Keysmart Review 2022: Functional and Practical?

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Ease of Use 9.0
Design 9.0
Features and Functionality 9.0
Reliability 9.0
Pricing 9.0


  • Sleek design makes it easy to carry around
  • Quick and easy to take out and store keys and others


  • Whilst you can hold a decent amount of keys, there IS a limit
  • Limit of things that it can hold is also dependant on thickness of keys/usbs/others

What is Keysmart?

Ever been in the situation where you have a dozen keys to a dozen differnt locks and they all need to be carried on your personal at all times? At best it's a slight annoyance and hassle, at worst it's a complete inconvenience and takes up precious space in your pockets and or bags. If only there was some sort of functional and cool smart key organiser gadget. Oh wait…there is a smart key holder, and this is my Keysmart pro review.

Forget the days where you put your bundle of keys into your pocket, only for it to scratch up your mobile phone, or entangle your earphones. No longer do you have to keep a big mess of keys all together on one or two keyrings, or if you keep your keys seperate, have them go missing! The Keysmart Pro is definitely a gadget and tool for anyone and everyone. It’s ridiculously easy to use and simple in design.

There are many alternative keysmart keychain reviews and other keysmart reviews out there. But in this one, let me give you a specific keysmart pro review and why I personally choose the Keysmart key holder to be a part of my every day carry.

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KeySmart and Keysmart Pro Gadget Features

Yes, bottle openers as a keyring is cool, but it's not the most function piece of equipment. Keysmart UK is the perfect gadget for you if you carry more than just a small handful of keys. As the swiss army knife of key carriers, the Keysmart UK is designed with their unique S-Shape design. This means several things:

Durable Design. Due to it's shape and the materials used in it's production, you can be sure that this key organiser will be durable and out last it's daily usage. It's high-grade aluminion means that the Keysmart UK design is both super lightweight and super tough.

Extremely Versatile. I previously made a small jab at the not so function bottle opener keyrings. Will, as KeySmart reviews will tell you; you can actually add a bottle opener onto it also. As well as a USB flash drive, and any other gadget that will fit into it's organiser.

Personalised to You. You have a favourite colour? Get your Keysmart in that colour. Drive a specific car with a unique shaped key? Keysmart can take that and fit it into it's organiser also. No need to sit out, this organiser is for everyone.

The KeySmart Pro. The elite model of the Keysmart range is the KeySmart Pro. This tool tier comes with the Tile Smart Location feature. The tool and everything else looks the same, the only key difference is that the KeySmart Pro comes with a sensor like-GPS. Once you download the Tile app onto your phone, you can use your phone to find and locate your KeySmart Pro tool in case it goes missing, and vice versa!


Keysmart gadget


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KeySmart Usage

Due to it's extreme versatile functionality; the keysmart is capable of holding just about anything that can be put into it. To do so (or at least test if you can fit stuff into it), simply unscrew one end of the Keysmart tool, insert and attach your key or any other tool into the screw hole, clip it back on, and wallah.

And as stated earlier in my Keysmart reviews; it's like any other standard Army Swiff Knife. When you're not using a specific tool, simply fold it back in, where it will lie cleanly with the rest of the design; and you have yourself a small portable KeySmart tool that fits nicely in your pocket that will help you stop losing your keys.

The amount of other Keysmart reviews out there should be enough to let you know exactly just how great this nifty little device is.


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Pricing for Keysmart UK

Okay, so after hearing me as well as others praise the Keysmart tool in numerous Keysmart reviews, you may be wondering where can you get yourself your very own KeySmart. KeySmart UK has many online shops available, and you may be able to find a few physical ones in a EDC shop or gadget shop, but by far the simplest way to buy one yourself is here by clicking in the link below which goes straight through to Keysmart.

The retail price for this nifty little gadget starts is as can be seen very affordable. This price includes both the shipping and handling. If you ask me, not a bad price for the amount of functionality and convenience you get out of this key tool. A very reasonable asking price, even. And it gets better.

Even if you have no use for them all yourself; you can buy a bundle of KeySmarts with the special deal! Basically, buy 2 Keysmart Pro gadgets and you get yourself 1 free. Or, if you get 3, you get 2 for free and cost average down the price further. And if you have many friends, buy 4 and you can get 3 more for free for the best average price!

Where to buy keysmart?



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How’s that for a deal? Stop with the bundled mess of old traditional keyrings and get your keys organised with the Keysmart Pro. Want to get your hands on even more tech and make sure you never lose your Keysmart tool? Take a look at this simple yet effective tile tracker. This paired with your Keysmart will ensure it never gets lost. Get your promotional deal with us from our Keysmart Pro review!

The great thing also, is that Keysmart UK is attaching a 30-day money back guarantee with your purchase also! So, if it really isn't working for you, just follow their refund policy and conditions, and you'll get your money back.

My Conclusion for the Keysmart Review

I’ve carried around my very own Keysmart Pro tool for a long while now and I rarely leave home without it (a big reason as to why I'm writing this Keysmart pro review). I’ve since dropped most of the other key organising tools I’ve tried out in the past and now primarily stick to my new Keysmart compact key holder; the best KeySmart UK has to offer.

That’s all for now:

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