Moz Pro Review 2024: Pricing, Features, Competitors

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Moz is a software as a service company that provides search engine optimization (SEO) tools, including keyword research, link building, site audits, and page optimization insights.

  • Ease of Use - 95%
  • Features - 95%
  • Performance - 90%
  • Help & Support - 85%
  • Pricing - 90%


  • Robust features
  • Insightful and actionable SEO metrics
  • Great online resources
  • Free trial


  • Quite expensive
  • No mobile app

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Introduction to our Moz Pro Review:

In this Moz Pro review, I'll walk you through the SEO software's essentials, pricing, pros and cons, Moz competitors and tips for accessing a Moz free trial.

Overview: Why is Moz Pro Considered One of the Best?

Moz planted the seeds of what is known as the vibrant world of search engine optimisation (SEO). It began as SEOmoz in 2004, and since then, it has evolved dynamically to remain at the top of its game. Founders Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig first set up SEOmoz as an online community of SEO experts.

Today, the software's monthly subscription Moz Pro is among the most popular and preferred SEO package by businesses of all sizes today. With a wide selection of features and premium Moz Pro pricing, Moz appears to have about every tool in the shed to make your sites rank.

Nevertheless, the SEO scene is ever-evolving, and many brands are developing their technologies for better digital marketing outcomes. How does Moz keep up with the competition these days?

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Ease of Use:

In this Moz Pro review, what really endears this platform to users is its visually appealing and clean interface. Having this look at an SEO software is rare because usually, dashboards are cluttered with tools.

With Moz, this isn't the case. You can easily access the data you need without poring over the screen for minutes. A sidebar that features all the essential tools from where you derive reports makes this possible.

All in all, I can verify that the Moz interface reputation for being intuitive and easy on the eyes. With just a few clicks, you can gain a big picture of your digital marketing efforts and results.

I've heard of some complaints that Moz may require some technical background, but I don't think it does. Its outstanding ease of use makes Moz Pro pricing well worth it in my book.

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Moz Pro Features:


In a nutshell, Moz Pro can be considered the Swiss Army knife of SEO tools. Its multiple features will be detailed in the next section. While an all-in-one SEO tool isn't necessarily unique, the wealth of paid and free tools that Moz provides to the user is exceptional.

While there are Moz pricing plans, free tools like Keyword Explorer and Open Site Explorer are open for everyone to use. There is not an Moz Plugin but the MozBar Chrome extension (and Moz Extension Firefox) gives you rapid SEO data such as domain rank and page authority using just your browser. Having this handy Moz Chrome extension feature allows you to do competitor research on the fly.


Keyword Research:

For this Moz Pro review, keyword research is a primary yet often perplexing SEO task. Thus, you need an SEO tool that simplifies the process without diminishing the accuracy of the results. The platform has two main keyword research features: the Keyword Explorer and Keywords Suggestions.

  1. Keyword Explorer: this tool boasts a 95% accuracy rate and nearly 500 million relevant keywords. Moz offers this SEO tool for free but at a lower capacity than a paid Moz Pro subscription. Its dashboard generates useful metrics and keywords in tabular form that would make sense to any marketer. I like this tool because Moz made strides to be proactive in helping marketers make decisions about which keyword to use. They have a Priority Score that calculates how vital a keyword is for your business. This score incorporates search volume, keyword difficulty, and click-through-rate (CTR). A score of 100/100 means a keyword should be your priority.
  2. Keyword Suggestions: this feature is derived from Keyword Explorer. From a seed keyword, this tool generates recommended topics. You can filter and group these suggestions, too. Filters can include or exclude specific sources, including query terms, including closely related topics, topics or synonyms, or even questions.

Rank Tracking:

To successfully execute your SEO strategy, you need to monitor your rankings. In this Moz Pro review, it's important to note that Moz has this capability. You can analyse SERP and watch your ranking position. You can view organic ranking with specific keywords and your share of voice versus main competitors. However, Moz rank tracker implements a quote of checks – it only monitors ranking as far as the top 50 search results in 3 search engines, and only a maximum of 3 competitors per campaign. Other SEO platforms like SE Ranking can get you as deep as the top 200 in Google SERPs and 5 search engines.

On-page SEO:

An important feature I'll discuss in this Moz Pro review is its on-page optimisation tool. This tool rates each webpage and offers recommendations on how you can enhance it SEO-wise. Moz Pro's content suggestions feature suggests relevant topics to cover content that lets you rank higher. It also allows you to double-check if your pages really have your targeted keywords.

Site Audit:

Aside from content issues, you need to manage SEO's technical side to get more Google love. In this Moz Pro review, it's impossible to implement an effective organic search marketing campaign without fixing technical SEO issues. Once Google finds it difficult to crawl and index your content, your rankings will suffer. Moz Pro has a powerful Site Crawler that reports the most critical technical issues. For instance, in response, it highlights missing title tags, response errors, and broken redirects.

Backlink Research:

For this Moz Pro review, the platform also has a powerful backlink research feature that could significantly help your SEO efforts. The Link Explorer pulls results from its index of more than 40 trillion links, 7 trillion pages, and 718 million domains. As a result, you get excellent support in assessing your website's backlink profile and that of your competitors. Here is a rundown of the various tasks you can perform with Moz Link Explorer:

  • View links landing on any site
  • Spy on competitor backlinks
  • Discover broken links to your site and maintain quality backlinks
  • Check each backlink's Spam Score
  • Link Intersect lets you see who's linking to your rivals and not you
  • Analyse anchor text
  • Check Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of any site

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Support and Resources:

In this Moz reviews, it's vital to evaluate the quality of support and range of resources the platform offers to users.

There is a wealth of resources available to beginning and advanced users. Those completely new to the SEO experience can learn from the Beginner's Guide to SEO and advance to the SEO Learning Centre and Moz Academy. An online Moz community and the popular Moz Whiteboard Friday video series can answer queries and throw ideas around.


For customer support, 24/7 email and ticket systems are available. It's excellent that Moz has support teams in London, Australia, Vancouver, and Seattle for quicker response. However, there is no real-time support via live chat or phone.

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Moz Pricing:

Moz Pro Price Plans:

You can subscribe to 4 different Moz Pro pricing options discounted by 20% when paid yearly:

moz pro review pricing

Take note the Moz Local Pricing are separate to the Moz pro Cost

Moz free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

A 30-day Moz Pro free trial is currently available for new subscribers. Terms page states refunds are possible on a case to case basis.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Moz Pro Review:

What is it best for?

To sum this Moz Pro review, this platform is a trustworthy and reliable SEO solution that can dramatically boost your SEO initiatives. Given its background and wealth of experience in the field, you know that the platform can almost do no wrong – and that's what makes Moz Pro pricing a worthy investment.

What is not best for?

However, the platform is ideal for medium or large-scale businesses that can pay a premium and are running several campaigns. If you're a small business that doesn't need as many functionalities as yet, you can opt for cheaper Moz alternatives.

Moz Competitors and Alternatives

Here's a list of the best Moz alternatives;

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”62″ class=””]
  • Moz vs SEMrush: Moz or SEMRush? Moz is ideal for businesses that want to focus on link building and local SEO, while SEMrush is best suited for businesses that want a more comprehensive suite of SEO tools.
  • Moz Pro vs SEMrush: Moz Pro is a great tool for managing and analyzing backlinks, while SEMrush offers more in-depth competitor research and keyword analysis.
  • Moz vs Ahrefs: Moz is known for its link research tools, while Ahrefs offers more comprehensive backlink analysis and content research.
  • Moz Pro vs Ahrefs: Moz Pro is great for link building and managing, while Ahrefs offers more comprehensive competitor research and content analysis.
  • Moz vs Ahrefs vs SEMrush: Moz is best suited for link building and management, Ahrefs offers in-depth backlink analysis, and SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO suite for all aspects of digital marketing.
  • Moz vs SpyFu: Moz focuses more on link building and local SEO, while SpyFu offers a more comprehensive PPC research and competitor analysis.
  • Moz Local vs Yext: Moz Local offers affordable and user-friendly tools for managing local listings, while Yext is better suited for larger businesses with multiple locations and more advanced needs.

Moz Pro Reviews Final Word

Try a Moz Pro Account free for 30-days. Or – if you want all features available, subscribe to any Moz Pro pricing plans also through this link;

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What's the cheapest Moz Pro package?

The Standard subscription is worth $79 per month plus a 30-day free trial.

Does Moz Pro have a mobile app?

No, there is no mobile app. The software is intended for desktop use.

What is a Moz Pro campaign?

When you launch a campaign, you're gathering data on one domain/URL and three competitor sites.

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