InMotion Reviews 2021: InMotion Hosting Coupon, Features and Performance covered

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InMotion: Best for Shared and VPS

Ease of Use 9.0
Features 9.0
Performance 8.0
Customer Support 9.5
Pricing 9.0


  • Free domain and SSL certificate
  • Free website builder
  • 90-day Money-back guarantee
  • Competent customer support


  • No support for Windows-based servers
  • Fluctuating speeds
  • Inconsistent uptime

InMotion: Affordable and Reliable US-based Web Host

InMotion may be new, but it’s already making its mark as one of the most trusted web hosting providers in the business. This US-based provider offers a cascade of hosting solutions designed for personal or professional websites. If you require shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, or a virtual private server (VPS) hosting, InMotion has it. Other than that, the host also features free eCommerce tools to set your online shop up as well as InMotion hosting coupon to ease you in price-wise. While it has numerous come-ons, several minor omissions fail to catapult it to the top of the web hosting food chain.

Read our honest InMotion reviews to know about its ease of use, features, performance, support and resources, and pricing. Don't miss out on information regarding InMotion hosting discounts we'll be providing here.

Ease of use:

In this InMotion reviews, we give high marks to this web host for being obliging to both newbies and developers.

Generally, InMotion Hosting won’t have you grasping at straws to get your website off the ground. You’ll experience a painless sign-up process that requires only a couple of minutes of your time. For its interface, it’s not as cluttered as other hosting services, but what concerns me is the perplexing AMP and cPanel.

Its admin interface or Account Management Panel (AMP) is made to look like the cPanel (which is also used in InMotion hosting for managing databases, emails, etc.). Since they look alike and are used for different things, it could be a bit confusing to figure out which is which. Other than that, this hosting service is not difficult to use.

Newbies will love the free tools and features that InMotion provides to make a great-looking website possible.

Developers will appreciate features made for them, such as multiple programming languages, PHP’s latest version, and a useful staging environment. The web host’s mobile InMotion hosting cPanel login and 1-click InMotion app installations via Softaculous also tick boxes.

InMotion pricing is easy on the pockets, too, as you will read below. For the best deals, InMotion hosting coupons and InMotion hosting discounts are also available through this link.



In this InMotion Hosting UK review, let's talk about the winning features of this web host. Be sure to read through the rest of the article to get links to InMotion hosting coupons, InMotion hosting discounts, and the best prices.

Domain Names:

For our InMotion reviews, subscribing to an InMotion hosting plan gives you a free domain at least only for the first year. You can choose from top-level domains (TLD) like .com, .org, .net, .org, .biz, .info, or .us to secure your website’s credibility. InMotion also sells domain extensions at $12.99, good for one-year use.

If you subscribe to the higher-end hosting plans,  you will be supported for more domains and subdomains to use. For instance, the Launch plan allows for 2 domains and 25 subdomains while the Pro Plan affords you with an unlimited number of domains and subdomains.

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Email Rating:

In this InMotion hosting UK review, InMotion hosting plans offer email solutions that enhance your professionalism and credibility. This is possible because all InMotion business hosting plans offer free unlimited email accounts with spam protection, autoresponders, and email forwarding functionality. For their shared hosting plans, only the Pro Plan comes with unlimited email addresses. The cheapest Launch plan only gets you 5 email accounts.


The web host’s cheapest hosting plan grants access to just 2 MySQL databases. While other hosting providers only support one type of database, InMotion supports multiple databases. Therefore, you can use the cPanel to access MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. Unfortunately, this InMotion hosting UK review notes that the host doesn’t support Windows-based databases such as MSSQL and Microsoft Access Database.


It has to be said in this InMotion reviews that one of the neat features of this provider is its easy to use 1-click installations. You can easily install the most relevant CMS apps out there, such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.


InMotion is powered by WordPress-optimised, Linux-based servers specifically for WordPress users. Its managed WordPress hosting plans have built-in WordPress content management system, complete with auto-updates and free backups daily. WordPress optimisation is made possible by a configured NGINX server and proprietary caching system. Since WordPress is infamously slow, these ramped-up features will make your WordPress website exponentially faster.

Site Staging:

InMotion’s packaged website builder BoldGrid includes a staging environment. This allows you to tweak your site before you finally deploy it for all to see.

Website Builder:

Every InMotion hosting plan has the BoldGrid premium website builder built-in completely free. This website builder lets anybody with no coding skill whatsoever come up with a website to be proud of. With drag-and-drop functions and a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) experience, you can’t go wrong with BoldGrid.

Added to that are pre-installed, themes, and plugins that can enhance your website’s visual appeal, sans coding knowledge. For those with existing websites, InMotion offers free migration as well as other useful freebies like unlimited emails and free SSL certificates to make your transfer experience stress-free.

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eCommerce and SSL certificate:

For its various eCommerce options, this InMotion Hosting UK review gives this hosting service a thumbs up. It's easy to set up an eShop page via the website builder to create your InMotion stores. InMotion also offers hosting tools support for PrestaShop, Magento and ofcourse WordPress WooCommerce to give you more functionalities such as customer and sales tracking. This is a sweet deal compared to web hosts that charge extra for eCommerce options. The only downside is that these eCommerce tools are greyed in for the cheapest Launch plan.

Our InMotion reviews also think highly of the free SSL certificate that comes with even the basic InMotion hosting plan. Through this SSL certificate, you get HTTPS for your site for added security and more Google love.

Aside from these perks, you get to save more if you use an InMotion hosting coupon code. Read more to know how to get more InMotion hosting discounts!

Security and Backups:

Besides the free SSL certificate, InMotion hosting also provides free hack protection and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection.

Free data backups are also offered by InMotion for shared hosting plans – something quite rare in the industry. Other companies charge substantial fees for this kind of service.

To get the best bang for your buck, there are plenty of InMotion hosting coupons and InMotion hosting discounts within your reach.

See more InMotion hosting features


Server Locations:

InMotion uses two data centres located in:

  • Los Angeles, CA, in the USA; and
  • Ashburn, VA, in the USA.

For this InMotion reviews, the flexibility to choose or switch your server is an innovation we love about this web host. Here's hoping they add more data centres soon and for London UK!


InMotion doesn't feature a CDN. Yet you can connect to Cloudflare and set it up on your own. In this InMotion hosting UK review, we think this is an unfortunate omission.

Speed Results:

InMotion utilises SSD drives as well as HTTP/2 to drive speed and performance. Tests show an average loading speed of 3.71 seconds. For our  InMotion reviews, we find that speed is beyond the industry average but not enough to surpass the fastest web hosts such as DreamHost or SiteGround.

Another significant downer is that InMotion doesn't support Windows-based servers, focusing exclusively on Linux.

Average Uptime, Bandwidth, and Webspace limits/Storage:

Uptime is a make-or-break feature for any web host. In this InMotion hosting UK review, we're happy to note the 99.9% uptime guarantee for the web host's high-end plan (Pro Plan). The same cannot be said for the cheaper hosting plans, however.

However, to InMotion's favour, each shared plan provides unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. But to remind you, “unlimited” doesn't mean unlimited all the time. You get unlimited storage and bandwidth provided that your site doesn't slow down other sites hosted on the shared server.

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Support and Resources:

This InMotion hosting UK reviews highly rates this service in terms of customer support. If you need help, the US-based InMotion support team offers competent, quick, and useful customer support. We find in our InMotion reviews that you're seamlessly patched through to their live chat support. Support staff are experts in their own right, so technical issues are swiftly responded. What's also great is they are available 24/7 through phone, live chat, and email tickets.

See more InMotion support features

InMotion Pricing:

Through their plans they offer 1, 2 and 3 year plans. We will concentrate on showing the dual 1 year price plans and highlight any longer term good deals.

Shared Hosting:

InMotion has three shared hosting plans, namely: Launch, Power, and Pro.

1 year pricing follows;


There are then options for 2 and 3 year deals bringing starting prices down to only $2.49 per month.

2 year deals show best value as follows;

The basic Launch Plan can be yours for $5.99 per month for two-year signup, and then $10.99 thereafter. If you subscribe to annual billing, the price is $6.99/month and $11.99/month afterwards.

The Inmotion Hosting Power Plan retails at $8.99/month for 24-month signup and $14.99 thereafter. $9.99 per month and renew at $15.99 per month.

InMotion’s highest-tier shared hosting plan Pro Plan is worth $14.99/month for two-year signup, and $29.99 thereafter.

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WordPress Hosting:

InMotion WordPress hosting has three tiers priced between $6.99/month and $12.99/month.


You can then subscribe to the three tiers with a two or three year commitment for lower prices.

There is also an option for WordPress VPS at $29.99 which is good value considering prices  for standard VPS Hosting in the next section.

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InMotion VPS Managed Hosting:


InMotion VPS hosting comes in 1 month, 6 month, 1 year, and 2-year billing options. Managed VPS hosting begins at $29.99/month (2 years)  with the most expensive tier priced at $83.99/month.

InMotion VPS Cloud Hosting:

Unmanaged Cloud VPS Plans for web developers are cheaper with prices ranging from $5/month to $160/month.


You can still save more money if you use an InMotion hosting coupon to get more InMotion hosting discounts.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting:

InMotion Dedicated hosting comes in six plans. The price range is between $139.99/month to $539.99/month, and a  “build your own” custom plan. The base three plans follow;


This type of service isn't cheap, but you can slash prices by using an InMotion hosting coupon. Avail of the latest InMotion hosting discounts now.

InMotion trial, refund policy, and money-back guarantee:

InMotion's free trial is accessible through its money-back guarantee. Therefore, you need to pay for a plan first; then if you change your mind along the way, you're entitled to a refund. What's amazing about InMotion's policy is that there's a 90-day money-back guarantee, one of the most generous in the business.

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Conclusion and Recommendations:

To conclude this InMotion reviews, while there is still much to be desired from InMotion's performance, we give it kudos for affordability and efficient customer support. There certainly are a lot of perks that you can't find elsewhere, such as a free domain, free SSL, free website builder, and unmetered bandwidth. Therefore, people who are looking for a budget-friendly hosting provider will love InMotion. Overall, it's an impressive hosting solution if you require shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS, or dedicated hosting.

However, this InMotion hosting UK review recommends that those who expect more performance-wise should look around for alternatives. InMotion's lack of support for Windows-based servers is a serious limitation.

Inmotion Alternatives:

If you want affordability, superior performance and even London servers, this InMotion hosting UK review suggests that great alternatives would be Dreamhost and SiteGround. Both are reasonably priced with faster speeds, uptime, and robust overall performance.


Where is InMotion Hosting headquartered?

InMotion Hosting Inc operates its business from California, in the USA. It has provided shared hosting services since 2001.

Does InMotion allow SSH/Telnet access?

Yes, they do. You can get SSH access if you subscribe to Business, Dedicated, VPS, or Reseller hosting plans.

That’s all for now:

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