Long Tail Pro Reviews 2024: Is This Keyword Research Tool Still the Best?

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Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps users find long-tail keywords for their website and SEO campaigns.

  • Ease of Use - 85%
  • Features - 85%
  • Performance - 85%
  • Support & Resources - 90%
  • Pricing - 90%


  • Useful propriety KC score
  • Excellent support
  • Topnotch keyword research
  • Inexpensive


  • Keyword limitations
  • Lacks advanced SEO features

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Introduction to our Long Tail Pro Reviews:

In this Long Tail Pro reviews, I’m going to explore how this tool can help you achieve your SEO targets. I’m also sharing Long Tail Pro pricing, Long Tail pro discounts, and Long Tail Pro free trial links.

Overview: Groundbreaking Keyword Research Tool

Excellent keyword research is vital to helping your site rank in the search engines. Many often miss this point. But when you’re trying to grow a niche website, you need to pay attention to long-tail keywords. If you don’t already know, long term keywords are keywords that have more than three words. Compared to generic keywords, long term keywords encounter less competition and allow you to rank higher. It also allows you to reach out to a more targeted audience.

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Ease of Use:

LongTail Pro is cloud-based, so it really cuts down the time and energy you expend when doing keyword research. The tool is user-friendly for various reasons. Firstly, setting the tool up is fast and painless. Secondly, after this quick sign-up process, you can immediately access the full LongTail Pro suite through an uncluttered interface. Lastly, you can then navigate through the various tools without fuss.

In this Long Tail Pro reviews, I find using this keyword research tool to be approachable, despite the many secondary features. Parallel to Long Tail Pro, there aren’t an overwhelming number of tools that would leave you confused. Moreover, when you’re managing multiple SEO projects, the tool allows you to stay organised and systematic. You’re able to switch from one task to another without difficulty easily.

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Long Tail Pro Features:


If you’ve been shopping for an SEO tool, then you already know many services are vying for your attention. To me, the most innovative feature of LongTail Pro is its Keyword Competitiveness or KC score. It’s like a magic number that immediately tells you whether this particular keyword is competitive or not. Afterwards, you can make an informed decision about which keywords you should apply.

The KC score refers to any number from 1 to 100 representing the level of difficulty a particular keyword is to rank. The rule of thumb is: a lower KC score would be easier to rank than a higher one. An average KC score of 0 to 10 would mean zero competition while a score of 70 to 100 would indicate an impossibly competitive keyword. A good KC score would not be above 30. Having a KC score laid out for you cuts the keyword decision-making process considerably.

Keyword Research:

In this Long Tail Pro reviews, Long Tail Pro keyword research is the platform’s forte. Aside from the intuitive interface, this software really makes keyword research a hassle-free activity.

You just need to input your seed keyword, target location, and language. After that, LongTail Pro returns a list of long-tail keywords from which you can choose, including the average KC score between 1 to 100.

Apart from the KC score, the keyword volume and bid price are also displayed to inform you of whether a particular keyword is worth investing. By giving you these sound indicators, you’ll be able to decide the right keywords for your SEO projects.

In this Long Tail Pro reviews, the keyword restrictions are something amiss. With its current daily quota for keyword searches. If you look at specifics of Long Tail Pro pricing plans, the service puts a cap at 800-6,000 total ideas within 24 hours. While understandable, this quota can frustrate anyone already in deep in keyword research.

Rank tracking:

In SEO, as in life, there are no guarantees. You can be on page 1 on the SERPs one day and page 3 on the next. Therefore, it’s vital to monitor how your keywords are performing in the search engines. For this Long Tail Pro reviews, the platform’s Rank Tracker is a useful feature.

Once you type your domain and target keyword, the tool does its thing and reveals a historical ranking that presents where your keywords are located. This metric allows you to monitor a keyword’s behaviour over time. The only thing that could bum you out is the limitation on the number of keywords you can track. For instance, you only get 30 tracked keywords max if you subscribe to the Starter Plan.

Competitor Analysis:

At the beginning of this Long Tail Pro reviews, I showed you how the average KC works. More metrics means more informed decision-making. This tool can compute and reveal other metrics, including:

  • Trust Flow: what is quality of the links pointing to a URL?
  • Citation Flow: how influential is a URL? How many sites link to it?
  • Site Age: how old is the site?
  • External Backlinks: how many backlinks point to a page?
  • Page KC: how competitive is a site page?

Campaign Management:

While not as impressive as the content management tools of other competitors, the software does have a decent number of SEO tools to achieve higher rankings for your site. With the LongTail Pro SEO Template Suite, you get niche research, content planning, and on-page SEO tools.


There aren’t many app integrations with the platform in this Long Tail Pro reviews, aside from its API integration with Majestic.

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Support and Resources:

LongTail Pro offers excellent customer support. The platform ensures that the experience is smooth and breezy from a FAQ section, quick guides, and a Troubleshooting section. It also has a live chat option for real-time communication with agents. The only problem is that it takes a while to process your concerns. An email ticket support is also available.

What I especially like about the tool is their 14-day Bootcamp on how to use Long tail pro. (full lessons with a Pro Plan only, 7 days for trials) It consists of video lessons to help you succeed in SEO via the platform. If you want to advance further ahead, you can enrol in the Long Tail University.

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Long Tail Pro Pricing:

Long Tail Pro pricing is one of the most consumer-friendly in the business in this Long Tail Pro reviews. They only have two plans – Starter and Pro – that you can pay in monthly or annual billing.

The platform offers monthly and discounted annual plans as follows;

long tail pro reviews of pricing

Long Tail Pro Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

From their terms and conditions page, you get a 7-day Long Tail Pro Free trial and a 10-day money-back guarantee.

Does a Long Tail Pro lifetime deal exist?

Although unable to find any Long Tail Pro Coupons at the time of writing, there is currently a Long Tail Pro lifetime deal on Appsumo! with 2 months free trial and 60 day Monday back guarantee!


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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Long Tail Pro Reviews:

What is it best for?

It’s ideal for bloggers, professional freelancers, and small business owners running their digital marketing campaigns.

What is not best for?

To sum up this Long Tail Pro reviews, this tool is excellent for keyword research but doesn’t quite compete with the other more robust and more comprehensive SEO software as Long Tail Pro alternatives.

Long Tail Pro Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best Long Tail Pro alternatives;

Long Tail Pro Reviews Final Word

Will do you no harm to take advantage of the Long tail Pro Free download!

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How do get a Long Tail Pro download?

Downloads are no longer required. Long Tail Pro has turned web-based since 2016. Long Tail Pro Platinum beta version is also available for existing users.

Is LongTail Pro worth the price?

It’s really a cheap keyword research option and perfect for starter SEO projects. However, if you want a complete suite of SEO tools, you should consider Ahrefs or SEMrush.

That's all for now:

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