Lure Essentials review 2022: The best facial cupping set?

Updated May 14 2022
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Lure Essentials Facial Cupping Kit

Ease of Use 9.0
Design 9.0
Features and Functionality 9.0
Reliability 9.5
Pricing 10.0


  • Packaging allows for easy transport
  • Comes with different cups for use on different parts of your face
  • Can instantly feel the effects after use


  • If you're not used to grooming, the several application steps may not be for you

Have you ever used a facial cupping kit?

Face cupping! Have you ever done it? Have you ever even heard of it!? Face cupping, one of the best alternative therapy methods out there, stemmed from the ancient Chinese and their long traditional cupping practices. In this review, we'll be looking into the Lure Essentials facial cupping set and see what it has to offer and if it really is the best facial cupping kit out there.

The origins of cupping

Before we go into the actual Lureessentials facial cupping lure and facial cupping kit itself, let's talk a little first about the original cupping practice, a little about it's history and the practical uses of cupping.

As said, cupping therapy is a form of traditional alternative medicine. Actual recorded history and Cupping therapy origins are a little hazy, as the practice has been seen and used as far back as 280 A.D. And the records of use and practice have stretched from China, to Iran and Greece. There are even photos bloodletting and facial cupping set from England, UK that date back to the late 1800s.

With that being said however, it is widely believed that cupping therapy originated from China.

The benefits of cupping, the Facial Cupping Lure

So, what about it's benefits? First, you need to know that there is both body cupping as well as facial cupping. Both therapy variants utilize the same method in order to help you achieve a healthy and vibrant skin glow. Cupping helps to rejuvenate your skin as it helps to stimulate blood flow in the cupped area. However, that's just but one bonus effect of cupping. The primary benefit that cupping provides you with is that is helps to increase blood flow in a particular area.

This increased blood flow then helps to both relieve muscle tension, stress and pain in that area of the body. So many people who experience muscle tension in certain areas of their body, often resort to cupping in order to help fix the problems they may be facing. Face cupping is also said to help reduce wrinkles and promote healthier skin!

Lady using facial cupping

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Lure Essentials Facial Cupping Kit

Now that we know a little more about cupping, we can start getting into the details of lureessentials and their facial cupping set. Lure Essentials offers the best top quality materials and products when it comes to their facial cupping set. The Lureessentials facial cupping lure set are all made and produced with top quality food-grade silicone. This also means that the products found in the facial cupping kit are all completely non-toxic and can be safely used by everyone.

The LureEssentials facial cupping kit itself comes with a variety of different cones for you to use. 4 variants and different shapes and sizes; two of which are meant to be used on your face and the general area, and another two that's a little more specialised and are meant to be used over your eyes. The facial cupping sets also come with a soft exfoliating brush for your tender skin, as well as a bottle of Omnia Beauty Oil to go along with it all. And not to worry! The entire facial cupping kit comes with a nicely designed storage bag for you to put all of your Lure Essential products into. It's great to keep everything organised.

How to use your Facial Cupping Set

Both the grooming process that you do before you start cupping and the actual cupping process; can be a major therapeutic session for many people. It's all part of the Facial Cupping lure! You can easily find instructions on how to properly use and start face cupping with the Pure Essentials kit online, but for your convenience; follow our provided steps below:

  1. Start with thoroughly washing your face. This is arguably the most important step of the face cupping process, as you want to make sure that your face and your skin is free of dirt, dust particles and also free of any excess oil and sweat.
  2. Dry and brush your face. Now go ahead and dry your face! Once it's dry, use the exfoliating brush that comes provided with the Lure Essentials Facial Cupping Set. This helps to further remove any dirt particles after drying your face and ready your skin for the next step.
  3. Apply the Omnia Beauty Oil. Make sure you are generous in the use of the Omnia Beauty Oil. As the oil is full of nourishment to help replenish your skin and let it glow. It will also be crucial in the next step; the actual cupping process.
  4. Cup with the Facial Cups! This is where the cupping begins! We recommend you look up a few different techniques on cupping; in order to see which one may work best for you. But the two general motions used are the suction and release motion and the sweeping massage motion. The first consists of hovering your cop over a part of your face, gently squeezing the cup and then softly releasing it again. This is typically done in just one spot and area.

steps for lure essentials facial cup

The latter motion invokes a little more movement, as you need to sweep the cup gentle movements across your skin. All the whilst gently squeezing, releasing and lifting the facial cup as you do with the first motion. After some uses and practice, you'll figure out which motions work best in which areas of your face and you'll also figure out which motions you end up liking best!

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Things to look out for when using your Facial Cups

You may have heard that cupping leaves bruises and that it hurts. Whilst the bruising can be true, it should definitely not hurt! If it hurts, stop the cupping process immediately and wait a time before attempting it again. And when you do, be sure to move and glide your cup more often; as well as be a little more gentle on the suction! If you start bruising, it still should not be hurting and the bruising is just temporary and will go away shortly.

The bruising is caused by the suction part of cupping, where it draws the blood flow to a certain spot. Just give it some time and it will disappear after a small period of time. And as always, when using any kind of product on your face; remember to be extra gentle! As your face isn't as tough as the rest of your body.

Pricing and where to get one

Like any and every product that you are able to find online, you need to make sure that you're getting your product from a trusted source. Luckily, we've made this part much easier for you; as you can simply buy your very own kit from us! The LureEssentials Facial Cupping Kit itself comes at a great deal. Just a small amount for a facial cupping set, used by alternative therapists all over the world. Due to the nature of the product, batteries or any other products or tools are not needed. So for the price you're paying; you'll have everything you'll need to begin facial cupping right away. The price tag isn't asking for a lot, considering the benefits it gives you.

lure essentials buy now

Still not sure about getting one? That's okay, because they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. So, if there IS something wrong with your facial cupping set; you can return it and get your money back!

lady with lure essentials facial cupping

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I think having your own facial cupping kit at home, ready to be used whenever it is convenient for you; is definitely a big bonus for those that love their cosmetics, grooming and spa products. Whether it's something to add to your daily or weekly grooming routine, or perhaps you're feeling some muscle tension; having your own cupping kit is a definite plus side that everyone can easily get behind.

That’s all for now:

Grateful to you for reading our lureessentials facial cupping lure review! Stay tuned for more tech gizmos and gadgets online reviews coming soon.

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