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We will remove Google Panda & Penguin Penalties so you get your lost traffic & revenue back

What is the problem?

Has your website been Penalised by Google? There were days when providing SEO services was easy. Create as many links as you can, wherever you can and you are almost done. In fact, in most of the cases, those links, made without paying much heed to anything, can now come and hurt your site. Google came up with two very important updates in the last few years, and reiterated those many times, namely Google Panda and Google Penguin. If you have made too many unscrupulous links, Penguin is your nemesis, if your website on page SEO is lacking with content too ‘thin’, you are a favourite victim of Panda.

Why does this matter?

If your website has been handed a manual or algorithmic penalty by Google, it means that the worlds most popular search engine is placing restrictions that prevent you from ranking as high as you were previously or from ranking at all in their search engine (This is why you need our Google penalty removal service and Google penalty recovery services!). Google values the user experience for people that use their search engine above everything else and believes that high-quality websites that offer relevant answers and value for each search term should be those ranked the highest. This means that any websites that are using irrelevant and spammy backlinks and low-quality keyword-stuffed content to earn their rankings could get penalised if noticed by Google.

Any site that has been penalised will need to have a thorough link audit performed on their backlink profile and have any spammy or low-quality links removed. Furthermore, any content that is low quality and stuffed unnaturally with keywords will have to replaced with a higher standard that is written for the user rather than purely to manipulate the SERPS (search engine ranking positions).

We offer variants of our Google penalty removal service. While our Google Penguin recovery services are for removing spammy links, our Google Panda recovery services are for cleaning up poor content on your website.

Why choose Stuart Kerrs?

Over the years we have been able to help hundreds of websites have their Google penalties and restrictions removed and have the experienced and dedicated team of experts that will be able to do exactly the same for you. We can handle the audit of your link profile and give you guidance on what exactly needs to be done to once again be seen in a good light by Google. Our Google penalty recovery services will have your website performing again in no time at all! No tricks, no secrets, just complete understanding of how things work and hard work to get your ranking back.

If you have received a sudden drop in traffic or you don’t see yourself for a keyword where you always ranked prominently before, don’t delay! Contact us before it is too late and we will recover the lost traffic and ranking for you!

Whether it's a Google Penguin recovery, Google penalty recovery services or some sort of Google penalty removal service; Let us help you to get back listed through our effective Google Penalty Removal service.

Service Features

Google Penguin Recovery Service.

Complete link profile checking, using paid tools and manual verification of every link. Checking link networks, paid links and other spam links. Request for link removal. Prepare and submit a disavow report when necessary. Prepare reconsideration request to Google. Repeat the activities till the penalty is lifted.

Google Panda Recovery Services.

Checking the whole site content for copy, via paid tools like Copyscape. Checking keyword density throughout the text. Removing any keyword stuffing done either in the text or under the hood including image alt tag or metadata of the site. Creating Schema and

Other Google Penalty Recovery Services.

We also handle other algorithm fixes from Google equally efficiently including Google Core Quality Rank Update, Hummingbird, Mobile Friendly Update, Panda Update, Penguin Update, Pigeon Update, Payday Update, Pirate Update, EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update, Top Heavy Update, HTTPS Update etc


How do I know I am a victim of Google Penalty?

If you have suddenly lost a huge chunk of your traffic (usually 90%) then it is highly possible that you need Google penalty recovery service. You might not receive a written confirmation from Google. Ask an expert for better diagnosis.

How do I know which Google penalty recovery service I need?

If you have copied or thin content on your site, the Panda update will hit you. If you have created unnatural and harmful links, Google has Penguin update for you. Then, there might be manual penalties if you manage to avoid both of these. Your Google penalty recovery service expert is in a better position to tell you after thoroughly checking your scenario.

How long does it take to recover lost ranking?

It takes a few weeks, depending on how severe the infection is. It is totally under Google and their reconsideration process. We will try to get it done within 2 months, usually.

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