How To Detect Adblock Users in WordPress? (Updated 2024)

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Loading a website and the first thing you click leads you to another landing page or pops up a new small window with an Ad of a random product which you have never heard of? Well, that’s the irony of websites these days, as it is crowded with unconventional ads in a mass quantity. These nasty pop-ups are gruesome to the viewer but a source of income for bloggers using WordPress websites creating a need to detect Adblock users in WordPress.

Have you ever thought that these Ads are a revenue bloggers generation phenomena; whenever someone visits their website and clicks on the ad, they earn, which in return gets you to the content you are looking for. A small price for a thought. To avoid these unwanted pop-ups users look for Ad blockers that redirect the page when an ad is popping up or as soon as you land on the WordPress websites the ad appearance is automatically blocked giving the user a smooth, frustration-free experience.

For the blogger, you will face some severe revenue damages if multiple users use ad blockers. What’s next then? A report by PageFair research analyzed:

  • 615 million devices now use Adblock
  • 11% of the global internet population is blocking ads on the web
  • Adblock usage grew 30% globally in 2016
  • Mobile Adblock usage grew by 108 million to reach 380 million devices
  • Desktop Adblock usage grew by 34 million to reach 236 million devices

Crazy isn’t it? For a blogger using a WordPress website, this is a serious career destroyer as with ad blockers the bloggers will earn no money through the advertisements. Multiple companies give advertisements to bloggers on the basis of how strong the website is regarding traffic and content; and the reach. Bloggers have both but will still lack to gain the attention of users because of Adblock. For the above to happen it’s essential to be updated with the latest version of WordPress to utilize its full features.

How to Detect AdBlock Users in WordPress

Now the first crucial decision is to know the basics and premium methods to detect users having Adblock. If you want to profit from your advertisement revenue. We have compiled a list of methods that can be chosen to detect Adblock users in WordPress. Why the need? Unless you do this your investment on your WordPress CMS, SEO, graphics and design would not break even.

1. Get The Best AdSanity Plugin

AdSanity is a solid pick and the best-known ad management plugin for WordPress because of its Adblock revelation! It has an ad blocking software which is built for the only purpose to restrict user access to their website until they disable the AdBlock plugin by force on their device. For baby steps, you need to crawl your way to install and configure the Adsanity plugin after which the detection feature addon needs to be activated.

After launching both plugins, go on Adsanity settings website and select the option of add-on tab that allows you to detect ad blocks on all pages and posts quickly. Every user having an adblock will be notified to the server through a custom design template that will pop-up when a user with an Adblock opens lands on the page.

2. Approach Selling Direct Ads

Privacy is a significant concern here when selling Ads. If you as a blogger are promoting content through an outsourced agency or platform like Google Adsense then ultimately you have restricted your control over the advertisements, CPC and privacy. To avoid such a circumstance, the best possible solution is to consider selling promotions directly to publicists. That would facilitate you to guaranteed privacy under all circumstances, have full control over what you get paid for.

WordPress is a whole new planet filled with hundreds of facilities to get your website ranked and noticed. Also WordPress Ad management plugins such as AdSanity itself which permits the blogger to server his or her own promotions as well.

3. Use The deAdblocker

If you are light on the pocket requiring an instant solution which doesn’t charge much then to detect Adblock users on WordPress; deAdblocker is the ideal choice. Initially, this option needs to be installed correctly with the ideal deAdblocker plugin. Upon attachment. The plugin will allow you two great options; one to develop and demonstrate a custom built message for Adblock users and second, it will give you an option to choose amongst launching a warning sign at the top of your page or provide a lightbox pop-up.

Be wary of your Settings having full knowledge of the functionalities as you will have to visit your website on and off with the desired Adblock augmentation installed. Publishers and bloggers are neck deep panicking with the large-scale use of adblocks. Which is why this software is quickly getting highlighted to detect Adblocks on WordPress. The entire purpose of having an Adblock is to achieve privacy, security and to avoid bizarre messages.

4. Sponsored Content On Your Website

Try to enable a reason your promoters support and notice content on your website. It’s all on the bloggers and publishers to compose content about their administration or product through which you would have full control to incorporate an affiliate connection to get the desired commission. Same way users could be asked to pay to see the content as well.

However, if your WordPress website does not fulfill your Content management system (CMS) requirements then its advised to look at WordPress Alternatives to ensure a better way CMS readily available at your disposal to avoid Adblock.

4. Incorporate Optinmonster On Your WordPress Website

Coming down to the best lead of all, OptinMonster is the most suggested lead generation software currently in the market because it permits you full authority to change over the website guests into guaranteed subscribers and users. To start with it, OptinMonster inherits a  feature will allow you to demonstrate and optimize campaigns for users with a promotional blocking software preinstalled on their devices. Further, this is achieved if software like Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin is present.

To download this, sign up on the OptinMonster website and create an account. If you want the whole thrill factor of a Pro software, then this is the right tool. After signing up, you are now free to align WordPress website with the OptinMonster plugin.

5. Affiliate Marketing Campaign

This campaign is a standalone monster in the Adblock detention and a widely recognized step to ensure a good return for your content. You will be eligible to prescribe items and administration for your content users and procure related commissions at the time when customers make a buy on your affiliate connection.

There will be a variety of plugins present and the apparatus for different ones to affiliate advertisers that will initiate the campaign.

Final Words

Let’s be honest, Adblocks are a privilege, and they indeed are a lifesaver in this bitter world of pop-up ads. Due to these Adblocks many bloggers delete their WordPress account in retaliation and upset. But it’s clear the detection of Adblock users is a condition for any blogger or publisher to earn a smooth cash flow.

Multiple websites bash unlimited ads on every click which comes under spamming which leaves the reader to have an Adblock. This seems to be a grey area where both bloggers and readers are facing a backlash. Hence users use Adblocks, and for bloggers, we have the ultimate solution to detect Adblock users in WordPress.

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