Hostgator vs Wix Comparison 2024: Which is the Better Site Builder?

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⏳ Do you want to skip the read and get right to my pick in this Hostgator vs Wix comparison? The better website builder for most people is Wix.

Introduction to our Hostgator vs Wix Comparison:

With so many people jumping onto the ecommerce bandwagon, site building and hosting platforms have been stepping up their game. But with all the choices currently available, which one do you choose?

In this review, we pit Hostgator vs Wix, two names that have popped up as top choices for those looking for a site builder with its own hosting facility, against each other to see which works better as an all-in-one builder/host for 2021. This Hostgator vs Wix match will be judged based on ease of use, pricing, functionality, mobility, and eCommerce capability.

Quick Comparison Table Between Hostgator and Wix Website Builders

Feature 🥇 Wix (My Top Pick!) HostGator Website Builder
Ease of Use Highly intuitive drag-and-drop builder with a user-friendly interface. Simple and straightforward drag-and-drop builder, easy for beginners.
Key Features & Flexibility Over 500 templates, extensive app market, custom coding options, and advanced design features. Over 200 templates, limited add-ons, and basic design customization.
SEO & Marketing Comprehensive SEO tools, email marketing, social media integration, and analytics. Basic SEO tools, limited marketing features.
E-Commerce Robust e-commerce features including product options, payment gateways, and marketing tools. Basic e-commerce features suitable for small online stores.
Customer Support & Resources 24/7 support through ticketing, phone support for premium plans, extensive knowledge base and community forums. 24/7/365 support via live chat and phone, knowledge base.
Pricing Starting at $14/month with multiple plan options for different needs.

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Starting at $3.84/month, more cost-effective but with fewer features.

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My View Best for creating feature-rich, visually appealing websites with extensive customization options. Best for those on a budget looking for a simple and straightforward website building solution.
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Overview: Will Wix or Hostgator work better as your website builder?

Here are our dueling platforms – Hostgator Wix – in a nutshell:


Based in Houston, TX, Hostgator is part of the Endurance International Group (EIG) which owns a number of the world’s leading hosting providers. It’s been around since 2002 and is considered one of the most reasonably priced hosting services currently available.

While not technically a site builder – it is, after all, more of a site host – it does have its own built-in building platform called Gator Builder that practically anyone can use even without prior knowledge of coding. This hosting provider has also been inextricably linked to the popular blogging platform



Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Wix has had a well-earned reputation as the “world’s favourite site builder” and you can add “favoured hosting service” to the appellation. Along with its AI-driven site builder, Wix takes the guesswork and stress out of site creation by throwing in its own managed hosting service as part of its standard packages.

Thus, it isn’t surprising that it’s the builder of choice for millions of users who have patronised it for nearly two decades.


Ease of Use:

Which between Hostgator Wix wins in ease of use?


Compared to similar hosting platforms, Hostgator is one of the easiest to use in the field. Especially if you’re starting out with a smaller site, the interface is easily navigable. Likewise, its in-platform site builder Gator offers the ability to create a website to one’s specifications thanks to a drag-and-drop interface.


Two words: artificial intelligence or AI. AI is what brings almost total ease of use to the table. In this case, it turns its already intuitive site builder into a highly biddable platform that is attuned to the user’s moves. In which case, site creation is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed.

Like Hostgator Wix's drag-and-drop interface also makes creation and customisation a doddle, enabling users to create a site that is apropos to their corporate identity or brand image.

Winner – Wix! In this phase of the Hostgator vs Wix match, we’re calling Ease of Use for Wix. While Hostgator and Wix have quite a bit to offer, Wix is the more user-friendly choice.

Features and Flexibility:

Let's assess what features Hostgator and Wix offer to the end-user.


What built-in features can Hostgator and Wix provide?


Along with the Gator site builder, Hostgator subscriptions come with a number of nifty features that will certainly take a number of headaches out of building and deploying your website. An SSL certificate is already included, delivering a secure browsing experience for visitors to your site; social media integration and site analytics are also included.


Wix’s biggest draw is its drag-and-drop builder whose user interface (UI) is laid out in a practical manner: you don’t have to do a deep dive to look for certain tools or features. All the menus are laid out where you can see them, so all you really need to do is pick and mix. Likewise, key features such as SEO tools and an ecommerce suite are already bundled into your subscription.

Hostgator vs Wix Themes and Templates:

Which can help you create a more stunning website – Wix or Hostgator?


There are a number of templates already built into the Gator UI, but to be perfectly honest, these are quite basic. However, there is quite a diverse selection in several categories: business and consultancy, music and entertainment, and business and consultancy among others.


With 800+ themes available in 70 categories, users are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a template that suits their site. The thing about Wix templates is that they are also easy to use and there are no technical issues when it comes to editing them.

Customisation Tools:

Which between Hostgator Wix gives you more freedom to create?


The basic site builder already has a number of customisation tools built into it referred to as its Basic Style Tool Kit, but mind you: these are as simple as they come. Along with provisions for adding and editing text, there are also tools for the adjustment of elements within the page (so as to revise any overlaps, as previously mentioned), size adjustment, as well as pre-configured element designs.


The beauty of Wix is that tools for both aesthetic and technical customization are already built into the UI. The design tools make it easy to swap out templates or change the colour schemes for a page or a full rafter of pages.

More technical tools enable users to create their own custom widgets to enhance the user experience (UX) on their sites. The only downside is that it doesn't let you reverse your theme choice once your site goes live.

Hostgator vs Wix 3rd Party Integrations:

Apps integrations can multiply your site's functionality. So which is better in this regard – Wix or Hostgator?


As previously stated, Gator offers integration with several social media platforms and payment channels. However, Gator’s ability to interact with other third-party tools is sorely limited and nowhere near that of other basic site builders.


Unlike Hostgator Wix’s in-platform App Market features 300 third-party integrations, including ecommerce solutions, collaborative platforms, communications tools, social media integration widgets, and content feeds.


How does Wix or Hostgator measure up in hosting capability?


This is what the platform is best at. Hostgator offers both shared hosting via content delivery network (CDN) as well as cloud-based hosting. Uptime is constantly at 99.9% and users enjoy unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Best of all, the platform doesn’t have a data cap, on the premise that businesses need room to grow – especially online.


Compared to Hostgator Wix users now have two particular options when it comes to hosting. Cloud hosting is a relatively new addition and one we recommend for users who want a more stable and secure server for their sites. For those who are of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” frame of mind, Wix’s classic shared hosting wherein sites are hosted via CDN in data centres deployed in various locations to ensure business continuity at all times.


Should the unthinkable happen, how does Wix or Hostgator ensure you can retrieve data?


Backups on Hostgator are automated and run regularly: weekly (but the date is never specific) and only a week's worth of data is kept at any given time. Any other terms regarding the backup service are dependent on the type of hosting account and subscription package a user is on.


Compared to Hostgator Wix’s take on automated backup – its Site History feature – allows users to save a previous iteration of the website. However, you need to save frequently if you want to be able to use the most recent version of your site. Otherwise, you can redeploy the last saved version, but you’ll have to manually code or edit it if you want to bring it up to speed. It’s cumbersome, but saving frequently can keep you from having to manually edit later on.


If you decide to move your website across platforms – which is better for migration, Wix or Hostgator?


Content migration is free for new accounts on Hostgator if their sites were built on a totally different platform. Users can move website files, databases, working scripts, as well as the domain; note, however, that you only get one free domain registration transfer. Likewise, interserver transfers are also permissible, but these only work if you're transferring from one Hostgator account to another.


The problem we have with Wix is that you can only migrate sites within the same platform. Wix’s Transfer Site only works for in-platform moves. Even today, there are still no provisions for transferring sites from one platform to another. If you want to simply move files from one host to another, you’ll have to save your databases to *.csv files in order to move them over to your Wix account.

Winner – WIX! for overall better site features in this Hostgator vs Wix ‘Features and Flexibility' comparison.

SEO and Mobility:

Between Wix or Hostgator, who is better at helping you land on page 1 of the search engines?


Let's look at how Hostgator and Wix handle SEO.


Hostgator has its own suite of SEO tools and there are two tiers that users can choose from: SEO Tools Start for those who are creating entirely new sites for submission to search engines, and SEO Tools Grow for more established sites seeking to improve their site ranking on engines like Google and Bing. Standard tools include site engine submission, monthly email reports, and competitor analyses.


The platform’s SEO tool suite is already built into the UI, and can be used by anyone with a Wix account. Unfortunately, those using a free subscription can only use this in a limited capacity. Nevertheless, provisions for improving site ranking and searchability are available and can be used to amp up site visibility.


What about mobile responsivity between Wix or Hostgator?


Both Hostgator and Wix have mobile apps. Hostgator allows users to edit and manage their sites anywhere through an app that is available for both Android and iOS. Likewise, Hostgator also offers mobile email for those in certain subscription tiers.


Wix doesn’t have a mobile app, but you can work on your site through a mobile browser. This may take some getting used to, though; it can be challenging to work with on a smaller screen.


How fast are Hostgator and Wix websites?

Hostgator sites load at a staggering 1.03 seconds. Comparing Hostgator vs Wix, relatively, Wix loads a little slower at three seconds flat.

Winner – Hostgator! If we’re going to go by SEO features, we’re giving this to Hostgator in this Hostgator vs Wix ‘SEO and Mobility' round.

eCommerce Tools:

If you're looking to monetise your site or shift to an online store, which between Wix or Hostgator is better?


Hostgator’s ecommerce capabilities are built into the system.  These include storefront management tools, integrated shipping, product management, payment portals, and provisions for international transactions and variants.


Wix’s ecommerce toolkit features a number of tools for online store management, online and offline marketing, international currency support, shipping schedules, and delivery logistics.

Winner – Draw! We’re calling this ‘eCommerce Tools' round of the Hostgator vs Wix match a draw.

Support and Resources:

If you need a helping hand, how do Hostgator and Wix provide support?


Customer service and technical support are available 24/7 via live chat, phone, and email, but these channels can get very busy. The solution: sign up for mid- to top-tier subscriptions so that you can be given priority service. Also, the knowledge base is a bit skimpy, as it responds primarily to keywords and you may have trouble getting answers to more complex questions.


Comparing Hostgator vs Wix, Wix offers an extensively researched, updated, and maintained knowledge base for quick tips and advanced learning on your own. However, its customer and technical service is only available during business hours on the phone and LiveChat is only available for higher subscription tiers. Email support is always available.

Winner – Hostgator! The support round goes to Hostgator in this Hostgator vs Wix showdown as its provisions for customer assistance are more timely and extensive.

Hostgator Wix Pricing:

How much will Wix or Hostgator set you back?


Price range for subscriptions spins between their regular price of $7.16 to $18.45 a month. Right now, the platform offers a 50% discount on all plans.

Subscription tiers range from the Starter which offers all the important features (though you can’t get priority customer support) to eCommerce which offers all the bells and whistles for creating an effective online storefront.


Unfortunately, Gator sitebuilder does not offer a free trial plan. If you wish to build a website or online store via Gator Builder, you should be ready to pay the price immediately.

The platform, however, offers a money-back guarantee within the first 45 days of your purchase.


Compared to Hostgator Wix has seven subscription plans as shown below. What sets it apart from most site building subscriptions is that all of the features offered for premium plans may also be used by those on a free subscription. Of course, there are limits, but you can’t say that it isn’t fully functional.


As stated on their terms of use page, there's a Wix free plan as well as a 14-day money-back guarantee on all plans.

Winner – Wix! While both Hostgator and Wix offer great value for money, we’re giving this round to Wix in this Hostgator vs Wix ‘Pricing' comparison.

Comparison Winner: Wix or Hostgator?

We consider Wix the Comparison Winner in this battle of site builders. However, if we were to judge strictly on site hosting and management, this would easily be Hostgator’s battle to win.

Conclusion and Recommendations to our Hostgator vs Wix Comparison:

To conclude our Hostgator Wix match-up;

Certaintly, both Hostgator and Wix are reliable site builders. However, after considering all the elements as to what makes an effective site builder for this year, Wix still takes the lead between Hostgator Wix when it comes to site building.

What is Hostgator best for?

Hostgator works best as a hosting service with integrated, but it also performs excellently as a basic builder for those who are just starting to get into site creation and eCommerce.

What is Wix best for?

Wix is an excellent all-rounder and it does have capabilities for ecommerce.

Hostgator and Wix Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best Hostgator vs Wix alternatives to create a an online website:

Hostgator or Wix Final Word:

Depending on what you need, we recommend that you also look over your options for both site hosting services and builders in order to find one that works best for your needs.

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Is Hostgator strictly for site hosting?

No, while Hostgator is primarily a site hosting service, it also allows users to create their own websites using their Gator site builder feature.

Can I use premium features from Wix even if I’m on a free subscription?

Yes, but note that you may only use these on a limited basis.

That’s all for now:

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  1. I’m a big fan of both Wix and Hostgator, so it’s hard to choose! I think the deciding factor for me would be the features each builder offers and the ease of use.

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