Top 5 Interior Design Website Builders To Help You Get Noticed 2022

Updated September 15 2022
Ailsa Margatte
Ailsa Margatte
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What interior design website builders are the best? Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? The best website builder for interior designers is Squarespace.


Dynamic and ever evolving, the field of interior design offers a wealth of possibilities for both designer and client. Believe us, we've worked with the website design of several interior designers. That's why you need the best interior design website builders to help you achieve success!

Interior design often meshes with architecture. This field offers innovative ways by which to improve the aesthetic of any space. It could be a home, office, or even retail space for various purposes. As a result, many interior designers have become icons in the industry: Sir Cecil Beaton, Dorothy Draper, and Frank Lloyd Wright for the 20th Century; Nate Berkus, Kelly Hoppen, and Martyn Lawrence Bullard for the present-day.

In the past, interior designers marketed their services primarily through word of mouth.  Or if they founded or were affiliated with specific design studios through glowing reviews of their work. In a way, the digital revolution has made marketing easier for today’s generation of interior designers. For example, websites enable them to reach out to a broader audience, leading to page views that may, over time, translate into paying customers.

Today’s review of the best website builder for interior designers aims to present the best possible options for creating a website that beautifully shows off an individual practitioner’s or an established firm’s portfolio to draw in clients. Stick with us, and we'll show you several interior design website examples to inspire you!

Why Would an Interior Designer Need a Website?

There are several good reasons an interior designer should have a website.

  • It gives designers and/or design studios a great way to show off their portfolios through either static imagery or three-dimensional renderings;
  • A website helps build one’s brand and establishes a good foothold in the digital marketplace for one’s services;
  • It serves as an interactive hub where designers can work online (and even in real-time) with current clients while addressing inquiries from potential clients. Websites also serve as a way to get leads or insights into potential clients, so it’s easier to do one’s due diligence;
  • If you look at interior design website examples, it enables an individual designer or design firm to stand out from the competition, especially if the website features an aesthetic that shows off its distinctive style; and
  • Websites make content marketing easier, especially if a designer can share articles regarding new trends in the industry, updates on their latest projects (especially necessary for those doing major corporate, commercial, and institutional spaces), and even drive traffic through their social media accounts.

Our List of the Best Website Builder for Interior  Designers:

Our top five choices for the best website builder for interior designers are as follows:

  1. Squarespace – best overall interior design website builders
  2. Weebly – best interior design website builders for beginners 
  3. WordPress – flexibility and customisation
  4. Wix – best in versatility 
  5. GoDaddy – great interior design website builders with a marketing feature

How We Chose the Best Website Builders for Interior Designers:

Aspects that give a designer the advantage are what we used as our primary criteria for choosing our top five interior design website builders. These are as follows:

Portfolio Creation Capabilities

Designers build sites to show off their capabilities through an extensive portfolio featuring their work. This is why interior design website builders need to be able to deliver this via the site.  They can do so by showcasing strong and flexible design elements, along with themes or templates that are in keeping with the designer’s aesthetic;

Blogging Platform

Blogs are a great way to share new insights and trends in the industry. For designers or studios that have an overseas clientele or a point of specialisation like the restoration of historic interiors, a blog helps to show readers or clients a more detailed look at the work that they do;

Gallery Creation Features

Concerning portfolio creation, an interior designer’s gallery needs to offer something more than just a text-and-photos browsing experience for visitors. It helps if interior design website builders allow them to upload high-resolution stills and high-definition audiovisual material. Interactive 3D walkthroughs are also a welcome option;

Calendar Setting and Appointment Scheduler

Interior designers are not, as a rule, confined to their offices. Indeed, before the pandemic, the average designer would actually visit their job sites to see how the work was coming on. In today’s unusual environment, possible alternatives that need to be provided by the building platforms include a scheduling function to keep tabs on clients, the ability to schedule appointments, and even hold online consultations or virtual walkthroughs; and

Monetisation and Ecommerce Features

Some interior designers or design studios also offer an online atelier of design accents that clients may purchase to enhance the overall look of their spaces. Being able to establish a working storefront gives them the ability to sell these products online. Likewise, websites can also give a designer’s clients a digital alternative to conventional face-to-face payment or bank deposits to settle fees.

Our Best Website Builders for Interior Designers in Detail:




At the top of our list of the best website builder for interior designers is Squarespace.

Offering the best experience in terms of site design, online retail, and even blogging and service-oriented features, Squarespace is essentially the gold standard when it comes to premier site builders. This makes it an excellent choice for upmarket designers as well as more solidly established design firms.

In terms of aesthetics, Squarespace offers a powerful builder equipped with all the necessary tools with which to create an exemplary site. Our only beef with it is that it does have a considerable learning curve. Nevertheless, once one gets the hang of the builder, it is easy to create and manage an excellent online design practice through the site.

Interior Design Website Examples – Made with Squarespace: PORTORO Interior

interior-design-website-examples – Simple, clean, and elegant interior design website examples. Indeed, the website for this Manila-based design atelier led by Swiss expat Nathalie Kuepfer Henares combines her interior design practice with a retail space featuring home accents and objets d’art crafted in Europe for the Philippine market.

If you look at this interior design website examples, it features a blog where Kuepfer Henares shares experiences from design events in France and Switzerland. She also provides tips for home entertaining which integrate Western nuances into a tropical Eastern experience.


  • Extensive range of templates and gallery tools offered by this interior design website builders;
  • Ecommerce functionality;
  • Scheduling and appointment function;
  • Mailing list builder to keep clients abreast of developments; and
  • Social media integration


Standard rates and pricing packages for this best website builder for interior designers option are as follows:


Raring to create your own website through Squarespace? Read through their terms of service of this interior design website builders before you commit.

>> Give Squarespace a try <<




A great favourite among creatives, Weebly established a good following thanks to its highly intuitive website builder. In the case of interior designers, the platform offers one of the best deals in terms of image and media file hosting, enabling users to create stunning online portfolios through which potential clients may get to know them.

In addition, Weebly’s ecommerce toolkit and SEO solutions can give users a competitive advantage, particularly where creating easily navigable online storefronts is concerned, as well as appearing at the top of search engine results for interior design and decoration firms.

Interior Design Website Examples – Made with Weebly: Lauren Keeler Kanungo – The effective use of interior spaces is the hallmark of this Bostonian interior designer, and it’s something that has spilt over into this interior design website examples.

Keeler Kanungo’s website is sleek and straightforward and shows key examples of her work in institutional interiors as well as conventional retail spaces.


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interior design website builders;
  • SEO toolkit;
  • Ecommerce toolkit;
  • In-platform applications marketplace for third-party integrations;
  • Cloud-based hosting; and
  • Image and media file hosting.


Standard rates and pricing packages for this best website builder for interior designers option are as follows:


Are you impressed with Weebly interior design website examples and interested in Weebly to create a website? Then better understand their service terms before you subscribe.

>> Give Weebly a try <<



Next up on our list of the best website builders for interior designers – WordPress!

Because WordPress was practically there since the beginning of the blogging and ecommerce sectors, it isn’t surprising that many interior designers have built their websites using the platform.

The beauty of WordPress as interior design website builders doesn’t just lie in how easy it is to use, thanks to its CMS-driven user interface. It also has an extensive range of industry-specific templates and design themes it offers and numerous plugins to help draw in clients. You can look up several interior design website examples using WordPress to prove that.

Interior Design Website Examples – Made with WordPress: Gresham Smith

With its stark, minimalist aesthetic and dynamic video presentation right on its home page, institutional interiors specialist Gresham Smith’s website is one that maximises the use of plugins and widgets to truly draw potential clients onto its site. – The site can easily be navigated and, aside from the company’s portfolio and services roster, also offers a blog where visitors can read about developments in the fields of institutional interiors, sustainability in design, and environmental design.


  • CMS site creator/editor;
  • Integrated news and blogging function available with this best website builder for interior designers;
  • WooCommerce plugin for creating online storefronts;
  • Event Espresso for scheduling and coordinating online or offsite events with clients;
  • Gallery feature [template-dependent] for portfolio creation; and
  • Easy integration with social media possible with this best website builder for interior designers.


Standard rates and pricing packages are as follows:


Interested in using WordPress to create a website? Be sure to check out their service terms before you subscribe.




Considered one of the most basic and simplest website builders across numerous categories, Wix has the distinction of being the builder of choice for beginners. With the introduction of Wix eCommerce, it has also made things so much easier for those making their initial forays into marketing both goods and services online.

Interior designers, in particular, will appreciate the vast range of aesthetic options it offers, particularly the Wix Pro Gallery which can serve as the basis for stable portfolio creation and management.

Interior Design Website Examples – Made with Wix: JJ Design Studio

interior-design-website-examples – This is a great interior design website examples using Wix. Touting itself as a firm that specialises in affordable interior design, the website for this firm based in London’s Hammersmith district is distinctive-looking and dynamic with its use of animations on its home page.

Along with a good selection of still images of their projects, the site also features the designers’ creative visualisations (perspectives) of works currently in progress.


  • One of the easiest drag-and-drop interior design website builders available;
  • AI-driven site creator for those who are short on time;
  • Powerful analytics;
  • Gallery builders
  • Built-in online marketing suite; and
  • Social media integration offered by this best website builder for interior designers option.


Standard rates and pricing packages are as follows:


Do your diligence and read their terms of use before committing to create a website via Wix.

>> Give Wix a try <<




Moving on to our next best website builder for interior designers option!

GoDaddy’s key strengths are ecommerce and marketing – two things that interior designers deem necessary to survive in an increasingly competitive field.

The basic builder offered by the platform offers a quick and easy way to get a site up and running. Moreover, its extensive range of marketing tools can help a fledgling designer put their slate out for clients. Options are available for online, social media-centric, and email-centric promotions for one’s website.

GoDaddy also has options for event scheduling (useful when it comes to setting on and offline meetings with one’s clients), and the ability to create dynamic and static galleries to show off one’s projects.

Interior Design Website Examples – Made with GoDaddy: Interiors by Sabrina

Incredibly simple to browse through, the website for this New York-based designer integrates a static design portfolio along with an online store where clients can purchase furnishings and accents to enhance their homes or workspaces.


  • Basic site builder;
  • Industry-specific domain names;
  • Domain registry and hosting; and
  • Online marketing tools ranging from social media integration to newsletters and chat boxes


Standard rates and pricing packages are as follows:

Godaddy website builder cost

Do you think you can work with GoDaddy – read their service terms before giving it a go.

>> Give GoDaddy a try <<

Conclusion and Recommendations:

By far, Squarespace remains our top choice for the best website builder for interior designers. This pro-grade builder may not be the easiest to work with, but it offers the most aesthetics and functionality.

Wix comes a close second as it offers an easy-peasy approach to site creation that may be appreciated by individual designers who don’t have anyone to manage their sites for them, as well as designers who are trying to break into the field online.

In any case, we recommend that you shop around to see which builders offer the best value for money as well as the necessary functionality for you to create and manage an engaging site.


Are there interior design website builders I can use for blogging insights to site visitors?

If you’re looking for more of a blogging platform as opposed to a full-on site, you would be best off with WordPress. With its CMS-driven interface, you can share your thoughts and insights easily with readers. Likewise, if you want to add a retail aspect to your site, you can get the WooCommerce plugin to establish an online storefront.

What interior design website builders can I use for free?

Weebly and Site123 have free editions that can be used by those on a tight budget or have no means with which to get professionals to do their sites. Keep in mind, however, that your site will just be a subdomain on the platform as opposed to having your own domain and custom URL.

I’m trying to get my practice noticed; what's the best interior design website builders with a marketing feature?

GoDaddy would be your best bet here. Along with built-in tools to help advertise your site, you can easily integrate widgets for social media and even create email newsletters using a third-party app to maximise your online exposure.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this best website builder for interior designers, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question of what is the best website builder for recipes! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;

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