GreenGeeks Reviews 2024: Uncover the Eco-Champion!

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Name: GreenGeeks

Description: GreenGeeks is an environmentally conscious web hosting provider that combines robust performance with stellar customer support. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, GreenGeeks offers a rich set of features and green energy commitments.

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Summary Conclusion

GreenGeeks has proven to be a heavyweight in the hosting market, with its eco-friendly policies making it especially appealing. Its performance is commendable, and customer support is top-notch. While not the ideal choice for very large businesses, it's an excellent option for most.

  • 📈 Uptime: 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 🌍 Server Locations: US, Canada, Netherlands
  • ⚡ Performance: Excellent, blazing-fast speeds
  • 💽 Storage: High-performance SSD storage
  • 🚀 Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • 🔒 Free SSL Certificates: Yes, Let's Encrypt Wildcard SSL
  • 🔄 Backup: Nightly backups
  • 🛡️ Malware Protection: Secure vFS ensures account isolation
  • 🕵️ Additional Security: Real-time security scanning
  • 👥 Customer Support: 24/7 Live Chat, Phone, Email, Knowledge Base
  • 💳 Payment Options: Credit Cards, PayPal
  • 📝 Contract Terms: Monthly, Annual
  • 💯 Refund Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 🌱 Eco-Friendly: 300% Renewable Energy Commitment
  • 🎉 Promotional Deals: Yes, click here for promotions currently available
  • Pricing & Value - 85%
  • Ease of Use - 90%
  • Features - 92%
  • Performance - 94%
  • Customer Support & Resources - 91%
  • Security & Reliability - 88%


  • 🌱 300% Green Hosting Commitment
  • 🚀 Stellar Performance & Speeds
  • 🛡️ Solid Security Features
  • 💡 User-friendly & Efficient
  • 🤝 Excellent Customer Support
  • 📦 Variety of Features


  • 📈 May Not Be Suitable for Enterprise-Level Websites
  • 💸 Renewal Rates Can Be Steep
  • 🖥️ No Windows Server Options

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Introduction to my GreenGeeks Reviews.

Greetings, web aficionados and environmental enthusiasts alike. Allow me to serve as your guide through the verdant pastures of GreenGeeks. When you marry performance with eco-responsibility, you have a match made in hosting heaven, or so the folks at GreenGeeks would have you believe. Now, is this emerald-hued web hosting service all it's cracked up to be? In these GreenGeeks Reviews, we shall cast a discerning eye over their offerings, price tags, and eco-credentials. So, without further ado, let's venture forth!

Overview: The Eco-Champion of Hosting

Ah, GreenGeeks, the web hosting equivalent of a finely brewed cup of Earl Grey – robust, reliable, and a tad British in their eco-sensibilities. Conceived in 2008 by the illustrious Trey Gardner, a chap who knows a thing or two about hosting (having dabbled with over eight companies in his time), GreenGeeks sprung up like a sapling in the concrete jungle of the web hosting market.

Allow me to don my historian’s cap for a moment. Since its inception, GreenGeeks has flourished into a bountiful grove, hosting over 300,000 websites worldwide. Now, that’s no small feat, my dear readers. But what sets GreenGeeks apart from the teeming masses? Their secret sauce lies in the heady mix of high-performance hosting and an unwavering commitment to the environment.

Let’s break out the monocle and delve into some of the fundamental offerings:

  • Uptime Extraordinaire: With a cavalier claim of 99.99% uptime, GreenGeeks sets the bar high. Now, you can sleep snug, knowing your website is wide awake and open for business around the clock.
  • The Eco-Warrior Badge: This is where GreenGeeks truly dons its cape. Boasting a carbon-neutral footprint, they're not just offsetting their emissions – they're fighting back! With a commitment to re-energize the grid with thrice the power they consume, this is a company that takes ‘giving back' to new heights.
  • Customer Satisfaction: As if being an environmental guardian wasn’t enough, GreenGeeks boldly claims to bat a hundred when it comes to customer satisfaction. With a repertoire that includes stellar support and an array of features, it's akin to hosting your website at a five-star eco-resort.
  • GreenGeeks Features Galore: From one-click installations and free domain registration to SSD storage and free nightly backups, GreenGeeks tends to your website with the care of a doting gardener.

In these GreenGeeks Reviews, we’ll continue to dissect the services with the precision of a Savile Row tailor, all whilst keeping a keen eye on how they stack up in a world that's increasingly conscious of its carbon footprint. So, grab your notepad and a cuppa, and let's dive deeper!


Ease of Use in GreenGeeks Reviews: A Gentle Stroll or a Challenging Expedition?

In our discerning GreenGeeks Reviews, one cannot overlook the ease of use. Time is a gentleman's most precious commodity; hence a web hosting service must be as effortlessly navigable as the River Thames on a calm day.

GreenGeeks Reviews: A First Glance at the Dashboard

In our esteemed GreenGeeks Reviews, the dashboard's sophistication is paramount. GreenGeeks is indeed a well-tailored Savile Row suit in this respect. The dashboard is sleek, with the charm of a vintage Rolls Royce, and navigating through it is quite the splendid affair.

Information such as support, billing, plans, and so much more can be found on your dashboard. GreenGeeks cPanel handles the rest of its functions.

Setting Up Your Web Estate in GreenGeeks Reviews

When examining GreenGeeks Reviews, setting up an account is akin to a delightful afternoon tea at The Ritz; it’s both elegant and satisfying. GreenGeeks extends a courteous hand, guiding the users through the setup process with a finesse that would make Her Majesty proud. GreenGeeks Reviews show that the platform caters to both the seasoned veteran and the curious newcomer eager to carve out a spot in the digital world.

Moreover, GreenGreeks WordPress plans allow for easy installation in a matter of clicks through Softaculous. The best part of Sofftaculous is that you can install hundreds of different web apps and CMS with no hassle.

cPanel: The Crown Jewel in GreenGeeks Reviews

What is a web hosting review without examining the coveted cPanel? GreenGeeks Reviews regard cPanel as the crown jewels – crucial and opulent. GreenGeeks not only provides this cherished tool but does so with a touch of grandeur. In GreenGeeks Reviews, even those who have not had the honour of using cPanel will find themselves orchestrating their website like a virtuoso conductor leading the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Suppose you've used cPanel before, you'll find yourself getting exactly what you expect. However, if it's your first time using cPanel, then you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Admittedly, it has a slight learning curve but with a few tutorials and poking around, you can manoeuvre your way through.

GreenGeeks Reviews: Customer Support Worthy of Knighthood

In GreenGeeks Reviews, it's imperative to note that if one finds oneself adrift in the digital sea, GreenGeeks support is akin to a dashing knight ready to come to your aid. The regal options include live chat, phone, and email, and the affable staff display the grace and expertise that would be lauded at Buckingham Palace.

GreenGeeks Reviews: Concluding Remarks on Usability

To encapsulate the ease of use in GreenGeeks Reviews, this esteemed web hosting service provides a distinguished and seamless experience. The GreenGeeks platform, in our esteemed GreenGeeks Reviews, has shown itself to be a pinnacle of finesse and power in web hosting. It is with a gracious bow and a flourish of my top hat that I extol the virtues of giving GreenGeeks the earnest consideration it deserves.

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Setup Process: Navigating the GreenGeeks Tapestry

In our meticulous GreenGeeks Reviews, a vital chapter is the regal journey of setting up an account. A refined digital maestro values a streamlined process that allows them to dive into the action without entanglements. Let us embark on this GreenGeeks setup odyssey together.

Step 1: Selection of GreenGeeks Hosting Plan

In GreenGeeks Reviews, it is imperative to recognize the diversity in hosting plans as being akin to selecting a fine wine. GreenGeeks boasts a splendid array of options, from shared hosting for the novice to dedicated servers for those seeking sovereignty in their digital dominion.

Step 2: Domain Decisions

Any GreenGeeks Reviews worth its salt must address domain registration. One must either register a new domain or utilise an existing one. Like choosing a prestigious club membership, it is vital to select a domain that reflects the caliber and objectives of one’s digital enterprise.

Step 3: The Payment Pavilion

As with any distinguished establishment, a transaction must occur. GreenGeeks offers an uncluttered and secure payment process. It’s imperative to review the terms, akin to scrutinizing a contract with the Queen’s Counsel, ensuring that it aligns with one’s esteemed goals.

Step 4: Emails and CPanel in GreenGeeks Reviews

Post-payment, GreenGeeks dispatches the keys to your digital manor via email. This email contains critical information, including cPanel access, which is paramount in managing the sumptuous banquet that is your website.

Step 5: Deploying the Website

In GreenGeeks Reviews, this step is the crowning moment, akin to a coronation. With the cPanel credentials at hand, one must install the content management system (CMS) of their preference. GreenGeeks supports WordPress, Joomla, and others – the veritable knights of the CMS Round Table.

Potential Hurdles and Considerations

Ah, but even a gentle promenade through Hyde Park may present the occasional hurdle. In GreenGeeks Reviews, it is vital to be mindful of:

  • DNS Propagation: One might find that their digital presence is not immediately visible to the world. A period of DNS propagation is normal and akin to sending missives in the era of the Royal Mail coaches.
  • Support Channels: If faced with quandaries during the setup process, be not dismayed. GreenGeeks offers a gallant array of customer support channels to guide you.

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Features: A Grand Tour of GreenGeeks’ Cornucopia in my GreenGeeks Reviews

As any reputable digital marketing savant will concur, the sumptuous tapestry of features is the linchpin of any hosting service. In my illustrious GreenGeeks Reviews, we shall embark upon an in-depth exploration of this veritable smorgasbord that GreenGeeks gracefully presents.

Types of Hosting

  • Shared Hosting: Like a distinguished gentlemen's club, shared hosting offers a common space for websites to revel. GreenGeeks conducts this ensemble admirably, with sterling performance and resources that don’t leave one wanting.
  • VPS and Dedicated Hosting: For the aficionados seeking dominion over their realm, GreenGeeks offers VPS and Dedicated Hosting. These are akin to owning an exclusive Mayfair residence, where you dictate the decor and guest list.
  • Specialized Hosting: GreenGeeks hosts a gallant WordPress Hosting service, akin to a bespoke tailoring service for the discerning gentleman.

Domain Services

In writing this GreenGeeks hosting reviews, we are delighted that the company provides free domain names. This, added to affordable GreenGeeks pricing and GreenGeeks promo codes, is certainly as consumer-friendly as you can get.

If you currently have a domain name through a different company, they will help you transfer your domain name for free and setup a GreenGeeks DNS at no cost.

Subdomains and Multiple Domains; GreenGeeks regales you with the ability to host multiple domains under one account and create subdomains with aplomb. Imagine ruling over a digital empire with diverse territories.

Website Builders

GreenGeeks pricing is a major steal. Not only does GreenGeeks take care of all your hosting needs, but you can also launch a site using a free site-building tool called SitePad.

You can access the site builder through cPanel. The best part is that all SitePad themes are mobile-friendly and customisable.

CMS Applications

When it comes to applications, you don't have to worry because GreenGeeks WordPress plans have got you covered. You can quickly scroll through or search for apps through cPanel. Because of your access to Softaculous, you can quickly install apps like MediaWiki, Drupal, Joomla, and more with no hassle with GreenGeeks WordPress.


In our GreenGeeks reviews, we find that it is easy to install GreenGeeks WordPress with its one-click install feature.  Plus, because of GreenGeeks WordPress hosting, you can enjoy hosting services that specifically cater to enhance and optimise your WordPress site.

Site Staging

Effortless Staging: The staging feature in GreenGeeks allows you to create a clone of your site for testing purposes – quite akin to a dress rehearsal at the Royal Opera House.

All you have to do is go to your cPanel dashboard, select the WordPress icon and select “Create Staging” it will copy every inch of your WordPress website minus the domain.


In this GreenGeeks web hosting review, we won't neglect to assess its eCommerce Hosting options. GreenGeeks eCommerce one-click installer is the perfect solution for your online store. You'll easily be able to set up a launch an online store using popular open-source software like OpenCart, Magento, and more.

Email Accounts

GreenGeeks provides ample email accounts, like an industrious postmaster at your service.


Considering GreenGeeks pricing, it deserves kudos for offering unlimited MySQL databases that you can easily manage with the GreenGeeks cPanel.

Developer Tools

From multiple PHP versions to Git repositories, GreenGeeks boasts an arsenal that would make any developer’s heart flutter.


GreenGeeks endows your digital empire with room to grow and flourish.

Site Migration

GreenGeeks WordPress offers free migration. Then the team at GreenGeeks ensures your site’s relocation is handled with the care of transporting the Crown Jewels.

See more GreenGeeks features

Security: The Digital Constabulary in my GreenGeeks Review

Now then, let us don our deerstalker hats and examine the bulwarks that keep the ne’er-do-wells at bay in GreenGeeks. In an online world teeming with scallywags, one does need the digital equivalent of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, don’t you agree? Allow me to regale you with the security suite GreenGeeks has lined up in this section of my GreenGeeks Review.

SSL: The Golden Key

GreenGeeks offers free SSL Certificates – rather like sealing your correspondence with a wax seal, ensuring that only the intended recipient takes a gander.

Backups: An Honourable Safety Net

What would one do without a safety net? GreenGeeks employs daily backups, ensuring that, should you take a misstep, there’s an ever-so-comforting cushion waiting. It’s akin to having a proper British butler, who discreetly ensures that all is in order.

Malware Protection: A Stalwart Sentry

In these troubled times, dastardly villains and their digital malfeasance are all too common. GreenGeeks’ malware protection is like an indomitable Beefeater, tirelessly standing guard at the Tower of London, safeguarding your treasures.

Additional Security Features: The Crown Jewels

In GreenGeeks, we find a host of supplementary security features:

  • Spam Protection: Guarding your email like the Palace Guards.
  • DDoS Protection: Standing firm against the onslaught, as steadfast as a member of the Royal Family.
  • Secure vFS: GreenGeeks’ own virtual fortress. Akin to the mysterious MI6 headquarters, where not even the boldest villain dares to tread.

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Performance And Uptime: The Pace of the Racehorses in my GreenGeeks Review

Gentlemen, start your engines! Let’s delve into the raw horsepower that GreenGeeks brings to the table. We’re off to the races to see if GreenGeeks has the mettle to clinch the gold or if they’re simply an ambling carriage in Regent's Park.

GreenGeeks Reviews of Server Locations:

Server location can have a substantial positive effect on your site's local SEO. With GreenGeeks, you’ve got the privilege of selecting your stable, so to speak. With server locations in the United States, Canada, and Europe, you can strategically place your digital steed where it’s primed to gallop.  GreenGeeks has data centres in;

  1. Phoenix,
  2. Chicago,
  3. Montreal,
  4. and Amsterdam.

GreenGeeks Hosting Reviews of CDN:

Like the illustrious Royal Mail and their impeccable delivery service, GreenGeeks employs a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Powered by Cloudflare, GreenGeeks offers free CDN to its users which positively affect your site's optimisation.

This ensures that your content arrives in a timely fashion, no matter which corner of the Commonwealth it’s destined for.

GreenGeeks Hosting Reviews of Speed Results:

In this GreenGeeks review, allow me to let you in on a rather exciting escapade – this web host is the spitfire of the hosting airfield! Armed with Pingdom and GTmetrix as my wingmen, I set my coordinates to London, and, by Jove, GreenGeeks soared through with a spectacular 290 ms! It’s a jaunty, sprightly dash that puts one in mind of a cheery foxhunt through the British countryside.

Uptime: As Reliable as Big Ben

GreenGeeks promises a staggering 99.9% uptime. Much like our beloved Big Ben, it's a paragon of punctuality and reliability. Though I must admit, my reconnaissance does support this claim. With nary a hiccup, it’s as if you have the Royal Guard ensuring your site never misses the Changing of the Guard.

Bandwidth: The Open Highway

The company offers unmetered bandwidth, which, in layman's terms, means the open road lies ahead, free of bothersome tolls. Your carriage can cruise unimpeded, without fear of the congestion charge.

Webspace and Storage: Like the Vaults of the Bank of England

GreenGeeks proffers SSD storage across the board, my dear chums. GreenGeeks plans include unlimited bandwidth, SSD-10 storage with no webspace limitations. The speed and reliability of SSD are akin to storing one's valuables in the impenetrable vaults of the Bank of England. Quite secure, I assure you.

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Customer Support & Online Resources in my GreenGeeks Reviews

When embarking on the odyssey of web hosting, it's only wise to have a steadfast crew by your side. Let's have a gander at how GreenGeeks fares in the customer support department, shall we?

Support Channels: An Embarrassment of Riches

In my GreenGeeks Reviews, it's essential to tip my hat to the wide array of support options they offer. GreenGeeks ensures that clients have a splendid mix to choose from:

  • Live Chat: A jolly good way to get instant responses. The GreenGeeks live chat is akin to having a trusty butler at your beck and call on standby 24/7.
  • Email Support: When the matter demands a well-penned letter, the electronic mailing option awaits.
  • Phone Support: Sometimes a hearty chat over the telephone is just the ticket; GreenGeeks doesn’t disappoint. Available during business hours EST
  • Knowledge Base: GreenGeeks boasts a veritable library for those who favour a spot of DIY. But no support forum.
  • Ticket System: When one needs a dash more formality or tracking, the ticket system is at your service.

Response Time: Swift as a Greyhound

GreenGeeks doesn't dilly-dally. In my GreenGeeks Reviews, I found the live chat to be rather sprightly. The email and ticket systems, although not quite as rapid, maintain a respectable clip.

Expertise & Helpfulness: Quite the Resourceful Bunch

The GreenGeeks support chaps and chapesses are knowledgeable and friendly. They tackle your web hosting conundrums with the precision and aplomb of a skilled archer. Their command over the subject is impressive, and they provide articulate solutions without the jargon.

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Environmental Impact in my GreenGeeks Reviews

One can't broach the topic of GreenGeeks without shining a spotlight on their audacious environmental endeavours. In these GreenGeeks Reviews, the environmental impact takes centre stage as a crowning glory. For the eco-conscious webmaster, GreenGeeks unfurls its green banner with pride.

Carbon-Neutral Crusaders

GreenGeeks is not merely paying lip service when it comes to the environment. They are genuinely carbon-neutral, which means they balance out their carbon emissions by investing in renewable energy. What's even more splendid is that for every unit of energy consumed, they replace it with a whopping three times that in the form of renewable energy via the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. This move is as refreshing as a spring breeze on a May morning!

Eco-Friendly Hardware

In these GreenGeeks Reviews, the spotlight must also be cast on the company's choice of hardware. The servers, often the heavy drinkers of electricity in the web hosting world, are specifically chosen for their energy efficiency. These modern wonders consume less power without sacrificing an ounce of performance.

GreenGeeks Energy Efficient Data Centres

GreenGeeks Reviews wouldn’t be complete without a word on their data centres. The company employs cutting-edge technology to reduce carbon footprint. These data centres are energy-efficient marvels, with meticulous attention to cooling systems that don’t guzzle energy like a parched sailor.

Recognition and Awards

GreenGeeks hasn’t gone unnoticed in the environmental circuit. They’ve garnered recognition and awards for their green initiatives. This is a testament to their unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

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GreenGeeks Pricing and Transparency in my GreenGeeks Reviews

When it comes to the brass tacks of pricing, the landscape can often resemble a murky pond, hiding untold secrets beneath. In this section of GreenGeeks Reviews, let’s cast a discerning eye on the numbers, and what exactly they entail. No hidden cobwebs, just clear, unadulterated truth.

One of the most significant points to evaluate for our GreenGeeks web hosting review is the cost. When it comes to GreenGeeks pricing, you know you're getting your money's worth. GreenGeeks has four types of server hostings that have their corresponding plans.

Overview of the Pricing Structure

At the onset of our jaunt through the pricing lanes, it’s vital to have an aerial view of the landscape. GreenGeeks, my dear connoisseurs, offers a delectable menu of hosting options to suit varied palates.

  • Shared Hosting: If you're in search of a light, yet scrumptious, shared hosting is your chap. Prices usually start on the lower end of the spectrum.
  • VPS Hosting: For the aficionados requiring a touch more refinement and resources, VPS Hosting offers a delectable middle-ground. A tad pricier than shared hosting but, by Jove, worth every penny.
  • Dedicated Hosting: For the discerning clientele seeking an unmatched experience, the crème de la crème if you will, dedicated hosting provides an opulent bounty of resources at a premium.

GreenGeeks Pricing Plans in detail:

Shared Hosting & GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting:

Essentially the same plans, both are currently discounted. Difference coming from only 1 website hosted for Lite and then increased performance through the plans. Premium plans include a free dedicated IP.

One of the endearing qualities of this provider is the unlimited hosting features that go with their shared hosting plans.

greengeeks reviews of shared-hosting-plans

Managed VPS Hosting:

These plans differ from RAM, vCPU, SSD disk space, and data transfer.


Reseller Hosting:

These plans differ in SSD disk space allowance, transfer data, and cPanel accounts.


Initial vs. Renewal Rates

GreenGeeks, like a seasoned magician, wields its promotional pricing wand quite liberally. New customers can often find themselves showered with rather attractive rates. However, do be mindful chaps, that the renewal rates generally tend to escalate. It’s prudent to take this into account while budgeting, lest you find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

Hosting PlanInitial Rate (per month)Renewal Rate (per month)
Lite (Shared Hosting)$2.49$10.95
Pro (Shared Hosting)$4.95$15.95
Premium (Shared Hosting)$8.95$25.95
VPS 2GB$39.95$39.95
VPS 4GB$59.95$59.95
VPS 8GB$109.95$109.95

Additional Costs

In this GreenGeeks Reviews, I’d be remiss not to mention that there might be some add-ons that can add up. Domain registration, for instance, is free for the first year but renews at the standard rate. Privacy protection and premium SSL are but a few of the extras that may have separate costs.

Here are some of the common additional costs that were associated with GreenGeeks:

  1. Domain Registration: While GreenGeeks might offer a free domain for the first year with certain plans, there is usually a yearly renewal fee for the domain after the first year.
  2. Domain Privacy Protection: This service is optional and keeps the personal information of the domain owner private. There is an additional yearly fee for this service.
  3. Website Migration: GreenGeeks offers free migration services, but in some cases, especially for more complex or multiple sites, there might be additional fees involved.
  4. SSL Certificates: Although a basic SSL certificate is often included for free, premium SSL certificates for enhanced security can have additional costs.
  5. Backup Services: GreenGeeks might offer basic backup services for free, but for more advanced backup options or restore services, there might be additional costs.
  6. Dedicated IP Address: If you need a dedicated IP address, this usually comes with an additional monthly fee.
  7. Additional Applications and Services: Any third-party applications or services that you might want to add to your hosting plan could come with their own set of fees.
  8. Exceeding Resource Limits: If your website uses more resources than what's included in your plan, you might incur additional fees or be required to upgrade to a higher-tier plan.

Payment Options

For your convenience, GreenGeeks accepts major credit cards and PayPal. One does appreciate the flexibility.

Contract Terms

You have the liberty to choose between different contract terms. From a monthly arrangement to longer-term commitments, the choice is yours. Do note that longer commitments often come with more favourable rates.

Plan NameContract TermMonthly PriceTotal PriceSavings
Lite12 Months$4.95$59.40N/A
24 Months$3.95$94.80Save $24
36 Months$2.95$106.20Save $72
Pro12 Months$7.95$95.40N/A
24 Months$6.95$166.80Save $24
36 Months$5.95$214.20Save $72
Premium12 Months$10.95$131.40N/A
24 Months$9.95$238.80Save $24
36 Months$8.95$322.20Save $72

Refund Policy, Money-Back Guarantees

GreenGeeks terms of service page states 30-day money-back guarantee. If for some inexplicable reason you find yourself not quite taken by their services, you can obtain a full refund within 30 days.

Free Plans or Trial Periods

While they don’t offer free plans per se, the 30-day money-back guarantee does provide an opportunity to take GreenGeeks for a whirl without a long-term commitment.

Promotional Deals or Discounts

GreenGeeks is known to have seasonal promotions and discounts. It’s worth keeping an eagle eye out for these treasures.

>> Check for latest GreenGeeks promo code and discounts <<

User GreenGeeks Reviews

In my GreenGeeks Reviews, it's only fair to consider what other users have to say about their experience with GreenGeeks. After all, a company's reputation can be significantly impacted by the voices of its customers. Let’s delve into the highlights and common themes that surface in the reviews.

GreenGeeks Reviews on TrustPilot


TrustPilot, a widely respected platform for customer feedback, houses a collection of GreenGeeks reviews. As of writing, GreenGeeks holds an impressive rating on TrustPilot.

Here are some common praises:

  • Stellar Customer Service: Many users lauded the prompt and helpful customer service. It seems that GreenGeeks’ support team has earned its stripes.
  • Ease of Use: Quite a few reviews mentioned that GreenGeeks’ interface is intuitive, which is always a boon for both the technologically savvy and the less so.
  • Eco-Friendly: Many customers expressed delight in GreenGeeks’ commitment to sustainability. It’s refreshing to see an eco-conscious provider in a predominantly energy-consuming industry.

Common complaints:

  • Billing Issues: Some users reported discrepancies or confusion regarding billing. It’s prudent to keep an eye on this and communicate any concerns with their support team.
  • Renewal Prices: A handful of customers were taken aback by the increase in prices upon renewal. This is fairly standard in the hosting industry, but it’s always wise to be cognizant of the renewal rates before signing up.

GreenGeeks Reviews on Reddit

Reddit, the front page of the internet, is no stranger to candid discussions. GreenGeeks Reviews on Reddit are varied, with many providing insightful feedback.

Common praises:

  • Performance: Reddit users often commend the performance and uptime of GreenGeeks’ hosting services. High-speed and reliable services are essential in hosting, and GreenGeeks seems to tick those boxes.
  • Support for Developers: Developers have positively commented on GreenGeeks' support for various developer tools and applications.

Common complaints:

  • Limitations on Cheaper Plans: Some Redditors noted that the cheaper plans come with certain limitations, which might not suit all types of websites.

In conclusion, user GreenGeeks Reviews on platforms such as TrustPilot and Reddit reflect a generally positive sentiment. The eco-friendly approach combined with reliable performance and commendable customer service appears to be a winning formula for many. However, it's worth paying attention to the billing and plan limitations to ensure they align with your requirements.

Personal Experience with GreenGeeks

20 years experience sign or stamp

Before delving further into my GreenGeeks Reviews, I think it’s imperative to shed light on my personal journey with GreenGeeks. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Onboarding and Initial Impressions

When I first signed up with GreenGeeks, the onboarding process was smooth and hassle-free. The website is clear and uncluttered, and they have a knack for providing information without overwhelming you. It was rather delightful to have my account up and running post-haste.

User Interface

Ah, the dashboard – the cockpit of your web hosting experience. GreenGeeks offers a cPanel interface, which is rather standard in the industry. However, the cherry on top is the customisation and branding they've infused into it. It feels intuitive, and finding your way around is no Herculean task.

Performance and Reliability

Jolly good show, I must say! My website’s performance has been nothing short of stellar with GreenGeeks. Uptime is as solid as a rock, and the page load times have been snappy. It's like having your very own British butler – ever reliable and efficient.

Customer Support

Speaking of butlers, the customer service provided by GreenGeeks is top-notch. I had a couple of queries (partly out of curiosity, partly to test their mettle), and the response was prompt, professional, and helpful. It’s rather comforting to know that help is just a click away.


This one deserves a tip of the hat. The environmental commitment displayed by GreenGeeks is not just commendable but invigorating. In a world grappling with environmental concerns, it’s an immense relief to be part of a solution, albeit in a small way.

The Verdict

GreenGeeks has proved to be an astute choice for my hosting needs. With sterling performance, excellent support, and an environmentally conscious approach, it’s been a rather satisfying journey. If you’re seeking a sustainable choice without compromising on quality, GreenGeeks warrants serious consideration.

Conclusion & Recommendation to my GreenGeeks Reviews:

In the culmination of this thorough exploration, my professional verdict is that GreenGeeks stands out as a particularly strong contender in the web hosting arena. Its commitment to environmental sustainability is the icing on an already delectable cake.

What is it best used for?

Wrapping up this GreenGeeks reviews, we conclude that GreenGeeks is the perfect hosting solution for small to medium-sized businesses, bloggers and those who want to do their best to save the environment. Whatever plan you choose GreenGeek will contribute 300% in renewable energy. The robust performance, coupled with an admirable set of features and delightful customer support, makes it an exquisite choice.

GreenGeeks is primarily for people who are looking for a pocket-friendly builder with impeccable support. It's also attractive to those who are conscious of their carbon footprint.  If you're not one of them, you may notice that most of their features are pretty standard and don't have unique features that can dethrone industry standards.

What is not used for?

However, if you’re running an enterprise-level website with exceptionally high traffic or in need of a Windows-based server, you might want to glance elsewhere. Large corporations might find the scalability somewhat limiting.

GreenGeeks Hosting alternatives:

Here's a list of the best GreenGeeks Hosting alternatives;

RankingKey FeaturesPrice (Basic Plan)My View
🥇 BluehostOne-click WordPress install, free domain for 1st year, free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and 24/7 customer support.$2.95/month
Check Pricing
Best for beginners due to its user-friendly interface, affordability, and comprehensive features. It also has strong ties with WordPress.
🥈 SiteGroundManaged WordPress hosting, free SSL, daily backups, CDN, email, staging tool, and 24/7 support.$3.99/month
Check Pricing
Best for overall performance, features, and exceptional customer support. It’s particularly favored among WordPress users due to its specialized hosting services.
🥉 HostGatorFree domain (1 year), SSL certificate, 99.9% uptime guarantee$2.75/month Check Pricing HostGator is a solid choice for beginners due to its affordable pricing and comprehensive support resources.
DreamHostManaged WordPress hosting, free domain, SSD storage, free SSL, 97-day money-back guarantee.$2.59/month
Check Pricing
Best for those looking for strong privacy protection, a long money-back guarantee period, and steady performance.
A2 HostingTurbo servers for faster loading, free account migration, anytime money-back guarantee, and 24/7/365 support.$2.99/month
Check Pricing
Best for developers due to its range of developer-friendly tools, and also for its high-speed performance.
GoDaddyEasy-to-use website builder, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support$5.99/month Check Pricing GoDaddy is well-suited for small businesses looking for simple, straightforward hosting solutions with strong domain management options.
InMotion HostingFree domain, SSD storage, free SSL, security suite, and 90-day money-back guarantee.$2.49/month
Check Pricing
Best for small to medium-sized businesses due to its solid performance, security features, and customer support.
GreenGeeksEnvironmentally friendly, unlimited web space, data transfer, free domain name, nightly backups, and 24/7/365 support.$3.95/month
Check Pricing
Best for eco-conscious users seeking robust hosting features with a focus on renewable energy without compromising speed and security.
WP Engine (specifically for WordPress hosting)Managed WordPress hosting, daily backups, threat detection, SSL, CDN, staging environments.$30/month
Check Pricing
Best for WordPress users looking for high-performance hosting with top-notch security features and support.
Liquid WebFully managed hosting, 100% uptime SLA, 24/7/365 customer supportStarts at $15/month for managed WordPress hosting Check Pricing Liquid Web stands out for businesses requiring robust, fully managed hosting services with exceptional support and performance guarantees.
KinstaManaged WordPress hosting, free migrations, daily backups, automatic scaling, Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.$30/month
Check Pricing
Best for businesses that rely heavily on WordPress. It offers high performance, security, and scalability.
HostingerLiteSpeed Cache, WordPress acceleration, free SSL, 24/7/365 support, 99.9% uptime guarantee.$1.39/month
Check Pricing
Best for budget-conscious users seeking an excellent balance between affordability, performance, and features.
CloudwaysManaged cloud hosting, SSD-based hosting, free SSL, dedicated firewalls, 24/7/365 support.$10/month
Check Pricing
Best for users who want a mix of performance and flexibility without the hassle of managing a cloud server.
  • GreenGeeks vs Bluehost: It would help if you compared GreenGeeks vs Bluehost as an alternative. GreenGeeks takes the crown for being eco-friendly, whereas Bluehost might be a tad more budget-friendly with a larger array of options. Bluehost also offers competitive features for a little more than what is offered with GreenGeeks pricing and more server location areas including London.
  • GreenGeeks vs Siteground: Comparing GreenGeeks vs SiteGround, While GreenGeeks excels in sustainability and customer service, SiteGround edges ahead with slightly better performance and features.

GreenGeeks Reviews Final Word

While my GreenGeeks reviews paint a rather sunny picture, it's crucial for you to do your own due diligence. Companies evolve, and what's true today may not be the gospel tomorrow. It’s highly advisable to get your feet wet with their free trial periods or make good use of their Refund Policy or Money-Back Guarantees. After all, there’s no better judge than your own experience and you'll be saving the planet with every use, so what is there to lose?

The only way to tell if GreenGeeks is the solution for you is by trying out their services. If you're not satisfied, you can easily avail of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cheerio and good luck on your web hosting endeavours!

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How is GreenGeeks environmentally-friendly?

GreenGeeks has been recognised by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner. The company pledges to offset their electrical consumptions to run your website. Carbon credit buy-backs of wind energy make GreenGeeks eco-friendly. GreenGeeks is essentially carbon negative by returning up to 300% of their consumption back to the grid.

What are the basic features should I expect from GreenGeeks?

TGreenGeeks plans include unlimited SSD webspace, free domain, free site builder, SSL certificates, CDN integration, nightly backups, eCommerce-friendly, and efficient live support.

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