How To Advertise On Instagram As A Small Businesses in 2024?

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Did you know that Instagram’s 300 million monthly users share an average of 70 million posts per day? Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has seen over 30 billion photos posted. This platform is a goldmine for businesses aiming to reach their target audience through social media. If you're wondering how to advertise on Instagram, read on to become an expert.

Using Instagram to Promote Your Business

Statistics show that one-fourth of all internet users are on Instagram, spending around 21 minutes per day on the app. This makes it an ideal platform for engaging potential customers with compelling call-to-action advertisements. Instagram boasts the highest engagement rates among social media platforms, making it a prime choice for marketers.

Engagement Rates: Instagram vs. Twitter

  • Instagram: 3.31%
  • Twitter: 0.07%

With Instagram now under Facebook’s wing, businesses can leverage Facebook’s robust advertising features, such as precise audience targeting.

Creating an Ad

If you're new to Instagram advertising, here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Connect Your Accounts: Link your Instagram account to your Facebook Page.
  2. Set Up Business Manager: Add your Instagram page to your Facebook Business Manager account.
  3. Use Facebook’s Power Editor: Create your Instagram ads using the same platform as Facebook ads. Options include clicks to website, video views, and mobile app installs.
  4. Choose Your Ad Format: Select from photo, video (30 seconds max), or carousel (a photo gallery).
  5. Set Spend Limits and Target Audience: Customize your campaign budget and audience in the Power Editor.

Instagram Video Ads

Videos are a powerful tool on Instagram, driving significantly higher engagement than still ads. Consumers are 27 times more likely to click on a video ad, and 65% of viewers watch at least three-quarters of a video.

Tips for Effective Video Ads

  • Capture Attention Quickly: Ensure motion in the first few frames to hook viewers.
  • Design for Sound-Off: Videos play automatically without sound, so your message should be clear even without audio.
  • Keep It Short and Engaging: Although limited to 30 seconds, tell a compelling story that evokes emotion.
  • Cost-Effective Production: High-quality videos can be produced affordably using freelancers from platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.
dall·e 2024 06 04 11.18.45 an isometric illustration in a 16 9 aspect ratio showing how to advertise on instagram as a small business. the image features a central figure of a s 1
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How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Instagram?

Advertising costs on Instagram are flexible and can be tailored to fit any budget. You can choose between daily, monthly, or lifetime budgets. Start with a test ad to gauge performance and adjust your budget based on engagement and cost-per-click results.

How to Advertise on Instagram

Instagram offers various ways to promote your small business and build brand recognition. Here are some effective strategies:

Brand Engagement

Engage with your followers by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. Use hashtags to discover and connect with potential customers who are interested in your offerings.

Contests and Giveaways

Running contests and giveaways is an excellent way to attract new followers and keep your audience engaged. It also provides an opportunity to showcase your products or services at a minimal cost.

Hashtag Marketing

Use relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts. Aim for 3-4 hashtags per post to avoid overloading your content. Popular hashtags can help you reach a broader audience and increase engagement.


Instagram is a powerful platform for small businesses to advertise and engage with their target audience. By following these tips, you can create effective ads that drive engagement and build brand loyalty. Start experimenting with Instagram advertising today and watch your business grow.

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