How to make your brand successful on social networks?



The world of marketing has changed a lot in the last decade with the rise of online marketing. Do you remember a time when social media was not an integral part of your life? That would have been a time when advertisements were restricted to newspapers, television, radio, and billboards. However, the rising demand for online presence has created an urgency for social media marketing. 

If you are not marketing on social networks, then you might be missing out on some exclusive opportunities. Social media has a massive user base worldwide, including different platforms, from Twitter to Instagram. Social media opened up new avenues for communication between people and has become a ubiquitous aspect of the daily lives of people. Let us find out how you can build a strong social media presence for your brand. 

Importance of Social Media for Marketing

Before you seek the best measures to use social media to make your brand more successful, it is important to know the significance of social media. Social media claims the lion’s share in the spotlight, with platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook emerging as powerful platforms for marketing. 

Almost 4.9 billion people worldwide will use social media in 2023. Latest statistics for social media usage can help you understand its significance. For example, the average social media user spends almost 145 minutes on different social media platforms every day. In the US alone, the number of social media users will most likely reach 257 million by 2023. 

It is also important to note the impact of social media utility. Around 76% of internet users rely on social media for product research. Customers who enjoy positive social media interactions with a brand are more likely to recommend the brand to their social contacts. As a matter of fact, around 13% of social media users have claimed that a ‘buy’ button would encourage them to buy directly from the social media platform. 

Why Do You Need the Ideal Social Media Marketing Strategy?

The ideal approach for creating a successful brand on social media depends on the effectiveness of social media marketing. You can take a look at the examples of some of the popular case studies for successful social media marketing to identify the significance of social media presence. There are nuances to create social media marketing strategies. Brands have capitalised on the power of social media to achieve tangible improvements in their performance. 

For example, British fashion retailer ASOS registered a 24% growth in sales with its social media strategy. Social media marketing works wonders for small businesses such as Candy Funhouse, a small brick-and-mortar business. Candy Funhouse utilized TikTok to achieve an online celebrity status with more than 3.3 million followers. Therefore, you can notice how a strategic approach could help you achieve success for your brand on social networks.  

Tips for Achieving Success in Social Media Marketing 

The strategy for creating a successful brand on social networks would focus on consistency and adaptability. You can find a one-stop destination for your social media marketing needs and requirements for building your online presence. At the same time, you must also note that creating your social media marketing strategy is not all about designing a good logo or a captivating video advertisement. Here are some of the most trusted recommendations for making your brand successful on social networks. 

  • Define SMART Goals 

The foremost step in preparing your social media marketing strategy would involve the definition of SMART goals. Your social media presence goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. SMART goals offer a tangible impression of what you want to achieve with social media marketing. For example, you might specify the number of followers you want to achieve for a specific social media network. 

  • Know Your Audience 

Social media is a playground for different types of users. Do you want to target a younger audience? TikTok might be the ideal option in such cases. On the other hand, older users are most likely to prefer Instagram or Facebook. Businesses that can identify their target audience can create the ideal strategies for social media marketing. 

  • Humanisation 

Social media has emerged as a promising tool for marketing, and almost every brand wants to capitalize on its power. It can also serve as a valuable tool for monetisation on social media networks. Discover how content creators could utilize the Twitter ads revenue program. However, the most important element of your social media strategy is personalisation. 

Shift your priorities away from the monetary rewards of social media presence and focus on personalised interactions with your customers. For instance, some brands have used a conversational tone for interactions with their audience and have successfully garnered more followers. 

  • Offer Value to Customers

One of the common assumptions about social media is that it is only suitable for displaying ads. However, hard selling on social media does not always work in favour of the brand. On the contrary, brands should seek opportunities to offer value to their customers on social media. 

Brands could try different types of content that emphasise user engagement. For example, brands could create content for tips on how to use the products of a brand to ensure the best benefits. Most important of all, social media can also serve as a promising channel for resolving customer complaints and support queries. 


The best practices for creating a successful brand on social media revolve around contributing value to users. Starting from the identification of the target audience to contributing value, your social media strategy should focus on the users. Most important of all, brands should not perceive social networks as the ideal platforms for minting money from ads. 

On the contrary, brands should look for opportunities to offer personalised services to users. The impact of strategic initiatives such as personalisation of social media content could result in promising rewards for businesses. Brands could achieve success on social networks by ensuring better responsiveness to the queries of users. Learn how to develop a user-centric social media marketing strategy for your brand right now.     

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