LearnWorlds Review 2024: Is this Online Course Platform Worth Your Money?

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LearnWorlds is an online course platform that enables you to create and sell courses, as well as to host live webinars and design custom landing pages.

  • Ease of Use - 85%
  • Features - 93%
  • Content Quality - 90%
  • Support & Resources - 92%
  • Pricing - 90%


  • Many advanced features
  • Lots of student engagement tools
  • Great flexibility and customisation
  • Excellent customer support


  • Not inexpensive
  • Requires some technical know-how
  • No free plan

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Introduction to our LearnWorlds Review

As the global e-learning market experiences a boom, everyone should take a piece of that pie. With so many online course platforms or learning management systems (LMS) to choose from, how can you pick the best of the best? I’m sure you’ve browsed the Web hoping to get a solid lead – but I urge you to consider this LearnWorlds review before you make your shortlist.

Overview: Premium LMS Solution

LearnWorlds is the UK and Greece-based education technology company that provides solutions for businesses to monetise their training centres and online schools. Its most notable feature, perhaps, is its focus on large-scale and enterprise solutions. Since it is such a top contender in this market, it’s common to see reviews comparing LearnWorlds vs Thinkific or LearnWorlds vs Thinkific and other leading brands. In this LearnWorlds review, I’ll guide you through this exciting platform and evaluate its ease of use, features, quality of customer service, and LearnWorld pricing plans.

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Ease of Use:

First things first in this LearnWorlds review: how easy is it to use?

To be brutally honest, it’s not the simplest interface out there. It can be overwhelming to first-time users because the interface is not minimalistic. However, Learn Worlds presents a dashboard where you can get a snapshot of your online course or school. You can monitor student progress, view analytics, and sales figures in one place!

Don’t worry. Icons and textual clues will guide you through the process of navigating Learn Worlds. Its awesome support also allows you to get to grips with maximising the whole platform.

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Course Navigation:

The process of navigating courses is important in this LearnWorlds review. As the author, you’re free to set course navigation settings to control users’ journey in your online school. The platform allows you to select from three options: free navigation, sequential navigation, and navigation with prerequisites.

  • Free navigation: Gives learners free rein while navigating your course. They can jump from one course to another if they wish because users are granted full and unrestricted access to your online course.
  • Sequential navigation: As a more rigid navigation setting, users can only proceed to the next course once they completed one before that. This is called the drip-feeding the content to keep students more motivated and eager to learn. You release content at intervals. The drip content feature is similar to other online course platforms.
  • Navigation with prerequisites: This navigation is available only via the Learning Center Plan. It releases content only upon compliance of prerequisites such as assessments, quizzes, or particular learning milestones.

Video Quality:

For this LearnWorlds review, evaluating video quality is next. One of the most attractive features of this LMS is its interactive video player feature. The brand has its own hosting feature, which puts it at par when evaluating alternatives and edges in any comparison with respect to video hosting.

Video quality recommended by the platform is 720p (1280 x 720 px) and frame rate of 24 to 30 fps. What really makes it stand out from the pack is its ability to extract a transcript from video files.


The platform gets all the bells and whistles when it comes to visually appealing templates. Overall, it’s a powerful tool for constructing the layout and design of your online school or online course. This LMS is not plagued by restrictive templates you often experience with other platforms. In this vein, this LMS is a cut above the rest with 400 plus ready-made templates. You can execute the branding and design you want for your online school.

Community Interaction:

For this LearnWorlds review, tools for student engagement and community interaction are a strong feature in this LMS. It has tools that can’t be found in any other platform. For instance, it has an interactive eBook function that caters to verbal and kinesthetic learners. The platform also enables quizzes and assessments to keep students engaged. Gamification badges are awarded to students who complete social action tasks. The platform also features RSS feeds where students can consume daily news and updates.

Students can communicate with their instructors through direct messaging. There are also in-house student community groups as well as interest groups among the learning community.


All Learn Worlds pages and courses are designed for mobile responsivity. Therefore, learning can be as on-the-go as possible. However, since the platform does not feature a native LearnWorlds app, it makes up for this by enabling mobile app creation.

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Course Content:

Range of courses:

In this LearnWords review, course creators can set up a limitless number of courses. Categories of courses or membership sites accessible through the platform are not available.

Course Examples:

To do a quick preview, here are a few examples of LearnWorlds courses:

  • The School of Calisthenics by Tim Stevenson
  • Nail Arts by Irina Markova
  • The Jar Method by E & Roe
  • ImprovePianoTips by Nikolas Muñoz –


As long as you comply with the requisites for accreditation in the subject industry or discipline, this LMS provides resources to create course completion certificates. This makes it a reliable tool for accreditation. Aside from course completion certificates, you can provide dcumentation on time attendance tracking, completion, and examinations and assignments.

Content Quality:

In this LearnWorlds review, another robust feature of this LMS is its Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliance. This is a standard in the e-learning community to ensure consistency in the material. SCORM attests that test scores are legitimate and can be used to determine learning gaps. This is extremely helpful for organisational-level training.

Moreover, it is multilingual and allows multiple instructor collaboration.

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Support and Resources:

What I love about this LMS is that they go the extra mile for their customers. They have everything you need to use and succeed in the platform. Apart from tutorials, learning materials, and articles in their knowledge base, they also offer email ticket and phone support (toll-free in the US). The LearnWorlds Academy gives you every step-by-step guides and resource you need to succeed in monetising your digital products.

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LearnWorlds Pricing:

We now go to the most crucial aspect of this LearnWorlds review – LearnWorlds pricing. With the breadth of features and scale offered by this LMS, its premium price is understandable. When comparing LearnWorlds vs Thinkific or LearnWorlds vs Teachable, LearnWorlds is not cheap. However, LearnWorlds pricing is entirely within reason – and you get your money’s worth.

LearnWorlds pricing plans come in four tiers. As of writing, they are at discounted prices if you use our LearnWorlds discount code link below;

learnworlds review pricing

Their most popular plan is the Learning Center plan which is perfect for edupreneurs who are aiming big for their online school.

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LearnWorlds free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

Is there a LearnWorlds free trial? Yes, there is a 30-day free trial offered. Beyond that, there is no free plan. Also, the terms page states a 30-day money-back guarantee upon purchase so you can get a full refund – without any hassle.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our LearnWorlds Review:

Who is this LMS for?

Wrapping up, Learn Worlds is your go-to LMS is you’re not sparing any expense to make your online school a success. It’s a premium LMS solution – and for a good reason.

Who is this LMS not for?

However, it can be overwhelming for solo edupreneurs who are still starting or who want simplicity and don’t want to belabour themselves with additional study.

Learnworlds Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best LearnWorlds alternatives;

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”57″ class=””]
  • LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: If you compare, Thinkific has a wealth of options to get the look and feel you want for your online school.
  • LearnWorlds vs Teachable: In terms of its dashboard, LearnWorlds has more resources – which could be helpful. Yet if you want a more uncluttered and sleeker interface, Teachable is easier on the eyes. Teachable only embeds videos externally through recognised hosts such as Wistia. Teachable is not SCORM-compliant.

LearnWorlds Review Final word:

To end this LearnWorlds review, this LMS is highly recommended. Yet, if you want a less pricey but powerful platform, you can choose LearnWorlds alternatives.

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Is there a setup fee with Learn Worlds?

Absolutely not. Learn Worlds do not charge set up fees.

Are there fees for course sales?

Yes, there are course sales fees for the Starter Plan for a one-time-only payment of $5 per enrolment. There are 0% sales fees for the higher-priced plans.

That's all for now:

Thank you for reading our LearnWorlds review! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles of education platforms, website builders, eCommerce platforms, and more!


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