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⏳ Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? We find Webflow to be the best free website builders UK users need and prefer.

Introduction to the Best Free Website Builders in the UK:

Welcome to our best free website builders UK review!

There are plenty of options to build a website nowadays. You now have free website builders UK users can get their hands on to create your own website for free UK. Some of these require no coding knowledge but still get an amazing-looking website. Some offer premium plans so you can unlock incredible features to help grow your website.

However, what platforms enable you to create your own website for free UK? Which of them offers the best customisation features and value for money?  We rounded up the best free website builders UK contenders in this review.

In a Nutshell: Our 10 Best Free Website Builders UK:

How to create a website for free UK and still come up with a professional-looking site that you can be proud of?

We've evaluated more than 30 builders and came up with this top 10 best free website builders UK list:

  1. Webflow – Small ads (🌟 My Top Pick!!!)
  2. Carrd  – Small ads
  3. Square Online – Small Ads
  4. GoogleSites – the only 100% free website builder BUT with design limitations
  5. Jimdo – Small ads but with a 5-page limit
  6. Weebly – Ads and subdomain
  7. – Large ads
  8. Wix – Large ads and bandwidth limits
  9. Site123 – Large ads and poor subdomain

Bonus: Squarespace – No ads but a free trial for the leader in the space.

Quick Comparison Table For The Best Free Website Builders UK:

Rank & PlatformLimitations & AdsKey FeaturesMy ViewTry for Free
πŸ₯‡ Webflow (My Choice!)Subdomain, Webflow branding in footer, limited pagesVisual CSS grid, interactions and animations, CMS and EcommerceBest for creative professionals wanting a high degree of control.Try Webflow For Free
πŸ₯ˆ CarrdSubdomain, limited elements and styles, no formsSingle-page layout, responsive design, simple interfaceBest for creating simple, single-page websites.Try Carrd For Free
πŸ₯‰Square OnlineSubdomain, Square ads, transaction feesUnlimited products, Instagram integration, pickup and delivery optionsBest for small businesses needing simple ecommerce capabilities.Try Square Online For Free
Google SitesSubdomain, limited design and customization, no commerce featuresIntegration with Google services, collaborative editing, drag-and-drop designBest for simple projects and collaborative work.Try Google Sites For Free
JimdoSubdomain, Jimdo footer ad, limited storage and bandwidthSEO tools, mobile optimization, social media integrationBest for users seeking balance between functionality and simplicity.Try Jimdo For Free
WeeblyWeebly branding, limited storage, no ecommerceDrag-and-drop design, customizable templates, SEO toolsBest for personal or small business websites.Try Weebly For Free
WordPress.comWordPress ads, limited storage, no custom domainCustomizable themes, social media integration, mobile optimizationBest for bloggers and users looking for extensive customization.Try For Free
WixWix ads, limited storage and bandwidthDrag-and-drop editor, customizable templates, mobile optimizationBest for creatives and users seeking high customization.Try Wix For Free
Site123Site123 footer ad, limited storage and bandwidthResponsive web design, SEO tools, ecommerce capabilitiesBest for small businesses and individuals seeking an easy-to-use builder.Try Site123 For Free
BONUS. SquarespaceFree 14-day trial, no free plan availableCustomizable templates, SEO tools, 24/7 customer supportBest for users seeking high-quality design and aesthetics.Try Squarespace For Free

What are Free Website Builders UK?

Free website builders allow you to create personal or business pages completely for free. Some of them have features that are unlocked right off the bat. You can go with their premium plans to access more interesting functionalities.

However, if you are just starting out, settling for the best free website builders UK plan is more than enough for you to create your own website for free UK.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Free Website Builders UK:

While reviewing plenty of website builders, we decided on criteria to pick the best free website builders UK deserving on the list.

  • Ease of use – The first one we considered was ease of use. This ensures that beginners and those without coding knowledge can create a website for free UK without any difficulties.
  • Features and functionalities – Another thing to consider when you want to create your own website for free UK are the features the builder offers. These usually help individuals add more functionality to their website and enhance the user experience.
  • Design and templates – Design, template offerings, and visual editors are also things to consider. It's not enough to create your own website for free UK with a forgettable design. People can create a website for free UK that look sleek and aesthetic.
  • Restrictions. We all love free tools, but note that we also look at some of the limitations of each builder, like ads, size of the ads, bandwidth limits, and number of pages allowed.

From here, we can determine which free website builder is best UK users can depend on.

Up Close: Best Free Website Builders UK

1. Webflow – My Top Pick of the Best Free Website Builders in the UK!!!



One look at the Webflow UI and you'll probably get flashbacks to WordPress' classic CMS user dashboard while you create your own website for free uk. This is not surprising since the platform takes classic CMS functionality and elevates it to a whole new level.

The free version of Webflow offers numerous options for creating highly engaging websites even if you create your own website for free UK with zero experience in coding.


  • Over 100 design templates;
  • Block-driven site builder;
  • Extensive range of the best free website builders UK third-party applications; 
  • Parallax scrolling so you can have more interactive websites;
  • Advanced SEO toolkit so that you can rank better on Google;
  • Automatic backups even for free edition;
  • Portfolio building tools; and
  • Scalable solutions for ecommerce 


  • A great choice for those who want to create a website for free UK but have no coding knowledge;
  • Extensive range of design templates;
  • Built-in capabilities for ecommerce and content management


  • Steep learning curve so you may have to struggle in the beginning;
  • Limited functionality in the free edition;
  • Does not offer live technical support if you want to create your own website for free UK


Paid subscription with more features costs:


If you're considering Webflow, do read their service terms page.

>> Give Webflow a try <<

Square Online



Created by one of the world's leading ecommerce system developers (and its payments systems are quite top-notch), Square Online‘s site builder is an excellent choice for building ecommerce sites among those who are either just starting up or whose business operations fall under the small or medium enterprise categories. One of the best free website builders UK, Square Online offers solutions for creating not just a working website, but also a highly effective online storefront for retailers, boutiques, and brick-and-mortar establishments that may have segued to pickup and delivery due to the pandemic.

This ecommerce-centric and intuitive drag and drop builder comes with Square Online's award-winning point of sale (POS) system, management tools, ordering systems, and real-time analytics to help create your own website for free UK.

Admittedly, sites built with the free edition of this site builder will be peppered with ads once deployed, but at least it lets you create a website for free UK.


  • Business-specific site builder;
  • Integration with payment systems and order management tools under the Square Online umbrella, including:
    • SquareUp for gift cards;
    • Order management;
    • Payment gateways; and
    • Delivery management solutions


  • Offers an easy to use builder dashboard, making it a good choice for entrepreneurs without coding expertise;
  • On and offline marketing become easier thanks to built-in features;
  • Extensive range of features even for the free edition


  • Not the easiest to learn how to use;
  • Online entrepreneurs need to be aware of transaction fees before they connect with non-Square payment gateways;
  • Limited options for site customisation to create your own website for free UK


You can use Square Online for free but if you decide to upgrade to a premium plan – you can choose three.


Interested to create your own website for free UK via Square Online? Read their terms of use page to understand more about it.

>> Give Square Online a try <<




If you're looking for a way to create a website for free UK or an online portfolio, Carrd may just be one of the best website builders for free UK for you.

The platform enables users to create simple, free, fully-responsive one-page sites for pretty much everything.

Here, site creation is a point-and-click process involving preformatted layouts and pages built to spec.

Keep in mind, however, that this page-builder may only be used to build single-page websites – akin to creating an online calling card one can present to others to serve as one's digital calling card – hence its name – or online portfolio.


  • Users can create three pages under the free plan;
  • Online page builder;
  • Online stock image gallery;
  • 100 element allowance per page;
  • Social media widgets; and
  • 56 free themes and templates


  • One of the easiest free website builders to use;
  • Users can create up to three single-page websites;
  • All sites created with the platform are optimised for mobile devices


  • Does not have provisions for blogging or ecommerce;
  • Limited range of page elements available;
  • Limited site creation capabilities compared to the best free website builders UK


For those who would like to create a website for free UK and get more functionalities, here are pricing packages:

carrd pricing

If you're interested in learning more about Carrd create your own website for free UK, read their service terms page.

>> Give Carrd a try <<

Google Sites

google sites home


Google Sites represents the search engine titan's offering to the best free website builders UK environment. It's the minimalist way to create your own website for free UK. The templates are plain compared to other builders on our list. However, it offers sufficient features to create a website for free UK with little effort.


  • Nine templates to choose from;
  • Built-in integration with Google Workspace / Office Suite;
  • Direct image or media search from Google Images and YouTube;
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage;
  • Up to five custom URLs;
  • Real-time collaboration; and 
  • Customised announcement banners for events as well as promotions


  • One of the easiest site builders to use;
  • Seamless integration with several Google products for the page you create a website for free uk, including Docs and the Google Tool Suite;
  • Quick-access image and media-specific search engine already built into the UI


  • Limited features are not as advanced as its competitors;
  • Only nine templates to create a website for free UK are available, and these are difficult to customise;
  • Does not offer live technical support


This best free website builder UK is free to use for anyone who has a Google account. There are no premium plans if you compare free website builders with Google Sites – features are there by default.

If you're interested to create your own website for free UK through Google Sites, read their service terms page before giving it a go.

>> Give Google Sites a try <<




In our rundown of the best free website builders UK, Jimdo deserves more than just a mention. We've hailed this way to create a website for free UK as our choice for the easiest website builder, especially for beginners.

As one of our best free website builders UK, Jimdo is a platform even beginners can use right out of the box.

Jimdo's UI makes use of artificial intelligence – similar to the tech powering competitor's Wix's popular ADI platform – to help even the most clueless of users create great websites in next to no time at all. Just set your parameters, choose visuals from the in-platform gallery, and you are good to go to create a website for free UK.

But we have to put in a caveat here. If you have a background using other free website builders UK (like, say WordPress or even Weebly), you may find Jimdo a trifle too basic. It does not have the same range of features as some of the best free website builders UK on this list, and it scores fairly low in terms of site uptime, support, reliability, and even loading time.

Nevertheless, if you're in the market for a free website builder UK that effortlessly lets you create your own website for free UK, this platform may merit your consideration.


  • Jimdo Dolphin, an AI-driven site builder similar in principle to WIX ADI;
  • Jimdo creative gallery for static images and multimedia files;
  • Extensive SEO toolkit; and
  • Well-curated knowledge base and 24/7 technical support


  • The easiest to use right out of the box thanks to its AI-driven platform;
  • Even users on free plans get ample storage and bandwidth;
  • All websites are optimised for mobile devices


  • Doesn't give users creative freedom due to a lack of themes and templates;
  • Very few solutions for ecommerce;
  • Slower loading speeds and site resilience


While Jimdo does have a free plan you can use in perpetuity, paid subscriptions will set you back at the following prices:


If you're interested in getting Jimdo as your simple free website builder, make sure to read their service terms page.

>> Give Jimdo a try <<



WordPress is a popular website platform that is geared more towards advanced users. You have complete control of the design and the functionality of your website if you have the knowledge. WordPress pushes the boundaries not only in the design aspect but in the functionality aspect as well.


  • Excellent blogging and SEO features
  • Huge Professional Community
  • Unlimited Plugins and Functionality

Pros and Cons:


  • Secure hosting already integrated into your account;
  • Sites created with the platform are already SEO- and mobile-ready;
  • The easiest CMS-driven site builder to use


  • Customisation can prove to be an expensive endeavour as you need to pay for the best templates and plugins;
  • High vulnerability when it comes to hacking and DDoS attacks;
  • Can be a bit too basic for more advanced users


You can use WordPress to create your own website for free UK. However, if you want to unlock it to its full capacity, you will need some budget. This highly depends on which tools, plugins, and other resources you intend to use.

If you have the resources, monthly rates range:


Interested in using WordPress to create a free website UK? Be sure to check out their service terms page before you subscribe.

>> Give WordPress a try <<




Weebly is another free website builder that is easy to use and offers amazing plans for small businesses.


  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Comes with Highly Scalable Features
  • Free Professional Domain


  • Drag and drop interface allows for rapid-fire site creation;
  • Offers a full-featured edition for free, as well as reasonably-priced subscription packages;
  • Built-in security features to ensure a comfortable site creation and browsing experience


  • Limited aesthetic options;
  • Very limited range when it comes to SEO;
  • Updates are sporadic at best


If you are a small business owner and would love to create a website for free UK thru Weebly, you can use their free plan. They also have the option to upgrade to three paid plans:


Interested in Weebly to create a website for free UK? Then better understand their service terms page before you subscribe.

>> Give Weebly a try <<




Site123 is perfect for beginners who are interested in the creative aspect of website design. That is because it holds your hand when building your website, complete from suggesting you some complimentary colors to matching fonts. You also get reliable hosting and this is one of its strongest points as a website builder.


  • Beginner-Friendly Website Building Process
  • Decent selection of themes and templates
  • Chat Support
  • Tools for Creative Help


  • Predefined site creation parameters allow for the ultimate ease of use;
  • One of the few site builders to offer a free-to-use edition;
  • Offers multilingual options to make things easier for site creators whose native language isn’t English


  • Free edition is riddled with pop-ups that tend to distract site creators from their work;
  • One of the pricier website building options, but it doesn’t really give that much bang for your buck;
  • Layout templates are very pedestrian at best and there are very few ways by which these can be enhanced.

Read our detailed Site123 review to know more about its pros and cons.


Site123 pricing options are:


If you're thinking of using Site123 to create website for free UK, it's helpful to read their terms of service page to make an informed decision.

>> Give Site123 a try <<




If you are looking for the best free website builders UK that has everything, then Wix is the one for you. It is considered the most popular website creator with over 215 million users worldwide. Wix is an easy website builder UK that everyone can get into with no problem.


  • Easy to Use Visual Editor
  • Tons of Aesthetic Templates
  • Plenty of Integrations so that you can enhance functionality


  • Easy to use from the get-go so it's hassle-free;
  • Offers two site creation methods that have a minimal learning curve;
  • 24/7 technical assistance and an extensive knowledge base for online reference


  • If you aren't happy with your template, you can't revert the design and you'll have to start over;
  • Users can easily get overwhelmed by the number of features available to them; as a result, they can easily get lost or frustrated;
  • If you're on the free edition, the number of banner and pop-up ads can be distracting


Want to create your own website for free UK? Wix has a free plan, and you can it for as long as you like. But if you want additional functionality, check out the monthly rates range of their paid plans:


Do your diligence and read their terms of use page before committing to create a website for free UK via Wix.

>> Give Wix a try <<

Bonus: Squarespace



First on our list of the best tool to create your own website for free UK – Squarespace!

This website builder is great for professional creatives because of its sleek design, aesthetic templates, marketing features, and many more. Squarespace is perfect for blogging, photography, and other similar endeavors. On top of that, they have an amazing marketing feature to help promote the page you create a website for free uk.


  • Feature-packed so you can improve functionality
  • Security and Backup
  • eCommerce functionality
  • Blogging function so you can improve engagement
  • Stunning themes and templates
  • Free Trial
  • Built-in mobile websites
  • Analytics so that you can make informed decisions
  • SEO so you can have well-ranked websites


  • Specifically created for ecommerce site creation, so retailers and service providers can create a website for free uk;
  • It's easy to create a professional-looking website thanks to its extensive range of industry-focused theme templates;
  • Award-winning technical support


  • Drag and drop builder is not easy to use;
  • Customisation isn't one of its strongest points;
  • Not really free but has 14-day trial period


If you want to create your own website for free UK, Squarespace does not come with a free plan, only a free trial. However, it is highly recommended to go with their premium plans to create a website for free UK. Considering that this is the best website builder UK free for numerous reasons, the cost is worth it.

Subscription costs are:


Raring to create your own website for free UK through Squarespace? Read through their terms of service page before you commit.

>> Give Squarespace a try <<

Conclusion and Recommendations:

Now, to wrap up our best free website builders UK review;

So, how to build your own website UK free of charge?

When it comes to picking the right website builder to create a free website UK it is important to know your expertise and plan for the website.

GoogleSites is the best free website builders UK that features absolutely no ads. Wix is the popular choice to create a website for free UK because it is an all-around website creator. Meanwhile, Weebly is similar to Wix but more focused on small businesses that need a free online store builder UK. Therefore, it's our best free website builder for small business UK.  Site123 is beginner-friendly because of its initial creation tools while WordPress is designed for more advanced users who can make the most out of it.

However, we highly recommend Webflow because of its excellent features. It has it all among the best free website builders UK candidates – visually stunning templates, powerful website tools, eCommerce features, and many more.

Try Webflow for free


Are free website builders UK really free?

Yes, and no. If you want to create a website for free UK, you can. However, there's a catch: limited features, annoying ads, and others. Remember that these free website builders earn money through their paying users and through ads they add to your website. If you are just starting out with your website, it is actually a fair deal as you incur no loss. This means you don’t have to worry if you want to create a website for free UK.

I want to create a website for free UK, but what are the benefits of a paid or premium plan?

If you intend to go with paid plans, you will unlock many features of the best free website builders UK. These open up functionalities and tools that can certainly help your website grow. However, you don’t have to if you are just starting out. Create your own website for free UK using the basics first and then upgrade to a paid plan once you get familiar with managing your website.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this best free website builders UK, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question of how to create your own website for free UK for you! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;


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