How to Find & Hire Right Magento Developers for Your Business

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Let’s be honest and face it that you cannot run your Magento store on your own you will need to take on board an expert Magento developer to run the work smoothly for your ecommerce store. Why? Because as a marketer, or a business person you must have great ideas in your mind, but to translate and host your products, you need someone skilled in Magento to keep all checks green of your Magento store.

Choosing a right and good Magento developer for your online store is the most overwhelming task for a merchant. Nowadays many of the firms and organizations are claiming to be “Magento Experts” and in general labeling themselves as “Creative Magento Development Company”. So, it is really a difficult task to find the “REAL” Magento Developers for online businesses, so that they can convert the business plan and the vision into reality and make a successful online store for your customers.

To help you separating the wheat from chaff we are writing this article for you to make this difficult yet time-consuming task easy for you. The below mentioned are some points that should be in your checklist before finding the Magento Developer for your store.

Things you should consider before finding the right Magento Developer

The following checklist is important while you are on search to find a right Magento developer for your next ecommerce project. It is highly advisable that you check each and very detail of it, and make sure you are contracting the right one for your business.

1- To know what you need is important

Before that you start contacting the developers to ask for the job, you have to sit back and take the time to think then write on the paper what you need in a developer for your Magento store. And, you don't need to be technically expert to jot down such details. You should only have the required basic information of how exactly you need, and it will be really helpful for you to keep track of all difficulties and the sweet points of your store. Check out the Magento official website to read the Basic beginners guide to Magento.

Consider the following points:

In addition to the ready-made business information, it is wise to consider the following points in search for a right and reliable Magento developer for your next online store.

  • One time or ongoing project: You have to make sure that if you want a developer for your store, or you want him or her for the ongoing changes. This is the most important thing to consider because most of the developers don’t want to work for a long time. But some of the developers will not work on small projects. For both of the cases before hiring you must have to test them by giving some small project(s) for testing purpose or ask them for a sample code that they have already done. Or, you could have potential employees complete pre-employment tests to help assess them.
  • Freelancer or an Agency: If you consider a freelancer then you have to make sure a particular skill that you need because a person may not have all of the skills required. But if you consider a magento development company or an agency then you might find all of the skills you need to build your ecommerce store. For both of the cases, it depends on what you need. Agencies can be pricey, but if you need to take help from 2-3 persons then its okay to hire a freelancer for your Magento store.
  • Price or Quality: Yes! You must see what you want obviously you cannot hire a developer in cheaper rate for a difficult task. So here you have to make a choice what you want quality or the price. Keep in mind that the developer’s location also matters in this case. If you go to or any other similar websites, you will find Magento developers that vary in cost and score. Everything has a price, and when it comes to ecommerce store on Magento, we believe that find right Magento solution provider is a better deal than saving few bucks.

2- Finding Potential Magento Partners

After that you know what your need is, it is time  to find out the “Right” developer for your Magento store. Yes! We like the word ‘RIGHT’ because no business can afford to pick a developer or Magento development company that can later mess things up for them. So read on below and find steps and checks to consider in your search to hire Magento developer.So these are the places where you can find them.

  • Personal Contacts:  The first place to look for is your personal contacts. Ask your colleagues or friends who have developers in their contact list. They will surely recommend the best one they are happy to work with. Only consider the Magento developers to which your friends have been working with in this way you will find the developers that are already tested. Of course, it depends on the nature of your online store, but with a personal reference, you can at least get a right and trustworthy source to further interview.
  • Magento Solution Partners: Magento has its own official Solution Partner Community that will help you to do all kind of implementations. These are the partners that have direct access to the training and the support, services from Magento. And yes!! They come with high prices/fees.
  • Magento Certified Developers: Magento host online training where you will find almost all the Magento community developers. After that they successfully train the developers, those professionals get the badges that prove their authenticity and command over the platform. The type of certifications include Magento Solution Specialist, Magento Certified developer. Certified front-end developer, developer plus, moderator kit and a certification on social learning group. Always see the following badges on the developer’s website to have a proof that they are certified from Magento.
adobe certifications
adobe certifications
  • Freelance websites: You can find fine developers as well as certified developers for your store using freelancing websites like freelancer, odesk, eLance, up work. By posting a job you can get up to 100 candidates. From there now you can take interview or any other criteria to choose the best from them according to your need. This is very important because with good, there are bad developers too. Also you can search yourself for the developers by simply searching “Magento Developers” and then you will have a list of profiles. Check the feedback of their customers as this is one essential to-do when searching for a freelance Magento developer. Note that you know how to find Magento developers here at lower price instead of those certified Magento solution partners. Let’s move on to other checkpoints.
  • Magento (or Industry) Events: Now you must think why events?? Well let us clear that only the serious developers attends these type of events. Magento have their own events page so that you can see it and keep track of all the upcoming events. The developers who attend these events want to update themselves which is a plus point for you and for them too.
  • Social Network: You can get good developers using the social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. The serious developers always have updated accounts so you can contact them and then ask about their experiences from the work they already have done. All the Magento developers are so socially connected on groups, where you can read interesting stories and how-tos to keep your websites updated.

3- See customer feedbacks and their sites

Their current customers are their the best source to take feedback of the developer. See the negative and positive comments and then decide to ask the personal portfolio. Then keep keen attention to the user flows, the internal links, the ease of use and accessibility of the information. Based on the customer feedback you see, it will be easier for your to decide whether the Magento developer or company is right to take your job.

4- Search for the Big Names

If you have a big budget for your project then hire influencers who have good reputation within the industry, the people who speak or attend international conferences, the people who often post relevant posts on social media or write the blogs.

Final Words…

Finding a Magento developer is tough but is the starting of your successful journey towards Magento store, this is the most important step and need a lot of time to figure out the best developer for your Magento store as the whole future of your store and of the customer depends how efficiently the business idea is implemented. And to implement that with efficiency and professionally you need to find out the best of the best Magento developer to work for your website.

We have provided you some of the ways by which you can find out the developers for your store. The best thing is to ask from someone who already have performed the task. Or ask those  who will truly understand your needs and will stand for you whenever you need them. Search the reliability, efficiency and most importantly professionalism.

Let us know in the comment box below which type of method you choose to hire the right Magento Developer for your Magento store? And have you already hired a one? If yes, then which methods did you use? Make sure to Like, Share, Follow and Give Feedback to get more important articles like this. Still if you have questions let us know in the comments section below.

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