Crypto & Bitcoin Hosted Mining 2023: 3 Leading Services

Last Updated on   May 23 2023,

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Introduction to Hosted Mining:

Ever heard of Bitcoin hosted mining?

For those who make a profit out of mining Bitcoin, chances are that your mining team isn't really mining from the comfort of your home. Goodness knows how much chaos the heat alone will cause. Not to mention the noise and the pollution generated by the process!

In this situation, Bitcoin hosted mining – also known as Bitcoin webhosting, Bitcoin mining hosting, or, more commonly, colocation – would be a great help to you. But what exactly does it do?

What is Miner Hosting?

Bitcoin hosted mining can be understood when trying to define colocation. The term ‘colocation' refers to bringing your own server hardware to an external data centre, asking the latter to store the server in a safe location that allows you to access its content remotely.

For the most part, it is ideal for those who do application-specific integrated circuit or ASIC. This mines Bitcoin on a decentralised network. ASIC mining seeks out cryptocurrency based on a powerful platform based on the SHA-256 algorithm.

Technically, you get greater access to power and efficiency compared to older forms. While many Bitcoin miners, especially those just starting out, prefer to buy pre-built ASIC mining hardware, others prefer to build their rigs from the ground up.

If you're into co-located hosting, then you probably do it for convenience. In addition, colocation frees up a great deal of physical space. This is because such crypto mining hosting facilities have the necessary racks, cabinets, internet access, and cooling equipment to make it work.

Once you’ve housed your mining rig at a colocation centre, then you can choose from three specific crypto mining hosting options.

Types of Bitcoin Hosting Mining:

Dedicated Bitcoin Server

Dedicated server bitcoin webhosting provides speed when for mining activities without compromising on memory, storage, and bandwidth. Having a dedicated hosting service for Bitcoin hosted mining gives you absolute control over the server. It also ensures that your work is not disrupted by traffic to and from other sites as in the case of those working through a shared hosting service.

However, many cryptocurrency experts do not recommend dedicated server crypto hosting as the rate of success is substantially lower. Likewise, bitcoin mining appears to be prohibited on servers running Linux due to its higher than normal CPU load.

VPS Bitcoin Server

Virtual private servers are considered a great alternative to physical servers as they practically work just as well at a fraction of the cost. Indeed, you can create and configure a VPS to perform in the same way as a physical mining server. However, unlike dedicated crypto hosting, VPS shares physical hardware with other virtual servers, leading to lower service quality. That said, those who use VPS may not be successful as the processes involved are a great drain on resources.

Cloud Bitcoin Server

With practically everything digital transferring to the cloud, it isn't surprising that Bitcoin mining would go the same route. Here, the process of running high-powered CPUs to mine for coin is outsourced to a cloud server. It's highly cost-effective as you can just rent a specialised miner from a dedicated cloud mining facility.

Take note, however, that cloud hosting only applies to proof of work systems like Bitcoin’s. Cloud Bitcoin web hosting doesn't really work on proof of stake systems which allow those who lock a number of coins within the network to validate new blocks in order to earn freshly-minted coins.

Top Crypto Mining Hosting Services:

Here we present some of the top services offering Bitcoin miner hosting:

  1. Compass Mining: Best for Effortless Crypto Mining

  2. Frontier Mining: Best for High-Performance Crypto Mining

  3. Total Crypto Mining: Best for Total Crypto Mining Solutions

Top Crypto Mining Hosting Services in detail:

Compass Mining



Compass Mining is an Austin,Texas-based Bitcoin hosting mining service operating on the banner “Now Everyone Can Mine Bitcoin.” Indeed, it supports decentralised growth of hashrate to democratise the mining of Bitcoin. Hosting fees vary and generally cover the following:

  • electricity
  • customer service
  • facility security
  • monitoring



Be sure to read their terms of use before you decide on this service.

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Frontier Mining



Frontier Mining is a North American crypto mining hosting company originally headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. They offer their clientele with “mining-as-a-service,” banking on their 25 years of strong IT infrastructure. They offer ASIC hosting and GPU, and custom crypto mining hosting.


Frontier Mining plans
Frontier Mining plans

Be sure to read their terms of use before you decide on this service.

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Total Crypto Mining



Total Crypto Mining is a UK-based cryptomining service that offers Bplug and play mining equipment and hosting services, including ASIC miner hosting and GPU miner hosting.



Be sure to read their terms of use before you decide on this service.

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Conclusion and Recommendation for best Hosted Mining:

Bitcoin hosted mining is a kind of online service developed specifically for those operating in the cryptocurrency sector. Therefore, it helps to know what types of Bitcoin web hosting are available so you can determine which type would work best for your operations.

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What is Bitcoin hosting mining?

It is hosting where you bring your own server hardware to an external data centre. This data centre will store the server in a safe location for you so you can access it remotely.

Is Bitcoin cloud webhosting costly?

No, it is actually the more cost-efficient option. You can just rent a specialised miner from a dedicated cloud mining facility.

That's all for now:

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