My reviews on FIXD car diagnostic tool. Is this the best car diagnostic tool?

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FIXD Car Diagnostic tool

Ease of Use 9.5
Design 9.5
Features and Functionality 9.5
Reliability 10.0
Pricing 10.0


  • Low cost, making it an affordable tool for most
  • The accuracy for most cars is very good
  • The UI for the app is intuitive and user-friendly


  • Just a diagnostic tool, won't actually fix your car
  • Not compatible with older cars

Introducing the best car diagnostic tool.

Imagine it’s early morning and you’re on the way to work, driving down the road in your daily commuter and then the check engine light comes on. Annoying right? What’s even more annoying is that the check engine light doesn’t tell you exactly what the problem is. This is a headache that car owners have been struggling with for decades. But no more. Learn why this tool is one of the best OBD scanners and one of the best car diagnostic tools currently out on the market here in this FIXD car diagnostic reviews.

The Check Engine Light Problem.

On the way to work, on the way to do your grocery shopping, or to an important appointment. Doesn’t matter where you’re going, getting the check engine light is always a headache and it’s always a problem. The biggest issue about the check engine light, is that it doesn’t tell you what the problem is. Great, so now me and all the other car owners with this problem, have to drive to the nearest garage or go to a mechanics; just so we can check to see what’s wrong with our cars.

Both the diagnostic process and the problem can vary. Meaning the time it takes for the mechanics to find out what the problem with the car can vary from a few minutes to over some hours (excluding potential queue times!) and then the actual time to fix whatever problem had occurred can also vary from a few minutes, to a few hours, or even a few days or weeks. Things aren't looking so great. An extremely annoying problem, and this is why I am writing reviews on FIXD car diagnostic, to help spread the word.

FIXD mobile app and diagnostic tool

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The FIXD Car Tool Solution.

This is where the Fixd Car Tool brightens my rainy day, and I’m sure that other FIXD Car diagnostic reviews will agree with what I’m about to say about what I think is the best car diagnostic tool. Thanks to a very successful kickstarter, we can take a look at this best car diagnostic tool. The tool itself is essentially a little plug in scanner. This scanner device then links to your phone, where you’d have downloaded a FIXD car diagnostic app. The device that’s plugged into your car talks to the app, and then tells you what’s potentially wrong from it’s database of over 6,800 possible issues and causes.

Ah technology. It’s great for those that aren't well versed with engines and automobiles and it’s extremely convenient.

FIXD diagnostic tool with mobile app

How does the FIXD scanner tool work?

So, the FIXD Car Diagnostic tool and app itself is reported to work “any gas vehicle from 1996 and newer” as well as “any diesel vehicle from 2008 and newer”. Specifically those dates, as cars from those years and onward will most likely have a port. This port is called the OBD port or the OBD-2 port, sometimes also known as OBD-II. OBD stands for On-board diagnostics. As long as you’re driving any vehicle with a OBD-II port (and it’s very likely that you are), then you’re good to go and the FIXD car tool is compatible with your vehicle.

The OBD port talks to the cars self-diagnostic and reporting capability, and allows any devices or computers that the dealership, mechanics or engineers have plugged into the OBD port to talk, read and then report back (in real time) any issues that the car may be facing. That’s right, the car itself is capable of reporting what the actual problem is; but all it tends to do is give you a check engine light. Thanks car.

So what the FIXD scanner tool actually does, is that it allows the car to then talk to you phone via bluetooth connectivity (once you have the FIXD diagnostic app downloaded on your phone that is). The app talks to the diagnostic tool and the tool talks to your car. The car tells the tool what’s going on and what the problems are, and then the FIXD Car diagnostic tool translates and reports back to your phone with the exact issues and what the causes may be.

How great and convenient is that? Instead of getting the check engine light and then making an unwanted detour to go to the local garage, wait in line as you wait for a vacancy, then have the mechanic diagnose your car. You can skip all of that and just whip out your phone and with a few presses here and there, know what the potential problems are. Live data and you can check through your stats and FIXD car diagnostic reviews, right there on your phone through bluetooth. Brilliant.

The cool thing is that their free FIXD Car app is extensive too. Their FIXD car diagnostic app lets you monitor live data of several cars all at once and all from just one phone. Via bluetooth connectivity, the FIXD Car Diagnostic review app can remind you about your vehicle maintenance periods. It can track the mileage of each vehicle and it keeps and stores the data history of all your vehicles too. If there’s a recurring issue that you’re facing with your car, you will know about it. The app will keep a record and history log of all reported data of your car. All part of the best car diagnostic tool.

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Pricing for the FIXD Car Diagnostic

The pricing is great too, especially for what the tool can do.

So, downloading their FIXD Car app from the app store or the playstore is free. Then the FIXD Car Diagnostic tool itself is very affordable for this kind of convenience and ability to simply scan and talk to you car and then report live data. A great deal if you ask me. They even sell packs of multiple FIXD Car diagnostic scanner tools, for those that own more than one car (or for families and friends).

And the best part about all of this is that they even offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. So, there’s no risk when getting one. And each scanner tool even comes with a 1 year limited warranty.


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My Conclusion Reviews on FIXD Car Diagnostic

When I think of technology; I think of convenience. And this OBD2 scanner tool is nothing short of convenience. It does everything it advertises to do and more. Being able to track all important data and history of my cars, all in one place with their FIXD Car app is convenient. The actual FIXD OBD scanner tool being small and easy to plug in, is convenient. That's why we read FIXD car diagnostic reviews, to learn just how convenient the tool is.

For the sole purpose of writing my personal experience and writing this FIXD car diagnostic review, I decided to check out some other reviews on FIXD car diagnostic and FIXD car diagnostic reviews and see if they also think it’s the best car diagnostic tool.

Currently, as of writing this article; the FIXD diagnostic tool is rated at 4.3 stars on Amazon. And many other gadget sites seem to agree that this product is great. It may not be the best one out there (meaning if you’re a car lover or a mechanic, you might opt for something more “heavy duty”; such as the FoxWell NT301) but this car code reader tool is absolutely fantastic for your average car owner.

Everything about the product is convenient and it all works. I have mine and I love it and I hope it shows in my FIXD car diagnostic review amongst many reviews on FIXD car diagnostic. Get yours too!

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