GoDaddy Website Builder Reviews 2024: Price plans & Coupons!

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GoDaddy Website Builder is a website creation tool that allows users to design, build and host their own website without the need for technical expertise. It offers various pre-built website templates, drag-and-drop editing and easy publishing options.

  • Ease of Use - 85%
  • Features & Flexibility - 80%
  • SEO & Mobility - 80%
  • Help & Support - 80%
  • Pricing - 85%


  • Mobile-responsive sites
  • Ease to use
  • One month free trial


  • Limited choice of layouts and themes
  • Not possible to reposition page elements
  • Blogging features are too basic
  • Support not always helpful

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Introduction to our Godaddy Website Builder Reviews.

GoDaddy is one of the world’s most well-known and well-established internet services companies. As such, it is a trusted brand when it comes to making websites. Our Godaddy Website Builder Reviews just whether this trust and success is justified.

First things first: their main business model is providing web hosting and domain names, but you can also create your website through them with their tool called GoDaddy Website Builder. This is not new though; it is the 8th version of the tool. The previous version was available for the past three years, but it did not get a lot of outstanding reviews. This new version was redesigned from the ground up. The interface and how it works is quite different, and it’s a good idea to explore it.

This builder has become very popular, and is now often compared side by side to other famed builders, as in, GoDaddy Website Builder vs and .org, or GoDaddy Website Builder vs Wix.

In this contribution to GoDaddy website builder reviews, let’s take a look at how the builder performs. How resonable is the GoDaddy website builder price? Can you use a GoDaddy website builder coupon?

Overview: The Website Builder That Can?

When you decide to buy a website from GoDaddy, you can either use a separate builder or use the built-in GoDaddy Website Builder. The cost? It’s free for one month. That means you can try it out yourself and see if it works for you. A free trial was never offered in the previous versions, so this is worth a shot.

Overall, we can say that the GoDaddy website builder is versatile. It has configurations ranging from a simple informative website to a full-on GoDaddy website builder ecommerce store. All designs are mobile-responsive, making them ideal for both desktops and phones or tablets. Designing your site is also a straightforward process, as you’ll see in the next part.

Also, in this GoDaddy website builder reviews, we’ll evaluate its features, SEO capabilities, mobile-responsiveness, support for 3rd party apps, customer service, and of course, GoDaddy website builder cost. We'll throw in information on discount pricing and a GoDaddy website builder coupon.


Ease of Use:

This is where GoDaddy website builder reviews say the tool shines. Even otherwise complicated ecommerce sites are made easier to design. You don’t even need any knowledge of coding to do this. This is great value for the GoDaddy website builder price.

The builder’s interface is simple, and you just have to manipulate the editor with a few clicks to get the design you want. Changes reflect in real time, so you’ll see exactly what your site would look like with the changes you’ve just made.

If you want to, say, change the layout of your site, it’s also easy to do in a few clicks. There are a number of preset layouts to choose from. Switching layouts also preserves your content; it only moves them around.

You can edit the other sections of your site in the same way. In the editor, just choose which site element you’d like to change, then click on the option that suits you best. For sections that have text, like the page title, About Us, or Contact information, just type in those details in the text boxes. Everything is pretty much self-explanatory.

Here’s another great thing about the builder: you can even use it on your phone. This feature has also been given a lot of credit in other GoDaddy website builder reviews.

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Features and Flexibility:

In this part of the GoDaddy website builder reviews, we’ll take a look at its feature set in more detail to know whether they're worth the GoDaddy website builder price.


From the get-go, GoDaddy website builder reviews are unanimous in saying that the builder is impressive because of how easy it is to use. Nearly anyone can use this tool to build a good-looking site, and they don’t have to work from scratch. The presets and self-explanatory editing tools make the process of building a website trouble-free.

In the GoDaddy website builder, the parts of the site with text are fully customisable. These include the header, footer, contact details, and menu items. You can even choose to have a call-to-action button, especially if you have an eCommerce site.

You can also insert additional pages into your site, as well as re-order them. Arranging the webpages is a matter of dragging and dropping. Also, you can choose which pages appear on the menu. That way, you can have pages that are hidden from visitors. However, there is no option to protect those pages with a password. This would have been useful, especially for pages that you want to restrict access to.

While there are layout presets you can choose from, everything in each preset is fixed. You can’t move the site elements around, and there is no way to change font sizes. If you’d like to add, say, a video, there is only one option. It only shows the video. You can’t add text around it or resize the video player.

Godaddy Website Builder Reviews of Themes and Templates:

Many GoDaddy website builder reviews mention the lack of themes. That’s perfectly reasonable, since originally there were only six themes available. Things have certainly improved but templates for layouts can be limited, and worse, everything is predefined. There is really no way to reposition any element. If you pit GoDaddy website builder against Wix, for example, the latter wins in that it has more themes and templates available.

godaddy website builder reviews templates

While we do like the simplicity of the GoDaddy website builder, customisation is not its strong point. For instance, the available presets are quite limited. The GoDaddy website builder does not let you use external themes, unlike WordPress, which has several repositories of themes.

For its GoDaddy website builder price, this limitation may be viewed as a letdown. However, despite its lack of variety of themes, at least you can customise the color scheme and fonts. There are lots to choose from, but it’s still disappointing that you can’t add other fonts or colors from outside sources.

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Godaddy Website Builder Reviews of 3rd Party Apps:

GoDaddy website builder does not support the installation of 3rd party apps on your website. This feature is clearly a disadvantage over WordPress, which has countless add-ons and external apps compatible with it.

The lack of 3rd party app support of the GoDaddy website builder is also not good for ecommerce, which usually employs a lot of external apps for various features like appointment setting, payment processing, and other things. Though there are built-in functions for these, most site creators would find them sorely lacking.

Godaddy Website Builder Reviews of Hosting and Domain:

When you sign up for a plan, it includes one year of web hosting. GoDaddy is one of the world’s leading hosting providers, so you can be assured that your site will run as smoothly as possible. Most GoDaddy website builder reviews are all praises for the company when it comes to web hosting.

However, the paid plans do not include a domain name, which is unfortunate. Every website needs a good domain name. To get one, you’ll have to purchase it separately as another GoDaddy Website Builder cost.

Godaddy Website Builder Reviews of Backups and Migration:

With GoDaddy website builder, it’s easy to create backups of your site. You may backup and restore your site’s data at any time. Also, if you have an existing site and want to transfer hosting to GoDaddy, migration is possible.

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SEO and Mobility:

Let's move forward to SEO and Mobility in our GoDaddy website builder reviews. One strength of GoDaddy website builder is that every site you create is mobile-responsive. In other words, they would look good and work well on phones and tablets too. Responsive sites have now become a requirement for many websites, and it also enhances SEO.

Speaking of which, the builder also assists you in optimizing your site for Google. In the editor, there is a section labeled “SEO”, which lets you adjust relevant elements like the page title and description. It also has an SEO wizard that informs you of other things you can add to your site to make sure it stays on top of Google search results. This makes it absolutely worth the GoDaddy website builder price!

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Support and Resources:

GoDaddy website builder reviews mention that it is beginner-friendly, as there is a wealth of introductory videos to help you. They also have a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs). However, you may find these resources to be confusing, as the help pages include all of GoDaddy’s products. You may need to hunt for the support pages for the website builder.


Aside from an extensive knowledge base, they also offer 24/7 phone and chat support. However, according to some GoDaddy website builder reviews, the support lines are not always helpful. Particularly, the phone support agents can be too pushy with upsells and switching to annual payment schemes.

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GoDaddy Pricing:

The GoDaddy website builder cost is something to be taken into account. The GoDaddy website builder price plan includes one month for free, and there is usually a GoDaddy website builder coupon floating around to avail too!

However, for you to get an actual website, there’s a separate GoDaddy website builder costing, and the company offers four pricing tiers: Basic, Standard, Premium, and GoDaddy Website Builder Ecommerce. If you take advantage of a GoDaddy website builder coupon, you can get generous discounts.

godaddy website builder cost

Here is a description of  the GoDaddy Website Builder plans. Remember that prices could still go down if you use a GoDaddy Website Builder coupon.

  • Basic: GoDaddy website builder is best for simple websites like blogs.
  • Standard: GoDaddy website builder comes with SSL encryption and PayPal integration
  • Premium: GoDaddy website builder comes with faster website speeds, tools for email marketing, and social media integration
  • Ecommerce: GoDaddy website builder comes with eCommerce features like shopping carts and credit card payment portals

Each plan is a one-year contract. Sometimes, you can also get a GoDaddy website builder coupon to bring the price down. However, the domain name is not included, so you’ll have to purchase it separately.  Do always read through their terms of service before you commit.

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Conclusion and Recommendation:

What is it best used for?

We concur with many GoDaddy website builder reviews that it is a versatile and easy-to-use website creation tool. It is useful for creating a range of websites, from simple blogs to elaborate ecommerce stores. Many reviews praise it for how user-friendly the builder’s interface is, allowing anyone to create an attractive website. The design templates make the process particularly easier.

What is it not best used for?

For power users, however, they would find, several GoDaddy website builder reviews point out, to be sorely lacking in customization features. The builder doesn’t give you a lot of creative freedom, and the presets are quite restrictive. If you need more ways to customize your website, this builder is not what you’re looking for.

GoDaddy Builder Alternatives:

While there will undoubtedly be interest in the above offers, those who are still unsure as to whether the GoDaddy website builder cost structure will fit their immediate and future needs, it is recommended that you also review other Website builder platforms to achieve a comprehensive understanding of what is out there. Here's a list of the best GoDaddy Builder alternatives to create a website;

Final Word:

In short, the GoDaddy website builder is ideal only for those who want a quick and easy way to build a website. Novice and expert webmasters will be disappointed at how limited the feature set is.

We recommend heading over to their website with any GoDaddy website builder coupons, check for any discount GoDaddy website builder price plans and only then giving it a free 30-day trial.

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That’s all for now:

Thanks for reading our share in GoDaddy website builder reviews. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles of eCommerce platforms, SEO software, screen capture tools, webinar and conferencing software, education platforms, best website builder programs, and more such as;


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