Leadpages Review 2024: Should you consider Leadpages Alternatives?

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Leadpages is a web-based tool that allows users to create high-converting landing pages and lead generation forms. It also provides features for lead magnet delivery, lead notifications, and analytics to help businesses optimize their conversion rates.

  • Ease of Use - 92%
  • Features - 95%
  • Performance - 93%
  • Support & Resources - 87%
  • Pricing - 85%


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable given its advanced features
  • Creates landing pages quickly
  • Has a free trial
  • Great integration options


  • Lacking in customisation tools
  • No enterprise option
  • Limited split testing feature

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Introduction to our Leadpages Review

Welcome to our Leadpages review, where I present the salient features and evaluate this leading landing page builder's pros and cons. To start, here's why landing pages are essential and why you need to have the best tool to create them. Simply put, you need a landing page to generate leads and ultimately sell. Therefore, to accomplish this task, you need to choose a landing page builder to convert visitors into customers. To illustrate how it works, your landing page captures email addresses for an offering such as an e-book or webinar.

Overview: Taking Charge in Lead Generation and Conversion

Enter Leadpages. It isn't the only top landing page builder in the market, but it is undoubtedly one of the most reputable brands with more than 43,000 users. In its official website, it claims to be designed to “turn clicks into customers,” so there's a big promise. The question is – does it live up to this promise? If it doesn't, what Leadpages alternatives can you select in its stead?

If you know Leadpages well enough and are ready to test this service, click through this link for a Leadpages free trial.

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Ease of Use:

For this Leadpages review, this platform's ease of use is one of its biggest strengths. Indeed, its drag and drop editor makes creating a landing page a breeze. Even without code know-how, you can easily construct a landing page in five minutes, tops. It's as straightforward to use as any alternative of Leadpages.

It has all the tools that make creating landing pages straightforward. With a wealth of templates and robust integrations with marketing tools, lead generation has never been uncomplicated. Therefore, judging for ease of use, I give Lead pages high marks.

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Features and Flexibility:


Leadpages brands itself as an all-in-one conversion tool. At its core, Lead pages allow you to create three products, namely: Lead pages (for creating landing pages), Pop-ups (lead capture pop-ups when you exit), and Alert Bars (CTAs).

The most innovative feature of this tool is its code-free landing page and website creation capability. As a result, anybody, even a complete newbie, can make a compelling and effective landing page. Let's explore these features in-depth below.

Themes and Templates:

In this Leadpages review, the platform makes it exponentially easier to create attractive landing pages to get customers' attention. This gives the platform an edge over any alternative of Leadpages. You can get your hands on more than 500 paid and premium templates with Lead pages. About 200 of the site templates are free, while third-party vendors sell the rest.

If you want a stress-free template, you can pick a standard template that suits you. Otherwise, you're also granted access to drag-and-drop templates that you can tweak to your liking.

Customisation Tools:

Leadpages' customisation capabilities get a thumbs up in our Leadpages review. Of course, customisation options are found in any alternative of Leadpages. However, what's different with this tool from Leadpages alternatives? It features two types of editors that allow you to construct a bespoke landing page. Moreover, it has an A/B split testing feature to test which version of your landing page performs best.


It must be said in this Leadpages review that unlike many an alternative of Leadpages, the platform features two types of editors: standard and drag-and-drop. The drag-and-drop editor didn't exist until 2016, and since then, Lead pages has dramatically increased in flexibility. Suppose you like the standard templates just the way they are with minor modifications only. In that case, the standard editor will do. But you'll be limited with changing text fonts, element colours, embedding video, including hyperlinks, and altering background image.

However, if you want a total makeover of a template, then you'll find the drag-and-drop editor handy. You're able to do everything a standard editor does, plus add and rearrange widgets, insert image alt texts, create and duplicate new sections, and insert an icon. While I found the drag-and-drop editor, it felt a little clunky. This is a feature I hope the brand improves on in the future.

A/B Testing

What's also worth noting in this Leadpages review is the A/B testing or split testing feature of Leadboxes. With this feature, you can construct different landing page versions that visitors can view randomly. You can determine which of the pages is the best performing version. This is a useful tool but exclusive only to Pro subscribers.

Lead Generation/Conversion Tools:

What's interesting about Leadpages are its tools designed specifically for lead generation and conversion:

  • Leaddigits: allows your webinar attendees to text a phone number in exchange for free presentation and speaker notes.
  • Leadlinks: helpful for an email marketing campaign; if you paste this link to a broadcast email, any subscriber can click and register through the Leadlink.
  • Leadpages pop-ups: alerts and pop-ups are triggered to attract more subscribers and leads


In this Leadpages review, another feather to this platform's cap is its diverse integrations. It integrates easily with marketing tools such as email marketing services, CRM tools, payment channels, webinar tools, among others. Also, it integrates with websites and CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace, and many others. There is a special Leadpages WordPress plugin offered by the platform. Compared to other Leadpages alternatives, the platform's integrations give it an upper hand.


The platform provides hosting, but it also allows you to use your domain name.

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SEO and Mobility:

The software offers minimal SEO tools such as meta tags and descriptions. Also, all Leadpages are mobile-responsive, so they're viewable on any device. Security-wise, the platform offers SSL and HTTPS to ensure your pages are safe. You can't find SEO capabilities in some Leadpages alternatives.

Support and Resources:

For our Leadpages review, having an excellent support team and relevant resources goes a long way into achieving your lead generation targets via the platform. I really prefer Lead pages support to a cheaper alternative of Leadpages because of the amount of support you get.

Support channels vary based on your subscription. For the standard plan, only email support is provided. If you're subscribed to the Pro plan, you get live chat and priority email. Finally, for the Advanced plan, you get live chat, email, and phone support.

For resources, there is a comprehensive knowledge base found on the site.

It offers a range of tutorials and resources to help users get started with creating effective landing pages for their business or website. These Leadpages tutorials typically cover topics such as setting up a Leadpages account, creating and customizing landing pages, using the platform's drag-and-drop builder, integrating with email marketing services, and more.

Moreover, there are plenty of onboarding videos to help you navigate Leadpages builder. They also have live webinars you can join on scheduled days. If you want a classroom-type resource, there's a Lead pages Launchpad Course you can sign up for, and course segments are delivered via email.

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Leadpages Pricing:

Despite its various features, Leadpages is not that expensive compared to its top competitors.

Leadpages plans:

You can subscribe to three Leadpages packages explicitly aimed at new businesses, growing businesses, and agencies. Unfortunately, there is no Leadpages pricing option for enterprises. Hence, it's safe to say the platform isn't marketed for large businesses at all.

leadpages review pricing

If you compare Leadpages vs Unbounce in terms of cost, Leadpages is the less pricey option. However, if you weigh the many features attached to the platform, you get value for your money.

Leadpages Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

Good news! There is a Leadpages free 14-day trial. While there is no Leadpages free plan offered, you can take this landing page builder out for a spin for 14 days. Moreover, according to their terms page Leadpages provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Leadpages Review:

What is it best for?

To conclude this Leadpages website review, this landing page builder is feature-packed and highly useful for lead generation and conversion. It contains all the perks that one might expect from a leading page builder. The software is appropriate for small and medium businesses with a dedicated budget for a landing page tool.

What is it not best for?

What would possibly turn off users is the steep pricing when placed side by side with free landing page builders or cheaper Leadpages alternatives.  Given that it has no enterprise option, the service is not ideal for large companies.

Leadpages Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best Leadpages alternatives;

  • Leadpages vs Unbounce: As an alternative of Leadpages, Unbounce is a more pricey option. However, it has other unique features. Among them are dynamic text replacement, unlimited split testing, and better forms options.
  • Leadpages vs Instapage: If you want more advanced tools such as the heat mapping tool and unlimited A/B testing, Instapage is a great alternative of Leadpages.

Leadpages Website Review Final Word:

To wrap up this Leadpages review, Lead pages is a robust landing page tool that can help you meet lead generation and conversion targets. But don't you take my word for it – you can test-drive the tool with a Leadpages free trial for 14 days.

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Who owns Leadpages?

Lead pages is a US-based software as a service (SaaS) launched by Clay Collins in 2010. However, by 2020, Collins sold their rights to Redbrick.

What is the difference between Leadpages vs ClickFunnels?

While Lead pages specialises in landing pages, ClickFunnels is a more comprehensive sales funnel platform that includes a landing page feature.

What does a Leadpages free trial entitle you?

You get free and unlimited use of tools offered by the Lead pages plan you select.

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