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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top picks? The top learning management systems examples are TalentLMS for enterprise use and LearnDash for an e-learning WordPress plugin. 

Introduction to Learning Management Systems Examples.

Welcome to our guide exploring the best of Learning Management Systems Examples.

The ongoing pandemic has altered numerous aspects of modern living, and this includes education. Online learning became de rigueur for all students from preschool way up to the post-graduate level as a way of preventing the spread of the virus. In which case, schools and other institutions specialising in learning have been trying to find ways to maximise the online study experience for everyone involved in the process: administration, faculty, as well as learners.

For this reason, learning management systems examples like Paylocity and SAPLitmos have all come to the fore in recent years. In this review, we will see which are the best learning management systems for schools, along with enterprise-grade learning management systems that can be used at the corporate level for human resource and talent management.

What are Learning Management Systems?

First things first, though: what exactly are learning management systems examples?

A learning management system is a fundamental component of many eLearning systems or frameworks. It can be either a stand-alone software package or an online application for planning, implementing, and assessing the impact of a specific learning process.

Many in our list of learning management systems examples consist of two elements: a server from which basic functions are deployed, and the user interface operated by those actively involved in the learning process.

In the standard scenario, learning management systems provide teachers, lecturers, or instructors with methods by which they may create and deliver content, as well as the means to facilitate and gauge student participation and classroom performance. On the other hand, the system enables students to interact with faculty or their peers through online discussion boards, video conferencing, and threaded comments.

List of Learning Management Systems UK

For this review, we highlight the top four enterprise-level learning management systems UK, as well as the two best elearning themes and plugins for those on WordPress currently in use in the United Kingdom.

Our list of learning management systems UK includes the following:

Enterprise-grade Solutions:

  1. TalentLMS – Best for small and medium businesses looking for a simple and affordable LMS solution.

  2. Paylocity – Best for HR professionals looking for an all-in-one platform that combines LMS, payroll, and HR management.

  3. SAPLitmos – Best for large enterprises with complex training needs, offering advanced analytics and customization options.

  4. Bridge Learning – Best for employee training and development with a focus on skills-based learning and performance management.

WordPress Themes and Plugins:

  1. Learndash – best for creating and selling online courses, as it offers advanced course-building features, content dripping, and quizzes.

  2. MemberPress – best for creating membership sites, as it allows you to restrict access to content, accept payments, and manage members easily.

  3. LifterLMS – best for creating and selling online courses, as it offers course building tools, membership functionality, and a wide range of integrations.

  4. AccessAlly – best for creating membership sites and online courses, as it provides membership features, course building tools, and the ability to create quizzes, assessments, and assignments.

How to Select The Best Learning Management System Platforms:

We have judged each name on our list of learning management systems examples in terms of specific criteria. To make it to our list of learning management systems UK, we examined each platform based on the following:

  • Features and functionality – what capabilities do the learning management system platforms offer and how well do they function?
  • Ease of use for all sectors involved in the learning process – is the software application or package easy to use? What skill level does the learning management system platforms require?
  • Reliability – how well or effectively do the learning management system platforms deliver on their promises to the end user?
  • Pricing – does the learning management systems UK offer great value for money? Are there also sound money-back guarantees and refund policies?

Top Learning Management Systems UK:

To get a more in-depth look of each candidate in our list of learning management systems examples, read through our reviews of each:

Enterprise LMS:

Learning management systems examples under this category are meant to support the training demand needs of organisations. These are basically software applications designed to deploy, monitor, report, and manage these trainings or learning activities.


talent-lms, best of the learning management systems examples

Top of our list of learning management systems UK is TalentLMS.

Performance – and peak performance, at that – is the driving factor behind TalentLMS. Consequently, its developers have made sure that the learning management system platforms is easy to use and deploy. This learning management systems UK specifically makes learning solutions and materials easier to access via a a single online training hub.

This hub can be accessed exclusively by those who are part of the organisation. Moreover, the fact that it is deployed online has made it a popular choice among small- and medium-scale companies that do not have the infrastructure to provide an onsite training facility within their respective establishments.

Another key factor that sets TalentLMS apart from our list of learning management systems examples is the inclusion of gamification options, or the ability to turn skill-building and assessment tests into engaging puzzles, quizzes, and interactive games that make learning more palatable – and certainly more fun – for those taking a specific course.

  • Intuitive content builder;
  • Customisable certifications;
  • Employee connectivity solutions including forums, internal messaging, and calendar function;
  • Multiple built-in frameworks for four standard HR training segments (onboarding, compliance, customer support, and sales;) and
  • Gamification option to make learning easier and fun.
  • Makes learning much easier thanks to gamification and customisation options for course creation and testing;
  • Highly competent technical support and customer care team so you can get help when needed;
  • Course cloning so that users have the freedom to customise their training content
  • Lacks a skills improvement tracking component;
  • Lack of detail with regard to API documentation which may cause some issues when attempting to integrate the learning management system with other applications;
  • Lacks options for the creation of scenario-based / scenario-driven course content

What we like about TalentLMS is that, unlike the learning management system platforms mentioned earlier in this feature, it is quite upfront with regard to pricing – and this is something appreciated by SMEs who are keeping an eye on their budgets.

  • Standard free plan allows access to five users and the creation of up to ten courses; also includes unlimited technical support via email
  • Premium plans range between $59 and $429 monthly and allow anywhere from 40 to 1,000 users, and includes both unlimited email tech support and the ability to create an unlimited number of courses for an organisation;
  • TalentLMS also offers custom packages for very large-scale enterprises with more than 1,000 users.

If you're considering Talent LMS, do read their service terms page.

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paylocity, best of the learning management systems examples

Next on our list of learning management systems UK is Paylocity. Some people may be puzzled as to why an application that is better known as a payroll solution is included in our list of the top enterprise learning management systems, but sit back, relax, and hear us out.

Paylocity is actually a powerful human resource information system (HRIS) that integrates a whole list of functions. For instance, it can address payroll and leave management to employee onboarding and learning programmes.

The Paylocity LMS suite includes a number of functions geared towards simplifying corporate and/or industrial learning. As a result, it allows HR personnel to create custom training/learning modules for specific technical or clerical skills, import interactive coursework, and even send reminders to ensure employee compliance with programmes.

  • Framework for the creation of custom training courses;
  • Learner progress monitoring;
  • Programme assignment for learners;
  • Insights dashboard; and
  • Mobile connectivity via iOS or Android apps.
  • Reduces carbon footprint by putting courses and related materials in an online portal;
  • Intuitive user interface allows for easy management of courses and learners;
  • Can be integrated with numerous learning / corporate management applications.
  • Easy enough to install, but a challenge to learn;
  • Pricing scheme is not transparent;
  • Insights need in-depth analysis

Pricing of this learning management systems examples is dependent on the client. Specifically, the cost is customised based on corporate requirements and the company size. Therefore, a ballpark estimate of installation fees would be between $125 and $200 one-time cost, along with $6 to $8 per employee monthly.

If you're considering Paylocity LMS, do read their service terms page.


sap-litmos, best of the learning management systems examples

One of the world’s leading learning management systems UK, SAPLitmos offers training solutions for the experience economy. In addition, it has actually adapted many of its products to meet the evolving training and continuing education needs of its corporate and institutional clients.

Specifically created to facilitate smarter and more efficient online learning, this learning management system platforms streamlines the way users interact with their course contents by giving them automatic access to ongoing training programmes.

Likewise, this particular learning management system platforms makes programme management much easier for business leaders and HR personnel, offering a wide range of functions that includes implementation and integration, the addition of new courses and content, as well as administration.

  • Reporting and analytics;
  • Self-service portal;
  • Activity dashboard;
  • API;
  • Alerts and notifications;
  • Third-party integrations; and
  • Customisable reports.
  • Highly intuitive user interface appreciated in this learning management systems examples;
  • Well-trained and responsive support team on call;
  • Offers training solutions crafted specifically for certain industries, including nonprofits, the tech sector, and retail
  • Initial configuration of this learning management systems UK can be challenging even for seasoned app users;
  • Administrative user interface takes time to learn to use so it's not very user-friendly;
  • Can be difficult to upload files into the system

SAPLitmos learning management systems free trial is available.  However, the actual cost of a full package of this learning management systems examples is dependent on the specific requirements of the client.

If you're considering Paylocity LMS, do read their service terms page.

BRIDGE Learning Management System

bridge, best of the learning management systems examples

The BRIDGE LMS was specifically designed for a “people-first” learning experience, combining an easy-to-use user interface with a number of highly effective learning tools. Its core market leans toward high-growth companies that are driven by their internal culture.  It meets this market's needs for connection, alignment, as well as the creation of growth opportunities throughout their organisations.

Needless to say, BRIDGE's key sales pitch involves helping employees achieve their full potential. One good thing about BRIDGE is that the system offers all the tools a company needs so it can develop organisation-specific training modules for upskilling requirements. It also facilitates onboarding programmes that will help even the newest members of a team navigate their way through their tasks and responsibilities.

  • 360-degree performance feedback;
  • Asynchronous, blended, and mobile learning solutions;
  • Built-in course authoring;
  • Goal setting and tracking;
  • Competency management solutions;
  • Onboarding;
  • Customisable testing and assessment;
  • Self-service portal; and
  • SCORM compliance.
  • Presents courses in an easy to follow manner so even the most inexperienced learners can follow;
  • The intuitive user interface makes it easy for users to create as well as deploy custom courses;
  • Automates full-scale learning programmes for easier management and implementation
  • Courses can be challenging to format at the beginning so you might struggle a bit;
  • Some SCORM files need to be reset manually in the event that a learner fails a course;
  • Users cannot export training materials created via BRIDGE LMS to any other format

BRIDGE Learning offers both a free trial and a free edition. But keep in mind that a free version of this learning management systems examples lacks a number of features that are available to those who opt to pay for custom packages. The full cost of a BRIDGE LMS suite will be dependent on the number of features selected by the client, as well as the total number of users within their organisation.

LMS E-Learning WordPress Plugins or Themes:

Our next list of learning management systems UK are those made for WordPress for the purpose of deploying online learning in an academic setting. There are plenty of free tools such as learning management systems Moodle that are quite popular but we recommend going to a premium level. You can also check out more learning management systems open source that will make interactive classroom environments.

For organisations or schools with websites created with WordPress’ CMS builder, the learning management system platforms extensive range of themes and plugins also includes numerous learning management system solutions that can add eLearning functionality to their sites – a helpful thing to consider in these days when online learning has become a normal thing in many places around the world.

Having an LMS plugin for your WordPress site will not only enable you to create online courses. It will also allow your site to interface with popular online learning platforms like Udemy and Skillshare.

Installing plugins also provides features for course content management, subscription management (in the case of short-term courses and certificate courses outside of standard academic offerings), deploying and grading examinations and quizzes, as well as accepting the payment for testing and course fees.

Our vetted list of learning management systems examples plugins for WordPress are as follows:



Making it to our list of learning management systems UK is LearnDash.

Developed by eLearning experts, LearnDash was specifically created to provide maximised content delivery as well as an immersive learning experience. What we particularly like about it is that it is scalable and its capabilities improve and expand as your organisation or institution grows its target market or student load.

Hence, it isn’t surprising that it is the learning management system platforms of choice for a number of colleges and universities across the globe.

  • Drag and drop course builder so it's quite easy to develop training courses;
  • Dynamic content delivery;
  • Customisable quizzing as well as testing options so evaluation can be enhanced;
  • Learndash focus mode learning portal; and
  • Flexible prerequisites for managed course access.
  • Offers an extensive toolkit for learner engagement;
  • Numerous options for course customisation;
  • Has options for spacing out courses;
  • No free plan or trial;
  • Lack of tutorials for new users so you may have to do your own research;
  • Customer/technical support is sketchy at best

Packages for this learning management system platforms range between $159 to $329 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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This particular learning management systems examples plugin integrates with any WordPress site and gives users the ability to create and offer online courses with great ease. MemberPress offers the usual third-party app integrations and secure payment gateways. Yet what we particularly like about it is the offer of protected content on your WordPress site. Aside from standard course modules, this also covers interactive content, streaming media, and other key files. While it may also be used in an academic context, MemberPress was actually developed for SMEs who want to create an eLearning platform for their clients.

  • Content dripping (timed content releasing);
  • Community forums;
  • Reporting and analytics;
  • Subscription management; and
  • Integration with Zapier and several LMS platforms, including Learndash so you can enhance functionality.
  • A highly flexible platform thanks to its deep integration with WordPress;
  • Easy to set up and use so beginners shouldn't worry;
  • Comprehensive analytics so you can easily gauge how certain courses are performing
  • One of the more expensive LMS options currently available so it's not for those on a budget;
  • Few customisation options for forms and login pages;
  • Forum technology is basic at best

No free plans for this learning management system platforms. Moreover, the standard price range is currently discounted to between $179 and $399 and can be used by one up to five sites.


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LifterLMS is a free WordPress LMS plugin that lets you create, manage, and sell courses through your website. Its core plugin involves a course builder that houses a lot of features, including content dripping and quiz-building. Thus, with its easy and intuitive interface, it's easily one of the best platforms to offer free or sell courses online.

Yes it's free. However, you can also pay for add-ons to enhance your website's functionality with eCommerce, learning tools, and more.

  • Drag and drop online course builder
  • Integration with Pagebuilder
  • Interfaces with WooCommerce
  • Extended functionality with paid add-ons so you can access marketing automation, email marketing, membership sites, and more
  • Free
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface so that beginners can use it
  • Excellent course builder
  • Integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Add-ons are not optional so you need to spend to improve your site's functionality
  • Limited options for email marketing
  • Designs could be more aesthetic

Free, but add-ons start at $120.


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This WordPress learning management system plugin has a unique selling point. Specifically, AccessAlly can turn your online course into a membership site, quickly helping you monetise your expertise. Therefore, it has gained popularity as an LMS plugin with a marketing and sales orientation.

However, it doesn't take away from AccessAlly's role as a facilitator of online learning. Through its marketing and automation features, you can create more interactive and therefore more engaging classrooms for your students.

  • Creates membership sites
  • Marketing and automation tools so that you can be more efficient and productive
  • Affiliate management of your courses
  • Gamification
  • Promotional tools so that you can broaden awareness about your course
  • Analytics
  • Easy course creation process
  • Lots of room for interactive classroom environment so you can create more engagement
  • Great for marketing and promotion so you can boost your visibility
  • Makes it easy to monetise your courses
  • No website builder included
  • Tends to be overwhelming due to the number of features
  • Limited page design options

No free plans. Moreover, AccessAlly plans come in three options, and will range from $80 to $210 monthly.


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Conclusion and Recommendations for Best Learning Management Systems Examples:

While commonly used by traditional educational and online learning institutions, learning management systems examples are also used by businesses, government agencies, and even local government units. The use of a learning management system has been noted to improve standard educational methods while enabling institutions and corporations to save both time and money.

The top learning management systems examples are TalentLMS for enterprise use and LearnDash for an e-learning WordPress plugin. 

In conclusion, the most effective learning management systems examples enable instructors and administrators to manage various elements of the learning process in a most efficient and more effective manner.


What are learning management system platforms?

An LMS platform refers to a tool developed to ensure the smooth delivery, administration, tracking, documentation, and delivery of online learning, whether in an enterprise or school setting. Learning management systems UK are software applications that create a virtual class environment for training purposes.

What are some benefits of learning management systems?

Learning management systems benefits include a significant reduction in spending and workforce requirements for learning and development (L&D). It can also localise/standardise training and boost learner engagement.

What are the limitations of learning management system platforms?

Firstly, they tend to be instructor- or organisation-centric rather than learner-centric. Secondly, there are learning needs that just cannot be accommodated through virtual environments. Lastly, there is little dynamism or rapport from virtual learning compared to face-to-face learning.

That's all for now:

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