13 Magento Influencers to Follow for 2024, Years to Come…

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The online retail business is on the surge already. As predicted earlier this year, 2016, the trend of online shopping grew up by 45%, and ‘mobile shopping’ tend to be the lead game changer for the retail businesses. Retailers are moving more and more to e-commerce platforms to grow their activities online. There are a lot of e-commerce options available today that can help in increasing sales for your store. Out of so many, Magento is best-suited e-commerce solution for small or large businesses because it has a lot to offer with its comprehensive features list.

13 Magento Influencers you should follow in 2024, & where to find them

We love everyone who contributed to Magento, but the below list highlights the big names that have made great contributions already.

1.Ben Marks

Ben Marks is among the greatest names in the Magento Community. He’s a Magento Certified (MCD) professional who has got six years of experience in the Magento development and has been a trainer for three years at Magento U. Ben is an active member of the Magento community who quickly responds to any question being asked. Ben, the Evangelist at Magento, can be found at all of the International Magento Events. If you want to be informed about the latest Magento news and broaden your know-how about the platform, you can ping Ben Marks @benmarks and join the Magento community and stay in touch.

2. Alan Storm

Meet the author of “No Frills Magento Layout,” that explains more about the Magento’s Domain specific XML layout language. Alan is the creator of Commerce Bug who specializes in bug fixes and provides consultancy to the developers about the subject. Alan is an enthusiastic web developer who is very keen to change the web world through his work. He participates actively in the Magento Community and loves to help the developers. If you want to stay up-to-date about Magento or have any queries, connect with him via Twitter @alanstorm.

3. Phil Winkle

The 4x Magento Certified (MCD, MD+, MCFED, MCSS) Phil Winkle has an extensive knowledge of Magento and has a great experience of implementing E-commerce for world’s most recognizable brands. Phil is the organizer of Magento Sofla, where the Magento Experts solve real problems. He is also a Co-host of Mage Talk. Through his technical knowledge and expertise in the field, Phil is always ready to respond to any question asked in the Magento Community. If you are searching of a Magento Expert and need assistance, quickly follow Phil Winkle @philwinkle.

4. Anna Völkl

Anna Völkl is truly an inspiration for all those people who are new to the Magento or planning to join the platform. Created her first HTML website at the age of 12, Anna possesses a keen interest in technology and computers. She is a Magento Certified Developer who enjoys sharing her experience, useful tips, and tricks with her followers. She enjoys visiting new places and also volunteers at the Red Cross. You will never miss out any news related to Magento if you follow Anna Völkl @rescueAnn.

5. Vinai Kopp

Vinai Kopp is another prominent member of the Magento Community. He is a Magento Certified Developer who works as a trainer for the official Magento U developer training. He’s been with Magento for the last five years. If you want to enhance your Magento development skills, you should start following him without any further delay. For he’s a real source of information and has been working as a web developer since 1998. Follow Vinai Kopp via Twitter @vinaikopp and learn more about Magento.

6. Sherrie Rohde

Sherrie Rohde is a Community Manager for Magento. She loves to connect with people, both online and in person. Sherrie has made an incredible contribution in flourishing Magento Community. She started her career being a Multimedia Graphic Designer & a Magento Developer and later managed Magento Community. For the people who like to be well-informed about the Magento Events, Meetups, and its happenings are suggested to follow Sherrie Rohde @sherrierohde

7. Ashley Schroder

Ashley Schroder is a passionate Software Engineer who is head in charge at World Wide Access that exports the products of New Zealand to the world. One of the most active members of the Magento Community, Ashley Schroder, contributes open source extensions to Magento Connect and shares his extensive experience with his followers. If you require any helpful tips on Magento Development, you can get it through his blog aschroder.com. He can be seen taking part actively at various Magento Meetups for the discussion on Magento Development and UI improvements. For more information about the enterprise software connect with Ashley Schroder @aschroder.

8. Marius Strajeru

Meet the Magento Master, Marius Strajeru who is among the top contributors in the Magento Forums and Community. Due to his notable contributions to the development of Magento platform, he was awarded the “Magento Pioneer Award” back in April 2015. Marius ranks number 1 on Magento StackExchange, a site for Q&A; for the Magento users. He’s a very helpful and cooperative person and is equally popular among his followers. If you have got any issues related to Magento Development, Marius Strajeru is the best person to go to. Follow him on Twitter @mariusstrajeru.

9. Kimberely Thomas

In Kimberely’s own words, she is a qualified Magento Certified Developer and a Certified Scrum Master, a technical leader, Magento Community Events planner and a proud Soccer Mother. With more than 15 years of experience in web application development, Kimberely efficiently manages teams to produce the high-quality product for clients. She offers great ideas to put into practices. She is actively involved in the Magento Community has planned several events despite her busy schedule. To know more about the platform, follow this Magento Girl @magentogirl.

10. Alan Kent

Alan Kent is Magento’s Chief Architect. Magento 2 is Alan’s only focus. He is responsible for the integration of several Magento related initiatives such as integration with the web store, order management, and in-store retail associate tools. He likes to deliver quality work and believes in maintaining healthy relationships at work. Alan loves to exchange information and his experience with the people. If you are looking for Magento related guidance, follow Alan Kent @akent99.

11. Kuba Zwolinski

Meet Magento Master 2016, Kuba Zwolinski; he is Founder & CEO at Snow Dog and Vice President of Meet Magento Association. Kuba is one of the active members of Magento Community. He is the organizer of Meet Magento Poland. Kuba is a Magento Certified Frontend Developer and Magento Certified Solution Specialist. With vast years of experience in Magento development, Kuba shares his knowledge and expertise in many Magento conferences. Follow this Adventure Enthusiast of Magento community on Twitter: @snowdog

12. Rebecca Troth

Meet Youngest Project Manager and Magento Specialist Rebecca Troth. Rebecca started her career at the age of 16 and gained many skills and experience that have helped her in making such a great name in the Magento community. Rebeca runs the Magento show on YouTube where she gets high endorsement always. Follow her on Twitter to get tips and get latest updates. @RebeccaLTroth

13. Max Yekaterynenko

Meet the man behind Magento 2 Development, Max Yekaterynenko. He is the Director of Software Development at Magento. Max has been associated with Magento since 2008 and has already helped the community in so many ways. His journey throughout is notable, and his contribution is invaluable. Max is a very helpful person in Magento community and always here to help others and give them knowledge about Magento. Follow him on Twitter: @maksek_ua

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