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Google Sites is a free website builder and hosting service offered by Google. It allows users to create and publish websites quickly and easily, without the need for coding or technical knowledge.

  • Ease of Use - 85%
  • Features & Flexibility - 80%
  • SEO & Mobility - 80%
  • Help & Support - 80%
  • Pricing - 100%


  • Free to use
  • Minimalistic and user-friendly interface
  • Features web hosting and domain


  • No built-in eCommerce
  • Lacking in SEO tools
  • Minimal customization tools

Welcome to my Google Sites Reviews. I'm Stuart Kerr Spindlow, a digital marketing consultant with 20 years of experience. If you’re looking for an easy and straightforward way to create a website without the hassle of complex coding or design, Google Sites could be the perfect solution. Designed with simplicity in mind, Google Sites is an excellent choice for beginners and small teams. Let's dive into how Google Sites can help you build a functional and professional website quickly and easily.


Google Sites is a web-based tool designed to help users create simple, professional-looking websites without any coding knowledge. Here’s why Google Sites might be the right choice for your website needs:

  • Ease of Use: Google Sites features a drag-and-drop interface, making it incredibly user-friendly. You can easily add text, images, and other content blocks with minimal effort.
  • Integration with Google Workspace: Seamlessly integrates with other Google services like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Calendar, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
  • Template Variety: Offers a selection of templates that are easy to customize, allowing you to create a website that fits your style and purpose.
  • Collaboration Features: Ideal for teams, Google Sites allows multiple users to collaborate in real-time, making it easy to work together on projects.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Automatically adjusts to different screen sizes, ensuring your site looks good on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Cost-Effective: Free to use with a Google account, making it an excellent option for personal projects, small businesses, and educational purposes.
  • Security and Reliability: Leverages Google’s robust infrastructure, ensuring your site is secure and reliable.

Google Sites is a powerful yet simple tool for creating and managing websites. Whether you’re building a personal blog, a project site, or a business website, Google Sites offers the features you need to get started quickly. Ready to explore more? Dive into the full review to discover all the features and benefits of Google Sites.

Ease of Use:

Much like any Google apps you have used in the past, Google Sites is reasonably easy to use. According to Google Sites reviews, there isn’t any learning curve since the interface is designed to be straightforward. So, how to make a google site? You can quickly start a website in a few short minutes. If you have a Google account, you’ll be able to use Google Sites completely free.

Integrate Google products like Google Drive, Calendar, Maps, Google Docs, Sheets, and more with a click of a button. Consistent with findings in many Google Sites reviews, there aren’t any technicalities or complicated design options that you need to learn before you publish your website.

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Design and Customization:

In our Google sites reviews, it's important to tackle how well a builder allows you to customize and tweak. If you lack technical knowledge or coding abilities, Google Sites gives you the ability to create a website. You’ll also find their drag-and-drop editing a breeze to use. Press the “+” sign on the templates you like, and you’ll be able to see a full one-page website.

All the customization options can be found on the right pane while the page itself is fully displayed in front of you. There are tons of widgets for you to choose from and embed to on your website.
Google Sites isn’t your traditional site builder since it offers cookie-cutter designs that are a tad generic-looking.

Therefore, if pitted against, say, Google Sites vs Squarespace, you'll probably find the former somewhat unexciting. There are pre-built templates for you to choose from that have limited customization. Unfortunately, even if you have the technical know-how, you wouldn’t be able to edit or add CSS or any interactivity.

Google Sites reviews suggest that some of the things that you could do are customize your texts, insert a table of contents, add sidebars, integrate Google tools, and add text boxes.

Features and Flexibility:

When considering Google Sites, Google website builder reviews on features are vital factors that you should take into account.

Google Sites Out-of-the-box:

With website builders, on the task of how to make a Google site, nothing is perfect. As various Google Sites reviews will inform you, it all boils down to its practicality for you. Google Sites does an excellent job of being a user-friendly site builder than anyone can use. How to make a Google site is absolutely something a novice can do. There aren’t technical options or coding involved. If you want a hassle-free process on website building, then how to make a Google site using this platform is your answer.

Google Sites Reviews of Themes and Templates:

Whether it's the Classic Google Sites or the face-lifted New Google Sites, it will give users two design choices: Theme and Templates.

The classic themes that were once available with the Classic Google Sites are still available today. There are additional banners and themes for you to choose from. However, as Google sites reviews will point out, these themes are simple and basic, with solid-colored banners that reminisce of Google’s website aesthetic. For aesthetic control, you can find Google Sites alternative builders like Weebly or Wix more useful.

Templates, on the other hand, are more of layout choices for the user. There are a few to choose from, and once you’ve decided a pre-built site will populate your website. The pre-built templates include design, page layout, and content that you can edit.

If the purpose of your site is to disseminate information internally, then design options aren’t that big of a deal.  The thumbs-down on design that Google Sites builder reviews point out shouldn't matter much. However, if you want to set up a brand, a website that can carry your aesthetic would be ideal. For this, you need to seek out Google sites alternatives.

Google Sites Reviews of 3rd Party Apps:

In many Google sites reviews, this criterion is where it scores low. Unfortunately, Google Sites does not support any 3rd party apps. So if you’re planning to use form builders, Custom logo Design, Visitor Analytics, or SEO apps, you won’t have any luck with Google Sites.

Google Sites Reviews of Hosting and Domain:

Google Sites is free for use with a complete hosting service like the way your Google drive files are hosted by Google. To top it off, since it's part of GSuites, all your security is handled by Google, just like your email account.

Although your published website can be viewed from outside your team when it comes to your domain, there are no custom domain options. You get a sub-domain []. However, if you want your custom domain, Google can help you purchase one through their domain host partners.

Google Sites Reviews of Backups and Migration:

If you’ve already created your site using the Classic Google Sites in the past, you can easily migrate to the updated New Google Sites. During migration, all your files will be transferred to a new URL.

SEO and Mobility:

How to make a Google Site with SEO and eCommerce capabilities? Unfortunately, Google Sites does not have any eCommerce tools, nor can you use a 3rd party app for eCommerce.

Whether you’re using the Classic or the New Google Sites, you won’t be able to edit the meta tags or meta descriptions. It is shocking how a site builder by Google doesn’t have any built-in SEO tools and features. There are rumours that Google favours ranking sites built with Google Sites; sadly, there’s no way to prove this theory.

You’d be happy to know that all published sites on Google Sites are mobile-ready with Google-like page speeds.

Support and Resources:

When considering Google Sites, Google website builder reviews on support and resources are vital factors that you must take into account.

Both the Classic and the New Google Sites are easy to use; should you run into any problems, Sites has a knowledge-based support page. Some articles can point you in the right direction and forums that have helpful replies. Unfortunately, there aren’t any live chat or phone support for Google Sites.


If you have a Google account, you are free to use Google Sites. It’s 100% free unless you reach the set storage threshold. And if you’re thinking of using a custom domain name, you will incur charges based on Google Domain or their affiliate domain hosting partners.

Conclusion and Recommendation to our Google Sites Reviews:

What is it best used for?

As many Google website builder reviews will have you know, this platform is targeted towards small business and up and coming starters. Google Sites does an excellent job of producing professional-looking and incisive websites.

What is it not best used for?

Its lack of design options, SEO & eCommerce tools are no surprise because Google Sites has always been marketed as a tool for internal collaboration.

Google Sites Alternatives:

In contrast, if you need a more intuitive and interactive website builder that boosts your creative mind, there are a few notable Google Sites alternatives. Here's a list of the best Google Sites alternatives to create a website;

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”48″ class=”custom-table”]

Google Sites Reviews Final Word:

Nonetheless, Google Sites delivers on its promise to give you well-designed websites in a few short minutes. If you lack technical knowledge or time to spend on nitpicking every detail of your site, Google Sites might be the thing for you. The lets remember it is free so there is no harm to try.

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That’s all for now:

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