Kailo patch reviews 2022: Cure pain with Kailo NanoTech patch?

Updated May 14 2022
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Kailo Patch

Ease of Use 10.0
Design 9.5
Features and Functionality 9.0
Reliability 9.0
Pricing 9.5


  • Easy to carry around due too it's small and thin design
  • Completely waterproof


  • Some people may not enjoy the stickiness feeling of the patch

No more pain with the Kailo Nanotech patch?

Everybody on this earth has at one point or another felt pain. It’s such a common sensation that we as people just chalk it up to being part of our daily life. Does it need to be though? The genius minds behind the Kailo patches seemed to think no and this has lead me to write my Kailo pain patch reviews.

So what are Kailo patches?

What does a full five years of development, countless new redesigns and patents and an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign yield? The answer, Kailo patches.
Kailo patches are non-transdermal nanotech that comes in what we would all consider a patch. The nanotech patch contains billions of tiny nano capacitors and looks and performs identically to a patch as well. We simply stick it onto our affected area where we want pain relief. Within seconds you will begin to notice immediate relief. Sounds to good to be true? Well that’s what I thought too, so I ordered a pack to test them out.

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How does Kailo patch work?

The Kailo pain patch is made from a patented technology that was originally was designed for signal transmission. Kailo is an all-natural noninvasive way to boost your bodies own communication. It works by allowing your brain to communicate better with parts of your body that might be either under stress or damaged due to injury. This improved communication assist with your bodies internal messaging system and reduces the miscommunicated signals that will result in us experience discomfort or pain.

It functions based off of our cells conducting electrical currents. What we first need to understand is that our bodies nervous system, which is connected through our spinal cord to our brains, runs off electrical current. This is why when sometimes we receive an electrical shock, our muscles contract. This is due to the body being confused by additional electrical commands. The Kailo pain patch uses this to it’s advantage by assisting the electrical flow within our bodies.

male using kailo patch

I handed them out to a friend who were recovering from a torn bicep he suffered during a game of rugby. I still remember his confusion as I applied the patch to his arm; “What is this? What are you doing?”  I explained to him that I was conducting my review for the Kailo pain patch, a new all naturally relieving pain alternative. He immediately demanded to know where I bought mine so he could go home and purchase some for himself. “It’s incredible, Like the pain in my bicep had become the new norm. Only now do I realize how much pain I was really in”.

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The Kailo patch reviews, how to use them?

Purchased for a reasonable price, given the fact that each patch is reusable. I purchased a bundle of ten in order to give these out to multiple friends and family members, so that they could test the product themselves and then let me know their opinions; in order for me to help write my Kailo patch reviews. Out of the box, with its simplistic packaging. I was surprised by the size of the patch; it looked a lot more substantial that I originally had anticipated.

The instructions for use is real simple too. All you need to do is apply an adhesive strip, peal it back and apply it to your affected area. I have for an extended period of time be suffering from a reoccurring pain due to an injury I suffered on my left shoulder from going to the gym.

female athlete using kailo patch

Originally, I was quite skeptical with these Kailo patches, and saddened when I applied it but did not receive immediate relief. There was some tinkling sensation that I did feel, with some minor relief, but nothing to the extent that was advertised. I quickly realised however I had been placing the patch in the incorrect position on my body in order to help with my compromised shoulder. After readjusting the patch, and feeling the familiar tingling sensation. I soon began to feel what was some relief. As the seconds passed I went from a pain I would register at a 5 out of 10. To a very manageable 1.5. This was after only a few seconds of applying the patch correctly. Don't forget to do initial research so you can avoid my mistakes, and make sure you apply your patch correctly. It really improves its effectiveness tenfold.

One major concern I did have during the Kailo patch reviews, was the adhesive material used to adhere the patch to our clothes or skin. Surely after multiple uses it would lose its properties. Fortunately however, I rinsed it lightly with a warm soapy water, and the kailo patches were back to new.

Did I forget to mention something incredible? The patches are waterproof. That’s right, no need to worry about rain or sun when wearing your Kailo patches. You can even wear them while swimming! It’s amazing to see how far technology has advanced every single day.

waterproof kailo patch

So, again the Kailo pain patch features are:

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Kailo Patches Pricing, how much does it cost?

As stated earlier in my Kailo patch reviews, I bought my pack for quite a reasonable price. They were super easy to get a hold of too, as I didn't need to really go anywhere to search for them physically. Take a look below at the deal they're offering. Best part is, even if for some reason they are not working for you, they offer a 30 day money back guaranteeMaking it safe and risk free for you to give it a real try and see how it will work for you.

Wondering where to buy a Kailo pain patch?

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My Conclusion for Kailo Patches

So, does the Kailo pain patch work? Well, I can’t stress enough that you need to place the patches in the right way, this is the hitch up that I’ve had with the product. Placing it incorrectly will make it be way less effective. Please watch the videos that they have provided, as well as the video above in this Kailo patch reviews, and follow their easy to understand explanations of how it should be applied. It only takes a few minutes, but the pain relief will last for years.

Overall, for being something so technologically advanced, the Kailo pain patch was actually very durable. Even weeks after repetitive use for days on end, with constant applying and reapplying It still looked brand new. A real testament to how well engineered the product actually is. A neat trick that I have for you is, I would draw an outline on my body with a marker to make sure that I would reapply my patch in the same exact position to give me that instant relief. After becoming familiar with it, I no longer needed to do this, but for the first dozen times it helped me a lot! Overall, I think the products great, and will help a lot of people out there who are suffering on a daily basis from chronic pains and or injuries.

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