Format Review 2024: Is this Photography Site Builder Worth Your While?

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Format is a website builder designed for artists, photographers, and designers to showcase their work online. It provides a range of customizable templates, hosting, and e-commerce features to help users create professional-looking websites for their creative businesses.

  • Ease of Use - 88%
  • Design - 90%
  • Features & Functionality - 86%
  • Support & Resources - 90%
  • Pricing - 85%


  • Blog integration
  • Online store
  • Strong privacy focus
  • Flexible gallery settings


  • Dashboard not as appealing as rivals
  • Hard to customise

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Introduction to our Format Review:

This article is a Format review – where I dissect the pros and cons of this portfolio-based website builder, including, of course, Format pricing.

Overview: Format, the portfolio-based site builder

In the world of website builders, there are multipurpose ones, and there are single-purpose oriented ones. If your sole purpose in creating a website is to display your portfolio, then you’ve come to the right review.


Ease of Use:

For your DIY website builder, ease of use is on top of the list of boxes to tick. In this Format review, we find that it runs smack in the middle of easy and difficult. It is not too complicated, but it is not as intuitive either. Unlike the more straightforward website builders, with Format, you’ll have to really look at the dashboard elements to find them at first. You need to go through a bit of learning curve and familiarity to use it. It has plenty of options and settings that may baffle the novice user. However, this is the price one pays to claim its premium functionality.

You'll also find later on the Format cost may run higher than other competitors. However, all you need to do is be smart and use a Format coupon to reduce prices.

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Features and Flexibility:

Out of the Box:

In this Format review, what's impressive about the platform are two things: an integrated online store, and client proofing. With Format, you get a one-stop-shop to streamline the frequently tedious selling process. It has excellent eCommerce functions that allow you to do what you’ve come to do – sell your products. For this and more, Format cost is worth it. More on this on the eCommerce tools review below.

Remember to always apply a Format coupon – which you can get through this link.

Another neat feature of this platform is client proofing. This is a way to protect privacy and rights that can often be violated when selling digital products such as photos and videos. With client proofing, you can design a private portal where you and your client can share content, feedback, download files, and watermark your images.

Again, this important feature explains why Format cost is steeper than its counterparts. However, Format pricing can be much reduced with a Format coupon – get it here.

Themes and Templates:

Format is steadily increasing its selection of themes that you can use for your online portfolio. As of this writing, there are over 70 templates designed for specific digital products like video, design, art, or wedding photography. You can easily pick a theme of your choice and tweak it to your preferred aesthetic. The platform features advanced editing options that would delight code aficionados. Or – you can always choose to retain the original theme and merely edit particular components.

In a sense, Format has successfully made online portfolio-building a stress-free task. You can customise through the desktop app or via the Format iPhone app.

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3rd Party Apps Market:

In our Format review, it’s important to discuss how well the platform integrates with third-party applications. For one, Format integrates seamlessly with Lightroom and Capture One to provide high-quality photos. This integration provides for straightforward uploading and publishing of your portfolio and client photo galleries. Also, Format has smooth integration with social media accounts and blogging tools, particularly Instagram.


Format allows you to create your own custom domain.

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eCommerce Tools:

In this Format review, the platform provides tools to integrate your online store to your portfolio site for the sale and marketing of your products. It possesses run of the mill eCommerce tools such as shipping, stock items, currency, shipping, price lists, and product availability.

Amazingly, Format online stores are commission-free beginning with 3 products if you subscribe to the Pro Plan and for 1,000 products if you get the Unlimited Plan.

Lower Format costs by using a Format coupon – click this link!

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SEO and Mobility:


In our Format review, SEO settings matter. Under this criterion, the platform ticks the box. It features several SEO settings to make your site more visible for search engines to rank. The platform also provides an “Improve your SEO content” section that gives tips and guidance to improve your SEO. Lastly, the platform generates a sitemap automatically to help your site index better.


All Format web pages are mobile-friendly. Plus, there is a Format iPhone app.

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Support and Resources:

The Format support team comprises of 24/7 support through email and live chat. It also has a Help Center where you enter keywords on the kind of assistance you need, and the site will describe in detail steps you need to take to resolve the issue.

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Format Pricing:

What about Format cost? Format pricing is affordable and comes in three tiers. To give you an idea of Format pricing – here are current rates for annual billing:

format review pricing

Comparatively, Format pricing may be higher than its rivals. Still, it sufficiently makes up for it in customisation, SEO, and eCommerce tools.

You can launch your Format photography website at discounted prices too – if you use a Format coupon.

Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

If you’re wondering what other Format pricing options exist, the company offers a free two-week trial. Concerning refunds, however, in this Format review, it needs to be clarified that only annual plans are subject to the 30-day money-back guarantee. As stated on their legal page it doesn’t apply to the monthly billing.

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Conclusion and Recommendation:

What is it best for?

So, back to our original purpose: is Format worthy trying out? If your goal is to build a portfolio website – definitely.

What is it not best for?

However, if you’re looking for greater flexibility and advanced options, a multipurpose website builder would be a better choice.

Format Alternatives;

Here's a list of the best Format alternatives to create a portfolio website:

  • Format vs Squarespace: When looking at this comparison, Squarespace is a multi purpose website builder that has the advantage for greater flexibility and advanced options.

Format Review Final Word

Go ahead and dip your toes with a site from Format, sign up completely free.

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Does Format come with hosting?

Yes, all plans come with free hosting.

What makes Format great for privacy?

Its client proofing feature ensures that you get your privacy. Only those with the URL and a password can access your client gallery page.

That’s all for now:

We hope you have enjoyed our Format review and have gleaned some useful information. Please do keep an eye out for our articles as we have lots of information relating to online services offered. You may be interested in our related website builder, eCommerce platform review and comparison articles below;


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