LiquidWeb Review 2024: Unmatched Hosting Powerhouse!

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Name: Liquid Web

Description: LiquidWeb is the Rolls-Royce of web hosting, with stellar managed services, bulletproof security, and an array of features designed for high-performance websites.

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Summary Conclusion

If top-notch performance, security, and customer support are paramount to your business or project, LiquidWeb is an investment that promises great returns. While it may not be the cheapest option, its value lies in its reliability and robust offerings.

  • 📈 Uptime: 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • 🌍 Server Locations: US, EU
  • Performance: Phenomenal, average load time: 245ms
  • 💽 Storage: 100% SSD storage
  • 🚀 Bandwidth: Unmetered with dedicated options
  • 🔒 Free SSL Certificates: Yes, included
  • 🔄 Backup: Automated Daily Backups
  • 🛡️ Malware Protection: Yes, advanced security measures
  • 🕵️ Additional Security: DDoS Attack Prevention, ServerSecure Advanced Security
  • 👥 Customer Support: 24/7/365 Live Chat, Support Tickets, Email, Phone, Knowledge Base
  • 💳 Payment Options: Credit Cards, PayPal
  • 📝 Contract Terms: Monthly, Annual
  • 💯 Refund Policy: Varies depending on services
  • 🆓 Free Trials: Not typically available
  • 🎉 Promotional Deals: Yes, seasonal promotions and discounts available
  • 💪 Managed Services: Premium managed hosting tailored for performance and security
  • Pricing & Value - 85%
  • Ease of Use - 90%
  • Features - 95%
  • Performance - 98%
  • Security & Reliability - 97%
  • ustomer Support & Resources - 93%


  • 🏎️ Supercharged Performance: LiquidWeb delivers blazing fast speeds and low latency.
  • 🛡️ Impeccable Security: From SSL to malware protection, LiquidWeb leaves no stone unturned.
  • 🚀 Premium Managed Services: Tailored solutions that make your web management feel like you have a personal butler for your website.
  • 👨‍💻 Exceptional Customer Support: Knowledgeable, swift, and courteous. A trifecta of excellence.


  • 💲 Pricey for Small Projects: Not the best choice if you’re on a shoestring budget.
  • 🎈 Might be Overkill for Simple Sites: Like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, LiquidWeb's robust services may be excessive for very basic websites.

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Introduction to My Unrivalled LiquidWeb Review

Embarking on the journey through this LiquidWeb review, you shall unveil the exquisite blend of high-performance hosting and first-rate customer service that has catapulted LiquidWeb to the echelons of the industry. Additionally, do keep an eye out for the exclusive LiquidWeb coupon code that I’ve procured for my esteemed readers.

Overview: A Titan in the Realm of Managed Hosting Services

LiquidWeb is not just a hosting provider; it’s an epitome of reliability and performance in managed hosting services. Established in 1997, LiquidWeb has made its name by offering bespoke hosting solutions for businesses with an eye for quality.

This Michigan-based company has amassed a clientele that reads like the who’s who of global brands. We are talking about industry giants like FILA, General Motors, FedEx, and American Airlines. Their choice to put their trust in LiquidWeb is not to be taken lightly.

LiquidWeb's bouquet of services is tailored for those who seek the finest hosting solutions. Specializing in Managed WordPress, WooCommerce, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting, they ensure that your website is not just another face in the crowd but a distinguished presence.

Their seamless integration with prominent CMS like, WooCommerce, Magento, and Drupal demonstrates their versatility and commitment to providing a robust platform for all types of websites.

With multiple data centres, cutting-edge technology, and a dedicated team of experts at your disposal, LiquidWeb is geared to empower your online endeavours with unmatched performance and security.


Ease of Use: A Symphony of Simplicity and Sophistication

When it comes to hosting services, especially those catering to high-profile clients, it’s imperative that the user experience strikes the right balance between sophistication and simplicity. LiquidWeb accomplishes this with aplomb.

LiquidWeb Review of User Interface:

Liquid Web's reputation is built on being a high-end hosting service designed to support professional users. Hence, an immediate trade off would be that it's not beginner-friendly.

From my extensive experience, I can assert that LiquidWeb’s interface is designed with the user in mind. The dashboard is immaculately laid out, with every essential feature just a click away. Even those who are relatively new to the world of hosting will find the navigation intuitive and hassle-free.

Account Management:

One of the things that has always stood out for me is how LiquidWeb’s account management is streamlined to perfection. You can easily monitor your usage, manage domains, and tailor your hosting environment, all from one central hub. For a seasoned digital marketing consultant like myself, this level of control is invaluable.

Learning Curve:

Naturally, with any robust hosting service, there’s a learning curve. But fret not. LiquidWeb is aware of this and provides an abundance of resources and guides to ease you into their ecosystem. These help you navigate through its hosting packages like Liquid Web VPS Hosting, Managed Liquid Web WordPress Hosting, among others. Whether you’re just setting sail on your digital journey or are an experienced captain at the helm, LiquidWeb caters to all.

Site Management Tools:

LiquidWeb is not just about hosting. They provide a suite of tools to manage your website. Whether you need to create email accounts, manage databases, or monitor resources, it's all there. And it’s wrapped in a package so user-friendly that it feels like a walk in Hyde Park on a pleasant day.

Setup Process in our LiquidWeb Review

Step-by-Step Guide to Installation and Setup

Navigating through the set up process at LiquidWeb is as smooth as sailing on the River Thames on a calm day. Allow me to guide you through the steps:

1. Select Your Hosting Package

After you’ve landed on the LiquidWeb site, you’ll be greeted by a variety of hosting options. Make sure to choose the one that best suits the requirements of your project.

2. Register or Transfer a Domain

LiquidWeb will then prompt you to either register a new domain or transfer an existing one. This is a rather essential step; it's akin to naming a majestic British ship.

3. Configure Your Server

This is where the fun begins. LiquidWeb allows you to tailor your server configurations extensively. From memory to storage, you can set your server up to be as powerful as a London double-decker.

4. Select Additional Services

LiquidWeb offers a plethora of add-on services. Whether you need enhanced security or backup services, they have you covered.

5. Checkout

After configuring your package to your liking, the final step is to checkout. LiquidWeb offers various payment options, making this step a breeze.

Addressing Potential Challenges

Setting up your hosting with LiquidWeb is mostly smooth sailing. However, like London's unpredictable weather, you may encounter a storm or two along the way. But fear not, LiquidWeb's support team is akin to the valiant Royal Guards, always ready to assist.

In this LiquidWeb Review, I must commend their support. On occasions when the setup process may present hiccups, especially with custom server configurations, LiquidWeb's support team has proven to be both resourceful and expedient.

Tip: Keep Support on Speed Dial

Should you encounter any issues, I recommend contacting their support posthaste. They offer various channels, such as live chat, phone support, and tickets.

Features in my LiquidWeb Review

The feature set of LiquidWeb is akin to the grandeur of the British Museum – expansive and rich in quality. Let's deep dive into these features, shall we?

Types of Hosting

Shared Hosting

LiquidWeb's Shared Hosting is akin to having a cosy flat in London – with all the essential amenities. It's perfect for small businesses or individual projects. It offers:

  • SSD storage for swifter performance.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Unlimited email accounts.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting

For those who need more control or resources, LiquidWeb’s VPS and Dedicated Hosting are the Mayfair of hosting services – the premium real estate with extra space and prestige. Key features include:

  • Root access for complete control over the environment.
  • Dedicated IP addresses.
  • Enhanced security features.

Specialized Hosting

LiquidWeb excels in providing specialized hosting solutions, particularly for WordPress and WooCommerce. It’s like having a custom-tailored suit from Savile Row; impeccable fit for your specific needs.

  • Fully managed WordPress installations.
  • Optimized server configurations for WooCommerce.
  • Automatic updates and backups.

Domain Names:

Our LiquidWeb Review finds that they do not offer domain registration. But the hosting service allows you to buy the domain of your choice using their Manage interface. LiquidWeb also allows for easy management of subdomains and multiple domain names. It's like having the keys to several London boroughs.

LiquidWeb Review of Website Builder:

Our LiquidWeb com Review finds that the company does not feature a website builder instead it does have excellent integration with popular ones like Weebly and it also focuses on CMS users in particular, Magento and Drupal.

LiquidWeb Review of Applications:

Liquid Web WordPress:

Liquid Web WordPress hosting service is optimised, focusing on speed, security, and performance. It’s even better than other managed WordPress hosting services since it allows unlimited visitors.

LiquidWeb shines in its WordPress offering. It's like the London Eye of hosting; it elevates your WordPress site with:

  • One-click installs.
  • Hassle-free migration.
  • Automatic updates and backups.

Site Staging:

Our LiquidWeb Review finds that it has a site staging feature which enables you to test any changes or major new features that you plan to implement in a secure environment. Sadly, as of this writing, staging to live capability is still absent and which we feel every hosting provider should have as standard.

LiquidWeb Review of  eCommerce:

Aside from the premium Liquid Web WordPress hosting plans, the provider also offers Liquid Web WooCommerce hosting for entrepreneurs looking to build their online store. You can install WooCommerce as an ecommerce plugin using the standard hosting plans, too. But a managed WooCommerce plan is specifically optimised for eCommerce and includes eCommerce themes and plugins like Abandoned Cart.

Liquid Web Webmail Rating:

This hosting service offers managed email plans. Entrepreneurs can take full advantage of their Premium Business Email offering, but at a cost. This feature provides 256MB mailboxes, 50MB attachments, mobile sync capacity, and customalisation. Also, Premium Business Email has a featured-packed application suite to boost productivity, including calendars shareable to other users via Liquid Web Webmail.

LiquidWeb com Review of Databases:

With unlimited databases, LiquidWeb ensures that your data storage needs are well catered for. Liquid Web users can access their MySQL database through phpMyAdmin.

LiquidWeb Review of Developer Tools

For the tech-savvy, LiquidWeb provides a smorgasbord of developer tools including various PHP versions, Git repositories, and more.

LiquidWeb Review of Scalability

LiquidWeb offers scalability options that are as flexible as London’s iconic Tower Bridge; accommodating to both small vessels and tall ships.

LiquidWeb Review of Site Migration

Migrating to LiquidWeb is seamless and free with their white-glove migration service. It's like having a personal butler move your belongings into a new London residence.

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Security in my LiquidWeb Review

When it comes to security, LiquidWeb certainly doesn't cut corners. In the world of web hosting, security is paramount, and LiquidWeb understands this. An in-house service monitors security for Liquid Web. For hosted sites, iThemes Security Pro comes with all plans save the Spark Plan.

Let’s delve into the various security measures and services that they offer:

LiquidWeb Review of SSL Certificates

LiquidWeb provides free SSL certificates for all its hosting plans. SSL certificates are crucial for encrypting the data that travels between the server and the client. This ensures that sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card numbers, and personal data remain confidential.

LiquidWeb Review of Backups

LiquidWeb offers a robust backup solution. With automatic daily backups, your data is securely stored and can be easily restored. This is akin to having a security deposit box at the Bank of England, ensuring that your valuables are safeguarded.

LiquidWeb Review of Malware Protection

In today’s digital age, malware attacks are as common as London rain. LiquidWeb tackles this issue head-on with their advanced malware monitoring and removal services. They continuously scan for and mitigate any malware threats that could harm your website.

LiquidWeb Review of DDoS Protection

LiquidWeb offers DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection to ensure that your website can handle large volumes of traffic without going down. In essence, this shields your site from malicious attempts to overload and crash your server.

LiquidWeb Review of Firewall

LiquidWeb’s servers are equipped with a highly effective firewall that acts as the first line of defense against cyber-attacks. This firewall scrutinizes incoming traffic and blocks any suspicious or malicious data from entering the server.

ServerSecure™ Security

An exclusive feature of LiquidWeb is their ServerSecure™ security. This is an advanced security enhancement that includes server hardening, enhanced security configurations, and optimized settings for various server functions.

Vulnerability Assessments

LiquidWeb conducts regular vulnerability assessments to identify and rectify any security loopholes or weaknesses. This proactive approach ensures that your site is always fortified against the latest security threats.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

For added account security, LiquidWeb offers Two-Factor Authentication. 2FA requires a second form of verification in addition to your password, significantly bolstering the security of your account.

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Performance And Uptime in my LiquidWeb Review:

Performance and uptime are the linchpins of any sterling hosting service. LiquidWeb understands that in the online sphere, speed and reliability are akin to the efficiency of the London Underground – absolutely essential. Let's dissect the aspects of LiquidWeb's performance and uptime.

LiquidWeb Hosting Review of Server Locations:

LiquidWeb boasts multiple data centres scattered across the globe, including the United States and Europe. Having server locations in different regions is beneficial as it allows your website to be hosted closer to your target audience, thereby reducing latency and boosting loading times.

Liquid Web data centres are located in:

  1. Phoenix, AZ, in the USA;
  2. Lansing, MI, in the USA; and
  3. Amsterdan, the Netherlands

LiquidWeb Review of CDN:

LiquidWeb integrates effortlessly with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). CDN is integrated into all Liquid Web hosting plans. Using a CDN is akin to having multiple satellite offices throughout the city; it ensures that your website’s content is delivered swiftly to users regardless of their geographical location.

LiquidWeb com Review of Speed Results:

Liquid Web is famous for its amazing speeds. It is perhaps its best selling-point.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to don the hat of an adjudicator at the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race for a moment. In this LiquidWeb review, let me tell you – the speed at which this web host operates is absolutely astonishing! I put LiquidWeb to the test using tools such as Pingdom and GTmetrix. My word! It was as if Sir Roger Bannister himself was sprinting through the servers. LiquidWeb clocked in an incredible average load time, consistently staying well below the 500 ms mark. It is the epitome of briskness and a stalwart option if speed is high on your agenda.

With ultra-fast page loads, they allow for a great user experience. Our LiquidWeb Hosting Review discovers that their servers are optimised to do site-wide caching. Liquid Web also features as standard image compression and lazy loading for all image uploads.

LiquidWeb Review of Average Uptime

As proof of their commitment to 100 per cent uptime, Liquid Web offers a refund on hosting fees if uptime goes below 100 per cent. This is a hallmark of reliability. It’s like having the Queen’s Guard watching over your website – always there, never faltering. In my experience, LiquidWeb lives up to this commitment, ensuring that your website remains accessible round the clock.

LiquidWeb Review of Bandwidth

LiquidWeb offers an impressive range of bandwidth options, catering to both small-scale websites and large enterprises. Generous bandwidth ensures that your site can handle large volumes of traffic without suffering from bottlenecks.

There is a bandwidth quota based on your purchased hosting plan. If you’ve reached your bandwidth limit, your account won’t be rendered inactive, but you will be charged extra.

LiquidWeb Review of Webspace limits/Storage

When it comes to storage, LiquidWeb opts for the modern and efficient Solid State Drives (SSDs). SSDs are the crème de la crème of storage devices, significantly outpacing traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) in both speed and reliability.

See more Liquid Web performance features

Customer Support & Online Resources in my LiquidWeb Review:

In the realm of web hosting, customer support is the white-gloved butler that ensures your affairs run smoothly. Let’s examine how LiquidWeb fares in providing assistance to its clientele in this section of my LiquidWeb Review.

LiquidWeb Review of Support Options

Our LiquidWeb Review finds their famous Heroic Support guarantees 24/7 availability and competent personnel to be at your beck and call.

LiquidWeb offers a comprehensive suite of support options:

  • Live Chat: A real-time support channel, which is like having a seasoned guide right beside you as you navigate through your hosting journey.
  • Email: For more elaborate queries or issues, email support can be an effective means of communication.
  • Phone: A direct hotline to LiquidWeb's support staff, ready to assist you in the most personal and immediate way.
  • Support Tickets: Raise a ticket and have your queries addressed methodically.
  • Knowledge Base: LiquidWeb boasts an extensive knowledge base, akin to the British Library of hosting resources. Here you can find a treasure trove of articles, guides, and tutorials.

LiquidWeb Review of Response Time

The response time of LiquidWeb's support team is exemplary. Live chat responses often feel as swift as an underground train during off-peak hours, generally connecting you with a representative within a couple of minutes. Emails and support tickets are typically addressed within a few hours.

Helpfulness and Knowledge of the Support Team

The adage ‘knowledge is power’ rings true when evaluating the prowess of LiquidWeb’s support staff. The team displays an impressive depth of understanding and expertise. They are like your trusty local London guide who knows every nook and cranny of the city. Whether you are struggling with setting up your website or require assistance in scaling your server resources, LiquidWeb’s support staff proves to be both immensely knowledgeable and inherently helpful.

Online Resources

LiquidWeb's online resources are a treasure trove for both beginners and experienced webmasters. The knowledge base is well-organized and packed with articles, video tutorials, and guides. It is akin to a meticulously curated collection of hosting encyclopedias.

See more Liquid Web support features

Environmental Impact in my “LiquidWeb Review”

In an age where environmental consciousness is not just admirable but a necessity, it’s imperative to scrutinize the green credentials of the companies we patronize. Does LiquidWeb champion sustainability and eco-friendliness? Let’s peel back the layers and see.

Energy Efficiency

LiquidWeb, like a conscientious gardener in Kew Gardens, seems to have taken steps to tend to the environment. The company operates its data centers with energy efficiency in mind. Data centers can be akin to a row of black cabs in Central London, consuming vast amounts of energy. LiquidWeb, however, employs advanced cooling systems and monitors its facilities closely to optimize energy usage. This not only reduces its carbon footprint but also passes on savings to customers, as efficiency often goes hand in hand with cost-effectiveness.

Renewable Energy

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, LiquidWeb has not made any significant announcements regarding the use of renewable energy sources for its data centers. This is an area where LiquidWeb can make strides in the future, akin to how London has been progressively adopting more environmentally friendly public transport solutions.

Carbon Offsetting

Another strategy companies employ to reduce their environmental impact is carbon offsetting. As of the last update, LiquidWeb hasn't been vocal about any carbon offsetting initiatives. This is an avenue they might want to explore to enhance their green credentials, much like how the Mayor of London's office has been adopting measures to offset emissions.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

LiquidWeb's commitment to recycling and waste reduction is not extensively documented. In an era where reduction, reuse, and recycling are as fundamental as the London Eye is to the city's skyline, it would be commendable for LiquidWeb to provide more transparency regarding their waste management policies.

See more Liquid Web ECO features

Liquid Web Pricing and Transparency in my LiquidWeb Review

In this section of my LiquidWeb Review, I will give the shilling and pence on LiquidWeb’s pricing structure. With web hosting services, pricing is akin to a walk through the Camden Market; you need to know where to look and what to expect. So, let’s navigate through the pricing bazaar of LiquidWeb.

Overview of the Pricing Structure

LiquidWeb is known for its premium services, and its pricing reflects this. It should also be noted Liquid web pricing has many different plans which may seem over whelming to newbies. If so then best to jump on to their Live Chat to ensure you are buying only what you need.

The company offers various hosting types, including Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed WooCommerce Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Servers.

To be brutally honest, Liquid Web pricing is expensive. It's pricier than the rest because it doesn't offer lower priced shared hosting. It aims towards guarantees and high performance.

Pricing Plans in Detail

Liquid Web Dedicated Server Web Hosting:

It should be noted that the US and EU servers differ in price with the EU being more expensive. These are the Liquid Web dedicated server options with pricing from;

liquidweb review of dedicated


Liquid Web Cloud Sites Hosting:

For creatives who manage multiple websites, Liquid Web Cloud Sites is available as below;

liquidweb review of cloud

Liquid Web VPS Hosting:

Important to note Linux and Windows will be different costs with the later being more expensive. Pricing is cheaper when choosing to bill upfront for 1 year. Good news is that Liquid Web VPS Hosting plans are presently discounted at special introductory prices. There are four main Liquid Web VPS offerings, all of which come with free 100 GB backup:

liquidweb review of vps

Aside from the regular Liquid Web VPS Hosting offerings, there are also super-saver bundles you can choose from: Fast, Faster, and Fastest.

Liquid Web WordPress & Liquid Web WooCommerce Web Hosting:

These are the prices of Liquid Web WordPress Web hosting plans:


There are also some higher spec plans which are more suited to agencies catering for 50 sites and above;


Liquid Web Magento Web Hosting:

These are the prices of Liquid Web Magento Web hosting plans:


Liquid Web Drupal Web Hosting:


LiquidWeb Review of Initial vs. Renewal Rates

When selecting a hosting plan, it's vital to compare the initial rates with the renewal rates, much like when analysing London property prices. LiquidWeb’s initial rates tend to be competitive, but you must stay vigilant, as the renewal rates can be higher. It's best to check the terms during the checkout process for the specific plan you’re interested in.

Hosting PlanInitial Price (monthly)Renewal Price (monthly)
Managed WordPress Hosting – Personal$19.00$29.00
Managed WordPress Hosting – Freelance$49.00$69.00
Managed WooCommerce Hosting – Beginner$19.00$29.00
VPS Hosting – 2GB RAM$35.00$50.00
VPS Hosting – 4GB RAM$60.00$80.00
Dedicated Server – Intel Xeon 1230v6$199.00$249.00

LiquidWeb Review of Additional Costs

LiquidWeb is fairly transparent with their pricing. However, just like a ticket to a West End show, there might be some additional costs such as add-on services or premium support options. It's always wise to scrutinize the details before proceeding to checkout.

Backup and Restoration Services

While some plans may come with basic backups, advanced backup solutions or restoration services can often be an extra charge.

Security Services

LiquidWeb might offer additional security services like advanced DDoS protection, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), or malware scanning and removal which might incur extra costs.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

While some plans may include a CDN, there could be extra costs associated with higher tiers of CDN services or additional data transfer.

Software Licenses

Licenses for certain software or control panels like cPanel, Plesk, or premium WordPress themes/plugins may not be included in the base price.

Managed Services

If you opt for specialized managed services or hands-on support beyond the normal scope, this could incur an extra fee.

Migration Services

There may be costs associated with migrating websites, especially if it involves complex or multiple sites.

Additional Storage or Resources

Exceeding the allocated resources like storage, bandwidth, or computing resources and opting for additional allocations can result in additional costs.

Domain Registration and SSL Certificates

While some plans may include a free domain or SSL certificate for a limited time, renewal or purchase of additional domains and certificates can cost extra.

LiquidWeb Review of Payment Options

LiquidWeb offers a variety of payment options including credit cards and PayPal, thus accommodating a broad spectrum of customers, whether you are a seasoned business owner or an ambitious entrepreneur embarking on your first venture.

LiquidWeb Review of Contract Terms

The contract terms vary depending on the type of hosting service you choose. Some plans allow for monthly payments, while others might require a longer commitment. Be sure to choose a term that aligns with your business needs, much like choosing the right Oyster Card for your London commute.

Hosting PlanMonthlyAnnually
Managed WordPress (2TB Plan)$19$190
Managed WooCommerce (3TB Plan)$39$390
VPS Hosting (2 vCPU, 40GB SSD)$59$590
Dedicated Hosting (Intel Xeon 1230v6)$169$1,690

LiquidWeb Review of Refund Policy, Money-Back Guarantees

As a reputable company, LiquidWeb terms of service page offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for some of their hosting services. It's rather comforting to have that safety net, akin to knowing the London Underground runs throughout the night on weekends.

Free Plans or Trial Periods

LiquidWeb is geared towards premium services, and as such, doesn’t offer free plans. However, the aforementioned money-back guarantee can serve as a trial period of sorts.

Promotional Deals or Discounts

LiquidWeb occasionally offers promotions or discounts, akin to a Boxing Day sale. It's wise to keep an eye on their website or sign up for their newsletter to be informed of any upcoming deals.

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User LiquidWeb Reviews

When evaluating a web hosting service, it is essential to take into account the experiences of fellow users. In this section of my LiquidWeb review, I have sifted through countless user reviews and ratings to provide you with a concise summary.

Common Praises

  • Superior Customer Service: LiquidWeb has a reputation for offering stellar customer support. Many users commend the knowledge and promptness of the support team.
  • High Performance: Numerous users report that their websites load quickly and experience minimal downtime, lauding the performance of LiquidWeb’s servers.
  • Feature-Rich Plans: LiquidWeb's plans come chock-full of features, and users appreciate the broad range of tools available at their disposal.

Common Complaints

  • Pricing: Some users feel that LiquidWeb's pricing is on the higher side compared to other hosting services.
  • Limited Shared Hosting Options: LiquidWeb primarily focuses on managed hosting solutions, and users looking for budget shared hosting have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited options.

LiquidWeb Reviews on TrustPilot


TrustPilot is a popular platform for customer reviews, and LiquidWeb has garnered several reviews on the site. Most reviewers speak highly of the excellent customer support and reliable performance. However, a handful of users have expressed concerns regarding the pricing.

LiquidWeb Reviews on Reddit

Reddit, often called “the front page of the internet,” is another excellent resource for candid user reviews. Reddit users generally regard LiquidWeb positively, particularly when it comes to managed hosting services. Subreddits like r/webhosting contain various threads where users share their experiences. The high-quality support and performance are common praises among Reddit users.

Personal Experience with LiquidWeb

20 years experience sign or stamp

As a digital marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience, I have had the opportunity to experiment with various web hosting services. Here, I’ll share my personal experience with LiquidWeb, discussing different aspects to offer you an insider’s perspective.

Navigating the Dashboard

One of the first things that struck me about LiquidWeb is the clarity and intuitiveness of their dashboard. Navigating through the various options was a breeze, akin to perusing the menu at my favourite pub in East London – no frills, just the essentials presented efficiently.

Setting Up a Website

Setting up a website on LiquidWeb was as smooth as pouring a perfect pint. With a range of options for different CMS installations, including WordPress, and the user-friendly interface, I had my site up faster than I expected. The absence of bureaucratic hoops was refreshing.

Performance and Reliability

LiquidWeb's performance is reminiscent of the punctuality of the London Underground – consistent and reliable. My website experienced negligible downtime, and the loading speeds were commendable. For any Londoner accustomed to things running like clockwork, LiquidWeb’s performance is bound to resonate well.

Customer Support Experience

LiquidWeb's customer support is like having a knowledgeable local guide while navigating the bustling streets of Camden Market. My queries were answered with efficiency and expertise. It's clear that LiquidWeb invests in training their support staff, which pays dividends in customer satisfaction.

Scaling and Add-ons

When it came to scaling my website to handle more traffic, LiquidWeb provided the tools and resources necessary without any hassle. It reminded me of how effortlessly London transforms during events, accommodating masses with grace and vitality.

Final Verdict:

My experience with LiquidWeb was largely positive. From the initial setup to ongoing maintenance, LiquidWeb proved to be a reliable and high-performing web hosting service. The customer support, in particular, stood out as a significant strength. However, it’s worth mentioning that some may find their pricing a bit steep, but in my experience, the quality of service justifies the investment.

Conclusion and Recommendation to my LiquidWeb Review:

After delving deep into LiquidWeb’s offerings, it is clear that this hosting company is a robust and reliable choice for those seeking high-performance web hosting with stellar customer support. Its seamless interface and array of features make it an exceptional option, akin to selecting a fine English tea from the plethora of choices at Fortnum & Mason.

What is it best used for?

LiquidWeb excels in managed hosting solutions, making it an ideal choice for medium to large businesses, agencies, and e-commerce platforms. If you are looking for a reliable partner to bolster your online presence, akin to having a well-structured marketing campaign during the Notting Hill Carnival, LiquidWeb can be your cornerstone.

What is it not best used for?

Liquid Web pricing shows that this is a high-end hosting service, which means that it's not for everybody. For small businesses or individuals on a tight budget, LiquidWeb might not be the best option. It's like chartering a private capsule on the London Eye when a standard ticket would suffice. In such cases, more affordable alternatives might be preferable.

Important note, there are currently not any UK based servers.

Liquid Web Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best Liquid Web alternatives;

RankingKey FeaturesPrice (Basic Plan)My View
🥇 BluehostOne-click WordPress install, free domain for 1st year, free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and 24/7 customer support.$2.95/month
Check Pricing
Best for beginners due to its user-friendly interface, affordability, and comprehensive features. It also has strong ties with WordPress.
🥈 SiteGroundManaged WordPress hosting, free SSL, daily backups, CDN, email, staging tool, and 24/7 support.$3.99/month
Check Pricing
Best for overall performance, features, and exceptional customer support. It’s particularly favored among WordPress users due to its specialized hosting services.
🥉 HostGatorFree domain (1 year), SSL certificate, 99.9% uptime guarantee$2.75/month Check Pricing HostGator is a solid choice for beginners due to its affordable pricing and comprehensive support resources.
DreamHostManaged WordPress hosting, free domain, SSD storage, free SSL, 97-day money-back guarantee.$2.59/month
Check Pricing
Best for those looking for strong privacy protection, a long money-back guarantee period, and steady performance.
A2 HostingTurbo servers for faster loading, free account migration, anytime money-back guarantee, and 24/7/365 support.$2.99/month
Check Pricing
Best for developers due to its range of developer-friendly tools, and also for its high-speed performance.
GoDaddyEasy-to-use website builder, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support$5.99/month Check Pricing GoDaddy is well-suited for small businesses looking for simple, straightforward hosting solutions with strong domain management options.
InMotion HostingFree domain, SSD storage, free SSL, security suite, and 90-day money-back guarantee.$2.49/month
Check Pricing
Best for small to medium-sized businesses due to its solid performance, security features, and customer support.
GreenGeeksEnvironmentally friendly, unlimited web space, data transfer, free domain name, nightly backups, and 24/7/365 support.$3.95/month
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Best for eco-conscious users seeking robust hosting features with a focus on renewable energy without compromising speed and security.
WP Engine (specifically for WordPress hosting)Managed WordPress hosting, daily backups, threat detection, SSL, CDN, staging environments.$30/month
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Best for WordPress users looking for high-performance hosting with top-notch security features and support.
Liquid WebFully managed hosting, 100% uptime SLA, 24/7/365 customer supportStarts at $15/month for managed WordPress hosting Check Pricing Liquid Web stands out for businesses requiring robust, fully managed hosting services with exceptional support and performance guarantees.
KinstaManaged WordPress hosting, free migrations, daily backups, automatic scaling, Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.$30/month
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Best for businesses that rely heavily on WordPress. It offers high performance, security, and scalability.
HostingerLiteSpeed Cache, WordPress acceleration, free SSL, 24/7/365 support, 99.9% uptime guarantee.$1.39/month
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Best for budget-conscious users seeking an excellent balance between affordability, performance, and features.
CloudwaysManaged cloud hosting, SSD-based hosting, free SSL, dedicated firewalls, 24/7/365 support.$10/month
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Best for users who want a mix of performance and flexibility without the hassle of managing a cloud server.
  • LiquidWeb vs Bluehost – While LiquidWeb is like a luxurious stay at The Savoy, Bluehost is akin to a cosy Airbnb; the former offers premium managed hosting with top-tier support, while the latter is more budget-friendly and suitable for small businesses.
  • LiquidWeb vs SiteGround – LiquidWeb is the Harrods of hosting, offering a premium shopping experience with a plethora of options. In contrast, SiteGround is more like a Marks & Spencer – reliable, with good service, but without the extensive luxury.

LiquidWeb Reviews Final Word

Before taking a final bow in this review, it is essential to remind you, my discerning reader, to exercise due diligence. LiquidWeb is an outstanding service, but it’s crucial to ensure that it meets your specific needs. Make use of any free trial periods, examine their refund policy, and weigh your options carefully. As Samuel Johnson said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” and similarly, choosing the right web hosting service can be just as defining for your online presence. Tread wisely.

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How many email accounts am I allowed with Liquid Web?

Their standard hosting plans such as Liquid Web WordPress managed hosting plan comes with unlimited email accounts. Liquid Web VPS hosting plans offer Premium Business Email.

I'm still starting my website. Is Liquid Web right for me?

The company claims its services are “robust enough for businesses of every size.

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