Boost Your Phone Leads Generation with These 17 Tips for Effective PPC and CRO

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Introduction to Effective tips to get more phone leads with PPC and CRO

The latest stats say that 70% of all mobile searchers will give a call to the business directly from the search results?

There is an apparent value discrepancy with all kind of lead types available, whether its phone leads or form leads or chat leads or bought leads, etc. Are you one among the various painstaking, lead generating marketers who would to a certain extent have 50 phone leads than 100 form leads?

If so, it’s possibly because it’s simpler and effective for you to close deals on the phone at higher rates compared to any other type of lead. Actually, with form leads, you face the challenge of getting real visitors that give wrong/fake contact information or have low intent, and perhaps that’s because they are not ready to share it with you.

Do you have a sales team that takes care of your leads, or do you take care of them yourself? And if in the case you don’t then have a phone number present 47% of visitors will be more likely be going to your competitors?

You shouldn’t be surprised but according to the latest stats, phone leads have got a 300% more chance of getting closed in comparison with form based leads. This is also the reason why SME businesses consider phone leads to be the most important type of leads available.

Now let's know discuss how we would generate more phone leads with similar marketing budgets?

Let's dig deeper.

1. Clearly mention the phone number

In April of 2013, Google decided to stop letting advertisers use their phone numbers in their ad copy. Why? This is because they knew people would sometimes dial the number straight way from Google and not click on the ad, resulting in lost revenue for them. To fight this, we have seen numerous advertisers spell out phone numbers in their PPC ads with the intention that Google’s automatic filter doesn’t prevent you from submitting the ad for review.

If you were relying greatly on being able to use your phone number in the extended headline in the past, this could be a new path for you.

But be cautious! Using your headline for a phone number like that could also decline your ad since you could use those helpful character spaces to spread your exclusive value propositions instead.

Play around with it and observe how it changes your phone lead volume and on the whole PPC performance. Importantly, be sure you are always tracking using unique phone numbers.

2. Specify Call Extensions & Adjust Click-To-Call Setting

If you are already using AdWords, there is a high chance you are already making use of call extensions. If you have this smart strategy keep using them with continued testing.

Call extensions are just phone numbers you get to display next to your text ads on the Google search engine results page (SERP).

3. Put Phone Numbers In Display URLs

This idea prevents the effort of spelling out the number in your AdWords description line one.

If you use Bing Ads and/or AdWords, you can also show your phone number in the display URL, together with your call extension.

Don’t make the school boy blunder of having two different numbers, however.

Be aware that all ad space is important to use for maximum value. Using phone numbers in your ad copy consumes character space for other value promotes sentences. If you find that your CTR (click-through-rate) is dipping because you are using a phone number in the display URL, work swiftly to move back to those particular keywords.

4. Identify Call-Driving Trends & Keywords

If you are not already using a call analytics platform, start using one right away. There are many call intelligence companies that foster you to see which keywords you are bidding on is driving in phone leads. If you already know that you did pay out more per lead for a phone lead compared to the form lead, then utilising this keyword/call analytics can support you bid more appropriately on keywords that generate the highest call volume for you.

5. Carry Out Mobile Specific Ads

Mobile specific text ads have confirmed to boost CTR when using them. And you understand what that means – higher CTR, means more clicks, and more the clicks mean more the potential phone leads.

Although selecting a mobile preferred ad doesn’t promise that the ad will only come on mobile searches, it helps you cut off and gives you the opportunity to adjust and improve your mobile messaging.

Another thing to know is that Google has gradually started eliminating certain lines of description line 2 from mobile ads as they have found ads with ad extensions doing better when taking over.

6. Target Mobile Devices More Assertively

Take a glance at your device metrics in your AdWords account and see if it succeeds in increasing your mobile bid tunings for higher ranking on mobile devices (do evaluate your conversion costs with desktop). Once you distinguish what average position your mobile ads show up at, you can then go into your campaign settings and increase or decrease your mobile bid tuning by up to 300%.

7. Create Smartphone Specific Ad Size

You may already have knowledge of the ad sizes for regular display network ads. But did you know there is a certain display ad size that is created only for mobile?

It’s the 320 x 50 ad slot that is generally featured at the top of mobile pages, enabling greater visibility as well as higher click-through rates in comparison to a regular desktop site that may have 5 ads on it at any given time.

8. Place Phone Number Below CTA Form

It’s simple to understand why you did want your visitors to concentrate on the conversion goal with colours that is a contrast of your landing page. As you have visitors' eyes on your conversion goal, it’s now time to offer them the option to call through in case they are hesitant to fill in your landing page form.

9. Use Responsive/Mobile Optimized Design

With the majority of the people spending time on their mobile devices, it’s vital that you use responsive designs on your landing pages or site, particularly if your goal is to produce more phone leads.

If you didn’t already know that responsive design gives your mobile visitors a cleaner and lesser disorderly look when browsing your pages, making it smoother for them to convert. And based on your design, you could experience a hike in phone leads faster than you think.

10. Specify Area Code Specific Phone Numbers

The idea here is to use multiple local area code phone numbers if you are advertising across larger metropolitan regions, or even countrywide, to target individual region area code in used in those local phone numbers as your phone numbers and call extensions on site or landing page.

This strategy doubles the volume of the conversion rates of phone leads increased by 112.5%.

To make this happen, you must use a call analytics service to purchase local area code phone numbers and route them to your phone number(s).

11. Provide No Other Option Other Than To Call

Have you tried removing all other forms of contact, apart from the phone number? This means no email, no contact forms…

If you have done your research and have your call to actions in your ads just as “act of calling” then this could be a fruitful strategy for you to aim.

Remove your form totally and have your phone number showcased multiple times including on header, front, and center, and also in the footer to impel more phone conversions.

12. Make The CTA Button Your Phone Number

Here instead of only displaying phone numbers, use your CTA (call to action) button as a place for your phone number in place of text (it should be clickable).

By using the regular best practices of conversion rate optimization, make sure you remember making your button colour is a vibrant colour opposite to your overall site or landing page.

This will make your CTA prominent, making your button seem like an actual button with 3D effect. Like this, you will get more and more clicks that can then lead to more phone leads.

13. Utilise Landing Pages with Forms and Phone Numbers

Landing pages are one of the best ways to capture phone leads. With well-designed landing pages, you can provide visitors with all the necessary information about your business, products, and services, along with a form that visitors can fill out to get in touch with you. You can also provide a phone number that visitors can call if they have any questions or want to learn more. Make sure to design your landing pages with both form and phone number options to maximize your lead generation potential.

14. Leverage Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer great opportunities for generating phone leads. You can use these platforms to create targeted ad campaigns that reach your desired audience, and encourage them to call your business by using call-to-action buttons. You can also include your phone number in your social media profiles, and make sure that it's easy to find.

15. Offer Incentives for Phone Leads

Offering incentives is a great way to encourage people to call your business. You can offer discounts, free consultations, or other promotions that are available exclusively to those who call your business. This can be a powerful way to generate phone leads, and also to convert those leads into customers.

16. Track and Analyze Your Results

To be successful in generating phone leads, you need to track and analyze your results. Use call analytics tools to monitor the performance of your campaigns, and make adjustments as needed. Look for trends in your data, and use this information to improve your targeting and messaging.

17. Test, Test, Test

Finally, testing is key to improving your phone leads generation. Test different ad copy, landing page designs, and offers to see what works best for your business. By constantly testing and tweaking your campaigns, you can optimize your phone leads generation and achieve the best possible results.

Conclusion to Effective tips to get more phone leads with PPC and CRO

In conclusion, generating more phone leads through PPC and CRO requires a combination of careful strategies and continuous testing. By clearly mentioning the phone number, using call extensions and adjusting click-to-call settings, identifying call-driving trends and keywords, targeting mobile devices more assertively, and creating smartphone-specific ad sizes, businesses can increase their chances of getting more phone leads. It's important to remember to always track phone lead volume and PPC performance and to utilize unique phone numbers to accurately measure success. With these effective tips, businesses can optimize their PPC and CRO efforts to generate more phone leads and ultimately drive more conversions.

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