

Site Audit:

For this Netpeak Spider review, its powerful web crawler can pinpoint more than 100 website issues. As a result, you can gain information on seemingly minor errors that could doom your SERP chances. For example, the software can search broken links or images, duplicate content, meta tags, titles, H1s, and more. With this data on hand, you can fix these issues before they seriously hurt your ranking.

With a Pro plan, you can crawl multiple domains simultaneously instead of doing it one at a time.

On-page SEO:

Regularly monitoring your on-page SEO is important. The platform's web crawler can examine more than 70 SEO parameters on your page, including check redirects, crawling and indexing, relevant tags, and robots.txt.

As an exclusive Pro subscription feature, you can get white label reports of on-page SEO analytics in PDF format. You can customize these reports with your own branding.

Data Extraction:

In this Netpeak Spider review, the software’s main value proposition is web crawling and web data extraction. So, what’s the deal with web data extraction? Information parsed from websites can give you valuable and actionable insights to enhance your marketing strategy. You can get your hands on consumer interests, product reviews, statistics, SERP results, and others. It has a native website scraper that allows you to utilize four search types (CSS, contains, XPath, Regexp, XPath) and a maximum of 100 conditions.

This feature also comes with powerful data segmentation capability. With these tools, you can refine your site analysis to specific criteria such as site structure, word count, and click depth.

Backlink Analysis:

The platform's backlink analysis capability comes with its PageRank checker. This feature calculates your site’s link weight and diagnoses your internal links to enhance your overall backlink profile. You can view each site’s internal PageRank and redirects, dead ends, orphans, and other issues.

Support and Resources:

Any SEO software worth its salt must have a helpful support team, and plenty of online resources. In this Netpeak Spider review, that’s what you’ll get. This personal SEO crawler has a comprehensive Help Center where you can find answers to the most common queries. If that isn’t enough, there’s a Netpeak Academy where you can enrol in basic SEO audit courses.

For real-time support, the company can be contacted via phone or email. You can also reach them through their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Netpeak Spider Pricing:

For this Netpeak Spider review, the app is modestly priced and comes with one free plan and three paid plans. The cheapest plan – Standard – will cost you $15.20 per month on annual billing (1 access per month). The best-value option – the Pro plan – will set you back $31.20 (1 access per month) while the most expensive package (Premium) costs $119.20 per month.

netpeak spider review pricing
netpeak spider review pricing

After a 14-day free trial, you can continue using the software through one of two plans. At $19 per month, Standard includes all “basic features” but restricts access to more advanced tools. Basic features include things like site optimization and scraping, web data extraction, and SEO audits.

Netpeak Spider Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

There is a 14-day free trial. Their support page also states a 14 day refund policy. The company also regularly offers member perks, discounts, and free access.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Netpeak Spider Review:

What is it best for?

To wrap up this Netpeak Spider review, this desktop app is specifically useful to a group of people: sales teams, SEO specialists, web developers, and digital marketing people. With its friendly pricing options, it’s ideal for the freelancer or small business owner as well.

What is it not best for?

Nevertheless, the app doesn’t have the scalability that large enterprises require. It doesn’t come fully loaded with SEO tools like the industry’s top guns.

Netpeak Spider Alternatives:

Netpeak Spider vs Screaming Frog: If you’re only eyeing a web crawling software for SEO, the toughest competition is Screaming Frog. It is cheaper and its freemium plan comes with more features.

For a more comprehensive SEO solution, consider these best Netpeak Spider alternatives;

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Netpeak Spider Review Final Word

I still highly recommend a trial. Get your hands on this SEO solution for a free trial period;

Try Netpeak Spider for free


What apps does it have integrations with?

Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

What platforms are supported by the app?

You can get a Netpeak Spider download for desktop (Windows 7 and later versions). Sadly, there is no Netpeak Spider Mac or Linux downloadable app yet. There are also Netpeak Spider crack versions you can download, but I don't recommend it.

That's all for now:

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