Instato Review 2024: Is It Legit (Or Scammy?)

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Instato is a cloud-based Instagram marketing platform that helps businesses grow their Instagram presence and increase their reach. It provides features such as auto-posting, hashtag research, and analytics to optimize Instagram marketing efforts.

  • Ease of use - 95%
  • Features - 88%
  • Support & Resources - 85%
  • Pricing - 89%


  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Great features set
  • Has a free trial


  • Some security concerns
  • Limited customer support
  • Relatively expensive

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Introduction to our Instato reviews:

If you look at independent Instato reviews, several users have alleged that it's nothing but a scam company. In this brutally honest Instato review, let's take a look-see at this tool and then you can judge for yourself if it's even worth a trial run.

Instato claims to be the Instagram bot that can supercharge your Instagram account. If you're an influencer or a social media marketer, perhaps this is the one bot you'll ever need to grow your Instagram. It promises to speed up your Instagram account management by automating processes such as liking, follow/unfollow, and sending direct messages (DMs).

Overview: Meet

Instato is a web-based social media automation tool that allows users to schedule and publish content to their social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Some of the key features of Instato include:

  1. Scheduling: Instato allows users to schedule posts in advance, which can save time and ensure a consistent posting schedule.
  2. Automation: Instato can automate actions such as liking, commenting and following on Instagram to help users grow their following.
  3. Analytics: Instato provides analytics and insights on users' social media performance, such as engagement, audience demographics and post performance.


Ease of Use:

The platform is simple and straightforward – with a clean and modern interface. It automates every task you need to grow your ‘gram, from scheduling to posting stories, photos, and videos. It's also customisable and makes managing your pages from anywhere hassle-free.


In this review, let's look at the essential features that this tool claims to have:

Multiple Account Management:

Today's businesses and influencers keep multiple accounts to engage with their market consistently. Most of the time, it's inconvenient to manage all of them. With Instato, you can manage several accounts from a single place. As a result, your social media marketing efforts become simpler and more convenient. From the Instato dashboard, you're able to switch from one account to another with ease and customise settings from there. In the end, you save considerable time and effort.


Automating your Instagram tasks is this bot's primary value proposition. Due to this capability, you can forget about stressing over the tedious tasks of posting, liking, commenting, sharing, and performing the many tasks needed to grow your ‘gram. Aside from post-related automated tasks, the bot can automatically follow or unfollow users so that you won't have to. Moreover, you can automate the DM feature by just preparing a user list. Lastly, you can do away with the monotony of scheduling your posts since the bot will handle that for you.

Multiplatform Capability:

In this review, one of the bot's most attractive features is its multiplatform capability. You're able to access the bot's dashboard using several devices yet from a single dashboard. Therefore, you can manage your Instagram from your smartphone, desktop, or tablet. The bot is also compatible with iOS and Android devices. This makes the bot perfect for people on-the-go – which pretty much sums up today's influencer.

Safety and Security:

Several reviews online echo the same “scammy” argument against the bot. Therefore, questions about its legitimacy and safety naturally arise. From what I gather, the platform uses HTTPS security for their websites, so that's a plus in their direction. However, in this Instato reviews, the fact that the platform doesn't have an Instagram account could be considered a red flag.

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Support and Resources:

For this Instato reviews, the platform offers a Help Centre featuring articles on Troubleshooting, Getting Started, and Features of the bot.

Instato Pricing:

The platform features a 3-day free trial on all their 3 pricing packages:


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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Instato reviews:

To wrap up this Instato reviews, this bot can do wonders for your social media marketing via Instagram. It's packed with automation and multi platform capabilities that will speed up how you run your ‘gram.

Who is this best for?

Instato is best for social media managers, businesses, and individuals looking to improve their social media presence by scheduling and automating their content and tracking their performance. It is also suitable for users looking to grow their social media following by automating actions like following, liking and commenting on Instagram.

Who is this not best for?

Instato is not best for users who are looking for a tool that offers more advanced analytics and customization options. It is also not best for users who are looking for a tool that only supports Instagram and not other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, Instato's automation features may be considered unethical by some users, and may not be suitable for all.

Instato alternatives:

Good alternatives include Nitreo and Jumper Media.

Instato reviews Final Word:

Nevertheless, there are doubts about this bot's legitimacy, so it's best to be vigilant. Give it a try first before fully committing with a paid plan.

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How does the bot perform automation?

It uses geolocations and hashtags to execute its automation activities.

That's all for now:

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