How to Remove and Hide Page Title in WordPress for Increased Visibility

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WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) till date. According to the latest statistics, over 50,000 WordPress websites are being published daily aside from over 2.5 billion posts that have been published so far. Huge numbers, right? Well, WordPress is more than just a blogging platform now, and its popularity has reached far, and it has become a standalone choice for businesses around the World. There are numerous reasons for this, where the biggest one is WordPress’ ease-of-use and high levels of customization.

Imagine building a fantastic landing page that is filled with convincing text and polished graphics, which all ends up with an opt-in form. Now imagine having a large title at the top of your page that completely distracts your visitors. Naturally, you’ll be asking yourself how to hide page titles in WordPress? Even something as specific as this issue can be resolved in no time.

Why Would You Want to Hide the Title of Pages or Posts?

The truth is that WordPress is most commonly used for blogs, even though its capabilities go far beyond that. For example, you can create e-commerce websites, landing pages, or static home pages and this is where a large page title can be very distracting. This is why some WordPress themes let you hide those titles and transform them into banners or interactive elements. No matter if you just don’t like having a large title at the top of your blog post, or if you’re building a brand-new home page that is custom designed, you can easily remove page titles.

There are several ways to hide page title in WordPress, which can be done using a code snippet or via third-party plugins. We are going to discuss the both of these options and walk you through them.

How to Hide Page Title in WordPress Using Code?

In many cases, you might want to remove all page titles from your website. This is done by editing your WordPress Theme's functions.php file. This file can be found by heading over to Appearance > Editor within your website’s dashboard. This is where you’ll see a list of editable files on the right-hand side of the screen. Find the “functions.php” file and open it. Now paste the following code.

[code language=”css”]
function ala_hidetitle_class($classes) {
if (  is_page() ) :
$classes[] = ‘hidetitle';
return $classes;
return $classes;
add_filter(‘post_class', ‘ala_hidetitle_class');

To complete this step, you need to click on “Update” which will save any changes you made. Next, we need to add a code snippet to your “style.css” file. Find that file, open it, and add the following lines at the end.

[code language=”css”]
.hidetitle .entry-title {

What you need to know is that this method is used to hide page title in WordPress, visually speaking. Note that these page titles will still be visible to search engines as well as that you should use them to promote your website via SEO.

How to Hide Page Title in WordPress Using a Plugin?

If you’re not a fan or tinkering with code, or if you simply don’t have the time to experiment, you can always use a plugin. WordPress is famous for having a very large collection of plugins that extend its features, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of that.

Here's a summary comparison table for the top 6 Hide Page Title WordPress Plugins:

Plugin Name Main Features Ease of Use Customisability My View
Hide Title Allows hiding of page and post titles with checkbox Easy Low Best for beginners needing basic title hiding functionality. Try for Free
Hide Page And Post Title Allows to hide titles on pages and posts Easy Low Best for simple tasks where only title hiding is required. Try for Free
Title Remover Provides options to hide titles on pages and posts Easy Moderate Best for straightforward title removal with some customization. Try for Free
Genesis Title Toggle Title hiding for each post and page (Genesis Framework only) Moderate High Best for Genesis users seeking title control per post/page. Try for Free
SEO Optimized Images & Title Hides titles and optimizes images for SEO Moderate High Best for SEO-focused websites looking to hide titles and optimize images. Try for Free
Toggle The Title Hides titles for specific pages or posts Easy Moderate Best for users who require selective title hiding with simplicity. Try for Free

The most popular plugin that is used to hide page title in WordPress is called Hide Title. You will notice that this plugin hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but this shouldn’t be of any concern. It still works right, even on the latest WordPress version.


Let’s take you through using this plugin, step-by-step:

  1. The first step is to download and install this plugin. While within your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins section. This is where you can search for “Hide Title” and download it.
  2. Next, we need to activate the Hide Title plugin. Find it on the list of your plugins and click on “Activate” under the plugin’s name.
  3. Now we need to move to a post or page that needs to be altered. When you open it, you will see on the right-hand side the plugin’s collapsible box. Check the Hide Title meta box that says “Hide the title on singular page views.”
  4. That’s it! You’ve successfully removed the page title. Refresh or publish the page, and you should see changes you made.

Hiding WordPress Page Title with Code or Plugin – Which One Works Better?

We’ve shown you two of the most popular methods of hiding page titles in WordPress. The main difference here is that by using the provided code snippet, you are removing titles from all your pages at once. Even though some of you might be afraid to mess with WordPress’ code, this method is very painless since you can’t actually break anything. So, if you need to remove all page titles completely, this is the way to go.

On the other hand, the Hide Title plugin is perfect for removing titles from specific pages. Let’s say that you’re building an excellent landing page that should convert your website’s visitors. In most cases, a large page title gets in the way, so it’s useful to know how to hide page title in WordPress.

Final Thoughts – All Set To Make The Necessary Changes?

Just like with most things concerning WordPress, you don’t need to be a web developer to fine-tune this awesome platform. However, we strongly recommend our readers to refer to useful materials and credible sources before you apply any changes to your WordPress website. Sometimes, a small error from our side can break the code, so always be cautious.

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