Neck Hammock Original review 2022: No More Neck Pain?

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Neck Hammock

Ease of Use 9.0
Design 9.0
Features and Functionality 9.0
Reliability 9.5
Pricing 9.5


  • Due to the nature of the product, easily packed and very portable
  • Tough and sturdy material is suitable for all people of all sizes


  • Needs something such as a door to latch onto
  • Whilst good for your neck, if doing on a hard surface, may hurt your back

Introducing the Neck Hammock UK

Ah yes, neck pain. Perhaps the most annoying if not serious of body pains and bone pains. It's definitely up there, right along with it's best pal and buddy; lower back pain. More than just an annoyance, neck pains can cause us some severe pain. At best, it's the most annoying and restless kind of pain. Whether it's pinched nerves or some muscle strains, nobody likes having chronic neck pain. There is however, a very outstanding tool that we can use to help us ease the pain we feel in our necks. That tool is the Neck Hammock original.

The Neck Pain Problem

Okay, let us talk a little bit about neck pain. What kind of pain are you feeling, and how did you get this pain and where did it come from. Being the fragile humans that we are, there are an unfortunate number of ways to hurt ourselves and it surely doesn't help that our neck is one of our most fragile, exposed and under protected parts of our body. Let's take a look at just a few of the more common ways people contract chronic neck pain.

Did you sleep in a weird position/at a off angle? Perhaps your pillow is too high, or maybe it's too low? Boom, neck pain.
Been staring down playing on your phone for too long? Hello neck pain!
Doing hours of work, staring at your computer screen without stretching? Welcome the neck pain.
Have naturally poor posture which makes your neck stiff on a daily basis? Neck pain is your best friend.
Watching a fast and long rally of Tennis, causing you to turn you head left, right, left, right? Neck pain is here.
Someone karate chop you on the side of the neck? Definite neck pain.

See, it really isn't hard to get neck pain. And as we age, if we don't start looking after our body; the pain will be harsher and contracting the pain in the first place will be much easier. So, let me propose a solution: the Neck Hammock Original, sold by Neck Hammock UK.

Lady using the Neck Hammock

The Neck Hammock Test and Solution

Let's get into what the Neck Hammock original actually is, how it works and how does the Neck Hammock test compared to other neck pain relief exercises and tools and gadgets. No matter how you gained the neck pain in the first place, many of neck pain cases stem from a couple of issues; Being either a a pinched nerve or excess stress and tension on your neck muscles.  The Neck Hammock UK product tool helps relieve the stress and pain from the neck, simply by stretching and then decompressing your neck muscles. This movement is very natural and helps to de-stress and relax the neck muscles.

neck hammock product list

The Neck Hammock test does so by using your own body weight (or just head/neck weight) in order to help the process of cervical traction. Cervical traction is basically the act/treatment that involves the gentle motion of stretching your neck in a certain way that separates the disc and join surfaces within your cervical spine (also known as: the neck). the concept of a cervical traction device and neck traction device has been around far longer than the Neck Hammock UK products and Neck Hammock test themselves, as it's a real treatment that physicians utilise. The great part is that it allows you to undergo the same treatment, all by yourself and only with the help of the Neck Hammock original. No need for a chiropractor, physical therapist, physician or physical therapy.

The product itself is great as it's extremely portable and can be taken apart (though I don't see why you'd ever need to) to save space meaning you can take it anywhere with you. So where ever you go, you can continue to get top notch treatment for your chronic neck pain with your neck hammock.

How to use the Neck Hammock Original?

The Neck Hammock UK product comes in several parts and Neck Hammock instructions. The neck hammock setup is surprisingly quite easy. The first main part is the cranial cradle. This is where you'll be laying your head down onto. The cranial cradle is attached on either end by straps, and those straps are then attached and tied to something slightly higher up off from the floor (such as a door handle or something alike). You then lie down, carefully place and rest your head back onto the cranial cradle, and every so slowly recline your head as your rest there for around 10 minutes. That's it. That's all you need to do in order to start looking after your neck muscles a little better. With the Neck Hammock Original, it's that simple!

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Benefits of using the Neck Hammock Original

So, besides just helping you to relief neck pain, are there any other uses out of the Neck Hammock UK product? You might be wondering, can't you just do the yoga stretches for your neck that you saw on Youtube. The thing is, is that the Neck Hammock Original is extremely comfortable. When you set it up, and then lay down and place your head upon it; not only does it feel good as you begin to fix the neck pain, but it just feels good in general. You feel relaxed and comfortable as you lay there on the soft cushion lining of the cradle.

Don't have neck pain, or just simply not suffering from neck pain and sore neck muscles? No worries, as the cranial cradle is proven to relieve both stress and anxiety. The relaxing vibe of the neck hammock test gives you as you lay, trying your best not just to fall asleep right there and then, does an amazing job at relieving any stress and anxiety you might be harboring. And because of it's extremely portable design, you can literally take it anywhere and use it whenever you want! Chronic neck pain or not! It's super easy to carry and transport around, and it's extremely to set up, dismantle and use.

benefits of the neck hammock

Pricing for the Neck Hammock UK

The final cost of this handy gadget isn't the cheapest. But it's not overpriced either. I have not found any neck hammock discount code yet however you can get Neck Hammock at a good discounted price at the moment anyway. For what this product can do for your and your health, it's definitely worth the current discount price that it goes for. And can you really put a price on your health? The great thing also, is that Neck Hammock UK is attaching a 30-day money back guarantee with your purchase also! So, if it really isn't working for you, just follow their refund policy and conditions, and you'll get your money back.


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My Conclusion for the Neck Hammock original

So, does the neck hammock work? During it has for me during my neck hammock test and I would say that with the refund policy you can definitely take part with a Neck Hammock test. In fact I have a little neck and shoulder pain now, time for me to go get my cervical traction device with my very own Neck Hammock original.

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