JetWebinar Reviews 2024: Read About this Cloud-based Webinar Software

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JetWebinar is a webinar platform that offers features such as live streaming, polling, and customisable registration pages. It also provides analytics and marketing automation integrations.

  • Ease of Use - 86%
  • Features - 91%
  • Performance - 89%
  • Support and Resources - 88%
  • Pricing - 87%


  • Fast and reliable
  • Good audio and video quality
  • Great integrationsMade for large and global
  • webinars


  • Difficult to customise
  • Relatively expensive
  • No phone support

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Introduction to our JetWebinar Reviews

Welcome to my contribution to JetWebinar review. Find out how your business can grow and scale with this webinar service. In this review we’ll answer the following questions:

  1. Is Jet Webinar user-friendly?
  2. What are its outstanding features?
  3. What support and help options does it offer?
  4. Is Jet Webinar an expensive webinar software solution?

I’ll also throw in tips on how you can access JetWebinar LTD or limited time deals so you can get more savings. So, scroll down and get to know this webinar software better!

Overview: Made for Speed and Large-Scale Virtual Events

Jet Webinar’s promise of ultra-fast and reliable webinar services is embodied in its name. This cloud-based software claims to be the best real-time and live simulated webinar solution in the industry. However, what makes it distinct among its peers is its robust marketing automation and capability to host massive virtual events on a global scale.

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Ease of Use:

For this JetWebinar reviews, I really like its interface. The Chicago-based company that developed this platform should give themselves a pat in the back its immersive look. I like that it’s simple enough for the beginning user while also the right amount of sophisticated for advanced users. Those who aren’t used to the hosting live or automated webinars will appreciate the step-by-step process that the platform provides so you can set up the virtual event of your choice. There’s also a one-click registration feature that’s helpful for attendees.

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JetWebinar Features:


If its official website is to be believed, it’s the fastest webinar platform out there. In particular, it promises ultra-fast performance on four major products powered by proprietary technologies:

  • Automated webinars (JetCast): Simulated live events or pre-recorded webinars can accommodate a whopping 100,000 attendees!
  • Live webinars (JetStream): Real-time webinars and online events are supported by the platform.
  • Online meetings (JetCall): This is a no-download, no-update, and no-install service that features video conference and breakout rooms.
  • Massive online events (JumboJet): The only one of its kind capable of hosting a global, huge online event.

You can get JetWebinar LTD special offers for more savings.

Video and Audio Quality:

For this JetWebinar reviews, the platform does deliver on its promise ultra-fast and high-quality video and audio. To illustrate, there are no delays and latency issues, and audio is excellent, even as the attendance volume increases. As a result, your attendees can enjoy uninterrupted and smooth-flowing online meetings and live webinars.

Customisation Tools:

Another thing that’s exciting about this platform is the high level of customisation afforded to creators. As webinar creator and manager, you have full control over how your attendees experience the virtual event you host from start to finish.

Specifically, you can customise your registration page, webinar rooms, and thank you page. You can also insert your unique branding and image by modifying content and pictures. The platform has a landing page that makes customisation possible. If you still require more configuration and know to code, tweak your pages using HTML or CSS.

Screen Sharing and Presentation:

For this JetWebinar reviews, the software provides excellent support for screen sharing. You can share your screen and capture a screen without any issue. As a result, this functionality enables you to do demos better, guide participants in using a service or product, or presenting ideas. The multi-presenter option is also a unique feature of this service which accommodates a maximum of 10 panellists.

3rd Party Apps Integration:

Jet Webinar can be integrated with marketing and CRM tools. However, the list of apps that it integrates with is not as broad as other webinar software. Among the apps which the platform integrates with are, for instance, WordPress, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, and Zapier.

Customer Engagement:

The platform offers tools to enable hosting of smarter events. Aside from the control that you as host or admin has over the webinar, there are several interactive tools at your disposal so that your attendees can learn more thoroughly. Below are some of these customer engagement tools that enhance audience attention:

  • Polling
  • Quizzes
  • Question and answer


Jet Webinar supports monetisation. You can get paid for your Jetcast events by integrating either Stripe or PayPal as payment gateway.

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Support and Resources:

For this JetWebinar reviews, getting all the help you need is a massive plus for any webinar software. The platform has standard support features like other premium webinar solutions. It has 24/7 email support and an extensive knowledge base where you can access an FAQ page, how-to videos and articles, as well as video tutorials. You can also use the chat function to lodge your queries. However, there is no real-time phone or chat support in the meantime.

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JetWebinar Pricing:

Now we’ve come to perhaps the most crucial aspect of our JetWebinar reviews – the cost. Since it is a high-attendance virtual event platform, users would have to pay a premium for such large-scale services. However, if you’re a small or medium business who want to use webinars on a smaller scale, standard plans are available.

Standard Plans:

These standard plans cover webinars for a maximum of 500 attendees. Its most basic plan covers only virtual meetings. In contrast, its most expensive standard plan offers live webinars with as many as 10 panellists, automated webinars, and online meetings.

Below are pricing details of Jet Webinar standard plans:

jetwebinar reviews of standard-plans

High-Capacity Plans:

For this JetWebinar reviews, the sky’s the limit as far its high-capacity plans are concerned. This premium offering caters to virtual events having 1,000 to 1 million attendees. Specifically, these plans' price range begins with Elite 1K for $317 per month with 10 panellists and 1,000 attendees to the most expensive Enterprise plan at custom pricing.


JetWebinar Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

The company offers a 14-day Jet Webinar trial. Each plan operates on a cancel anytime basis and the company issues refunds by discretion. It doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, which is a bit of a letdown. Also the terms of use page states refunds are considered on a case by case basis.

A good thing though, is that the company offers JetWebinar LTD or Limited Time Deals which you can access through the following link;

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our JetWebinar Review:

What is it best for?

To conclude our JetWebinar reviews, this software is a powerful webinar solution that can accommodate the high-capacity virtual event needs of businesses. It’s user-friendly with a broad set of customisation options that you can exploit for branding purposes.

What is it not best for?

The biggest concern for small and medium companies, who may find the pricing too high. Therefore, Jet Webinar works best for businesses who often conduct online events to large audiences.

JetWebinar Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best JetWebinar alternatives;

RankingMy ViewTry For Free
GoToWebinarBest for ease of use.Try For Free
Webex by Cisco
DemioBest for marketing & lead generation and best overall.Best for marketing & lead generation and best overall.Try For Free
Adobe Connect
LivestormBest budget optionTry For Free
BigMarkerHighly interactive and best runner up.Try For Free
ClickMeetingBest for education features.Try For Free
GetResponse WebinarsBest when also integrating email marketing.Try For Free
WebinarNinjaBest all-in-one solution.Try For Free
WebinarJamBest for friendly budgets.Try For Free
EasyWebinarBest for user-friendly.Try For Free
EverWebinarGood for small & medium businesses.Try For Free

JetWebinar Reviews Final Word:

I suggest you short list this platform with the free trial.

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How do I record a webinar?

You can record your webinar using any recording software. But Jet Webinar recommends Camtasia for Windows or if you’re using a Mac, QuickTime Screen Recorder.

What’s the JetWebinar LTD limited time special offer?

These are special offers that the company releases for a limited time. The JetWebinar LTD plans include Syrup - Silver: $497 per year (150 attendees), Syrup - Gold: $697 per year (300 attendees), and Syrup - Platinum: $997 per year (500 attendees).

That's all for now:

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