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Why does this matter?

Information is not power, not on its own, but it does empower the powerful. To simply know something is great, but combine that with the means to act on this new information and you have a formula for success. Stuart Kerrs is a London SEO consultant who has built itself around being able to not only gather and process information but to act on it with expertise, creativity and dedication simply unmatched by our competitors. If you are looking for an digital marketing consultant and SEO specialist in London, we are your guys!

Our tailor-made SEO service solutions and packages are tailored only because of our tried and trusted consultation experience and analytical approach to each and every single customer case. Is your website SEO friendly? Is your website content relevant and informative? Is your website obscure and hard to find due to lack of natural search paths towards it? We, as professional SEO consultant, need to know all things before we can offer our services. The last thing you need is extensive link-building campaign if your keyword list is a mess.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide the right services to the right customers, therefore our consultation services are not only extremely useful but essential to anyone who is unsure what, if anything, on their website is out of order and needs attention.

Each client is different, even if they are in a similar sphere of influence. The amount of factors playing towards and against each business is staggering. Location, owners attitude, target audience and their age, sex, interests are but few of them. Our London SEO services will provide you with a blueprint of your own business and steps to be taken in order to elevate it above the competition. The range of professional SEO consultant services we at Stuart Kerrs offer, is extensive, to say the least. We will meet with you, gather all relevant information about your business and develop a comprehensive plan of action to promote your business, be it a link building campaign, video generation, content marketing, technical analysis plus much more!

Clearly structured, detail focused and future conscious – Stuart Kerrs is a veteran SEO marketing consultant and the number one SEO consultant in London

Why choose Stuart Kerrs?

As a dedicated SEO agency, our SEO Experts offer a lot more than just ranking keywords. Our team have years of experience in effective SEO consulting with clients to ensure that they get the best SEO strategies and marketing campaign for long term business goals. Our search engine optimisation specialists in London are set apart by the fact that we prioritise end results over just doing the basic work.

The most crucial part of a small business to enable it to grow considerably is exposure. We are the best in the field of consulting for small businesses. Our years of experience dealing with small companies have helped us in bringing local SEO success. And you can achieve this too, with the help of our London SEO consultant team.

Digital strategy is an integral part of any business now. The reason is simple; no business can ignore the online marketing avenue any longer. Thus, digital strategy must be laid simultaneously with any other business marketing strategy.

For a successful web presence, the online marketing strategy must cover every aspect of digital marketing footprint where budget allows. Stuart Kerrs offers holistic digital strategy consulting which encompasses everything including SEO, PPC and Social. We offer consultation on all aspects of digital presence and even provide a free initial analysis proposal.

Affordable, Trustworthy SEO Consulting for Small Business Services

  • We will analyse your website for both an on page and off page optimisation elements suggesting the changes you need to make to ensure your website is more SEO-friendly.
  • We undertake extensive keyword research and prepare the list of seed keywords and long tail keywords for the client to bring best organic traffic. Our SEO consultant will also also map the keywords to different pages of the site.
  • Our professional SEO consultant teams also concentrate on user experience and suggest ways to improve the present UX of the website.
  • Troubleshoot the website for technical issues and wrong implementation of SEO elements like meta tags, title tags or tracking codes.
  • Engage in extensive competitor analysis and find out ways to beat them at their own game. This is even more important for small local businesses.
  • Our SEO marketing consultant teams come up with content ideas and prepare a content marketing strategy targeted towards your audience.
  • We will continually strive for better conversion rates and thus engage in A/B testing of different elements to find the best combination for your business.
  • CTA (Call to Action) is another expertise of ours. We will decide different texts for the buttons and also check different placements for these buttons to drive better conversion.
  • Due to the versatile job descriptions, SEO specialist also get involved in the web design and development process. If the client has an existing website, the consultant suggest the changes which are to be implemented to get best results.
  • We will also take care of regular reporting including sending the raw data, processed data and key actionable’s to you.
  • We are also experts in Google penalty removal services if your website has been hit due to bad SEO techniques in the past.
  • We will run a detailed link profile analysis of your site to sort out the harmful links so we can remove those. We will further check which keywords or pages need more incoming links so we can engage in building those.
  • Hiring an SEO consultant in London will mean that we are always close by to help you!

If you want a SEO marketing consultant who will treat your business as his own responsibility, Stuart Kerrs is who you need.

Service Features

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Identify Your Customers.

Identify Your Competitors.

Assign Rules.

Search Engine Marketing.

Content Marketing.


Is it only SEO or you provide consultation for SMO, PPC etc. as well?

While we call ourselves SEO consultants, we provide umbrella services and our SEO specialist would also guide you in every digital marketing endeavor including SMO, PPC, email marketing or video marketing and more.

I don't need complete SEO, do you provide consultation for specialised needs?

Of course. While we strongly recommend that you choose our complete service, if you need some special help, like conversion optimisation or technical SEO troubleshoot, we will help you with those.

OK, you provide SEO consultation, but who would implement the work required?

Don’t be misled by the name, SEO consultation from Stuart Kerrs completely includes implementation of all the recommendations we make. We will prepare the list of suggestions and, once approved, we will implement all of those as well.

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