Graphic Design in Essex, London and beyond

Hiring a graphic designer for your business couldn’t be easier. We will provide you with the best graphic designer Essex has to offer.

Graphic Design That Helps to Grow Your Brand

Quality graphic design across your entire integrated marketing plan is paramount to enhancing your brand or company image. Brand reputation is everything in today’s digital era. Stuart Kerrs’s design team of experts will help portray a perception of quality by producing graphics that say WOW.

  • High-quality designs that fit in with your brand image
  • Enhance your brand reputation
  • Get that WOW factor from your graphics

Why choose Stuart Kerrs?

We are simply leaders of the pack if you are looking for local graphic design in Essex. Our creative design agency Essex; specialises in providing advanced artwork and logo design to London and beyond. Our graphic designers in Essex bring a wealth of experience to our design agency. This includes all aspects of Hi-Endimage artwork manipulation giving our clients the edge over their competitors.

The entire framework used by our graphic designers in Essex to produce high-quality graphical content considers factors based on proven marketing concepts that use buyer behaviour models:

  • Buyer behaviour Processes
  • Buyer Decision Processes
  • Brand Equity Models
  • Brand Positioning Models

We know that when searching the internet for “award winning” you will find many options, but we consider it is our due diligence, knowledge, experience, and highly effective approach to each and every graphic design that has gained Stuart Kerrs its exceptional reputation above competitors for producing the best graphic design in Essex.

Graphic Design for Social Media

Hiring a graphic designer essex or a logo design essex for social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram will help your business build and enhance brand image. If you want your brand to stand out above the rest on vast social media platforms with plenty of other businesses also trying to capture the attention of the same target audiences, your graphic designs need to be better!

  • Stand out on social media platforms
  • Persuade social media users to choose your business
  • Create graphics that outshine the competition

Photo Editing

Photo editing is as important as the graphic designs themselves. Airbrushing photos posted on your social media and website may seem like cheating or maybe unnatural, but the truth is, all the large corporations send every image that will be viewed by the public for enhancements. Adding that extra little bit of quality makes all the difference to the attractiveness of your firm and that is definitely something our professional graphic designer Essex at our Design Agency Essex can help you with.

  • Airbrush/enhance photography representing your business
  • Have someone review all business photography
  • Enhance brand perception that little bitmore

Graphic Design for Infographics

Sales drivenor informational infographics are one of the most useful tools a business can have in its armoury. In a world where people are exposed to thousands of ads and millions of words per day,the general public isbecoming immune to advertising and too lazy to read large chunks of service information.

At Stuart Kerrs we can assist your business by creating infographics that will help your target audiences absorb more information in a shorter space of time.

  • Help your target audience absorb more information in a shorter space of time
  • Drive more sales by giving your customer a better understanding of your services
  • Improve customer satisfaction with the seamless delivery of service information

Graphic Design for Website Artwork

Hire our graphic design Essex and Logo Design Essex team to create and design your website’s artwork. We have the expertise and experience to provide your website design with high-qualitydesigns far superior to your competitors.

Quality and consistency are the key components for projecting an attractive and trustworthy brand. After advertising or social media brings web traffic to your business, your website is going to be the main point of contact for many of your customers.

As a graphic design agency in Essex; the Stuart Kerrs graphic design team and our Logo design essex team knows that your website artwork is one of the most important areas of your entire graphic design strategy. Enhanced images, clear artwork, infographics presenting crystal clear information, logos, slogans, symbols, and other graphics will all need to be designed to represent your brand.

  • Highly experienced graphic design team with expertise in website graphics strategies
  • Create artwork enhances the quality and perception of your website
  • Bring all your artwork in line with your website to create brand consistency


We are ready to help you with your small business branding needs to then combine with full and ongoing SEO digital marketing. If you would like help getting your business in front of an on-line audience, contact us today to see how we can help you!

Service Features

Depending on what the graphics are needed for, there will be different processes. As we work together, we will gain an understanding of what is expected for the final delivery of your graphic designs.

Chat with our senior graphic designer about your goals

If you have a brief prepared, then great. However, even if you don’t have one, then we can work together to help your project achieve its goals. We will cover your objectives, timelines, deliverables, as well as your budget.


In order to produce the best graphics designs for your business, we need to research your target audience, competitors, and get ideas from major brands in your industry.

Concept Designs

We will then produce six to eight initial design concepts designed by three different in house graphic designers.

Your feedback

We can work with your feedback to start refining the designs. We can edit fonts, colours, work with different concepts, and A/B test graphics if you are using them for advertising on billboardsor to fill online advertising space.

Final Delivery

Once we deliver the final design, we promise you will be 100% satisfied with our work. Plus, our service does not stop at the point of final delivery. We can help you with the delivery of the designs to social media, online advertising platforms, upload them to your website, and more.

Full Ownership

On design acceptance we will pass all files to you in all requested formats with your ownership being 100%


Logo Design Essex.

A stunning professionally designed logo is the gateway to creating the right impression for an individuals or business branding and corporate identity. Stuart Kerrs can provide new company logos and branding design or a redrawing service for an existing logos to clients who have lost their original files.

Business Card Design.

Stuart Kerrs offer you the chance to update or completely refresh your corporate identity starting with your personal bespoke business cards. You want your business cards to stand out and represent what you do and how you want to be perceived, after all they are what you leave behind to be remembered.

Letterhead Design.

Plain and simple but essential for all businesses. Predominantly A4 single side with a bespoke design requirement but any request can be catered for by Stuart Kerrs. We provide both print and also digital formats to upload to MS Word. Match your design across all your print media for a strong branding presence.

Compliment Slips Design.

Maybe a very old school idea but they will give you that edge on customer service. Sent as a courtesy you want them to be strong and clear in their representation of you or your company and corporate identity. Stuart Kerrs will ensure our branding design is inline with the rest of your stationary.

Flyer Design.

Essential for on-going marketing but also ideal for newly launched products and specific advertising. Flyers are A4 when flat, usually double sided as a two page product or folded in half to create a four page. Branding is kept throughout the bespoke design service.

Leaflet Design.

Whether you need a general marketing concept or for individual products that you have developed, Stuart Kerrs can design and produce leaflets to any size, any number of pages and fold construction to suit your requirements but always keeping your brand design constant throughout.

Brochure Design.

There is no template for brochures and no set amount of pages, if you have a lot to say then the more pages the better! Any paper for print can be used to your approval, it can be a self-cover using the same paper or separate cover using something heavier and a different finish.

Poster Design.

Any size you require up to 1.4 metres wide and to any length, so Banners are an option too. A chance to push a product or statement as large and loud as possible during exhibition events. Make your brand standout loud and clear!

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