How To Maximise Your Product Pages SEO?

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To gain an edge over the competition your product pages are crucial.

This is in terms of structure, detail and how you approach the SEO element of these pages.

Should each variation of a product have its own page?

A good example here is if you are selling products that come in different colours.

While some people may suggest that each colour of an item deserves its own product page, you would be wise to think the opposite!

Providing a single product page that gives options to view the different colours on offer will create a far more positive shopping experience for visitors to your site. They will quickly understand exactly what options are offered.

Remember: The more pleasing the customer experience during a visit to your site, the more likely they are to remain, return and ultimately purchase.

SEO considerations to take into account;

Meta Data Titles and Descriptions:

Quite often the same meta data as well as product description will be used across one product that comes in different colours.

Placing all variations of the same product on one page rather than on multiple pages should prevent any duplicated meta data or duplicated content issues.

Website Structure:

It is also good practice to keep the most important SEO product pages as close as possible to your homepage.

This can be achieved through keeping the click path short; aim for a couple of clicks, no more.

By doing so you are making sure that your SEO is not buried on your site. In turn this will make it much easier for users as well as bots to quickly find it.

Product descriptions:

Descriptions of products are far and away the most valuable content on any of your product pages. Overlook this fact at your peril!

Why? A common problem, particularly for those new to the online retail world who are selling their goods via multiple online outlets is to use the exact same product description for every online outlet.

Doing this increases the chances of being faced with duplicate content issues.

We are all very well aware that Google (and other search engines) do not like to see duplicate content issues. If they do, your organic search rankings will take a tumble.

How best to get around these problems?

It is crucial that you add a unique product description for each site you are selling on.

In some cases, you may feel it necessary to use the manufacturer’s description. If you go down this route then at the very least adjust the wording of their description slightly. You can also use synonyms in order to create change.

Better still is to seek our professional SEO Content Writing Services for your pages.

Pointers towards the perfect product description.

You do not need to overcomplicate things. Keep product descriptions:

  • Short
  • To the point
  • Use bullet points whenever possible
  • Do not forget the audience you are targeting (Speak their Speak!)
  • Where possible use the product description in order to answer any FAQ’s (i.e. If the phone or piece of clothing you are selling is waterproof – Mention it!)


  1. This type of product description will have a definite impact on your target audience.
  2. It will catch the eye.
  3. A succinct product description will be far easier to understand.
  4. It helps search engine spiders when they are viewing your site.

Conclusion; Produce maximum results

How you present, structure and tackle SEO elements of your product pages will have a great bearing on search engine rankings and potential sales. SEO is very important for small business and really is in your interest to perfect those product pages.

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