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Why are WordPress website designs so popular? A question we always face and we invariably answer; because of the ease and flexibility it offers our clients… and hey… it is what we even use for own website design!

Why does this matter?

WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS in the world and has thousands of developers constantly improving it and contributing plugins to extend it's functionality.  Most wordpress website development companies only work with WordPress, as their statistics will show you just how dominant the platform really is. As WordPress powers 24.8% of all websites or roughly 75 million sites, and over half (54%) of all content management system websites, as a London WordPress Agency, we are also confident this system is future proof for our client base.

WordPress is by far the most customisable content management system (CMS) in the market. We, as well as most WordPress developer London teams; use and recommend Open Source Software WordPress technology for our advanced packages and content management system (CMS) websites due to its modern, simplified and less confusing frontend look and feel, yet reliable, flexible and easy to use back office admin content management software.

Why choose Stuart Kerrs?

We at Stuart Kerrs, as a long time London wordpress agency and wordpress web development company, have been providing WordPress solutions for over a decade now, successfully building and delivering hundreds of WordPress websites from almost every vertical including ecommerce, photography, news, social and business sites. We have dedicated WordPress designers who can modify your current website theme or create a new one from scratch. Then our PHP developers can create any advanced functionality you require. The result is always a fully functional, effective and beautiful WordPress website for your exact purpose. In addition, we (and most wordpress website development companies) always recommend WordPress for anyone requesting SEO services as part of their digital marketing strategy. As a result, our marketing clients with WordPress sites always rank very highly.

Service Features

Totally Responsive

Each of our WordPress solutions are perfectly responsive, making it perfectly suitable for every type of website. We test it thoroughly to make it fit every device, using fluid grid technology and element realignment.


Search engine optimisation is so closely interwoven in every WordPress framework we build that taking it to the top is literally easy. Each of our WordPress sites allow for simplified optimisation for better online visibility and increased traffic levels.


Our work doesnt stop after we have built your site in fact, that is where we begin. Our after-sales support help you to upgrade, modify and maintain the open source software throughout its life. Once Stuart Kerrs takes care of your WordPress website, you just stop worrying!

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