9 Factors Influencing your App Store Ranking

Last Updated on   January 21 2023,
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With 1000+ apps being launched each day due to which the app developers are facing a lot of difficulties in properly ranking their apps on the App Store or Google Play.

App Store search is the fundamental source of installs for nearly all apps out there. Although app marketers always talk about social media and creative marketing strategies, the fact is that none of them are as important as App Store Optimization (ASO). To put it plain, if your app is obscured by other apps, no one will keep scrolling down enough to install it. This is why ASO (app store optimization) is essential foster your app improve its rank on the App Store.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is all about getting your app to rank higher in the App Store search and thus being noticed by more people. While App Store Optimization is still a middle ground in terms of what works and what not, some factors have been verified to have the most bangs on an app’s ranking.

Here are the 9 factors you should be aware of that can influence your position in store search results and crucial “Discovery Lists”. This is based on experiences of various SEO experts who have being involved with many apps, with the download in the millions and a bunch of reading, experimenting and verifying.

1. App title

Whether you accept it as true or not the title of your app plays a big role in making your app top the charts. It’s the primary aspect that App Store’s search engine takes into consideration when a user types a query. That’s why you must always try to come up with the most appropriate app name and keywords to add in your app’s title.

2. App downloads

The total count of downloads is the foundation to make your app rank; the more you have the better you will ride out storms. However “download spikes” — clusters of a lot of download in a short timeframe, for illustration some PR that you have been doing can boost your rank up quickly for short periods of time.

3. App Starts

Only achieving a big number of downloads isn’t the name of the game. The app starts reveal that how much people are actually using your app and performs as a measure of engagement and retention. If you remember, Apple sometime in the summer of 2013 had introduced this.

4. App Revenue

The revenue plays a big role in ranking in the top paid app discovery lists for paid apps compared to free apps. Then and then only it would make sense that Google and Apple offer greater visibility to apps with a profitable track record of high generating cash.

5. App Keyword Relevance

It is significant that how well your keywords match with what people are searching for. To a greater extent this is more about finding than ranking but if you select popular keywords, you will have more competition and fight to rank on the top. You can use the store search autocomplete to identify popular keyword permutations that your rivalry might have missed.

There are different means to get around that annoying 100 character limit by listing in more than one territories but it’s probably a breach of the intent of the rules even if it’s not firmly flouting any rules so will pass on the details.

6. Social Proof and Backlinks

Google ostensibly tracks things like Twitter and Facebook referrals, and Google+ +1’s as ranking influencers as well as backlinks on the whole. Apple is assumed not to, even though a few clicks in their lately launched App Analytics is sufficient to tell you they are well alert about the traffic sources and would be competent of doing so.

7. Recently Updated

Your existing user base updating your app will provide you a short-term boost up on the App Store. As the adage says, release early, release frequently. In reality, on the App Store, releasing early is most likely a bad idea, because you should never sacrifice quality for the sake of meeting random deadlines.

8. Number and Value of App Reviews

Again the App store had shown this up in the summer of 2013. It's very obvious that if people rate your app well, it will help your app rank well.

9. Retention / Uninstalls

This one is much convincing on the first hand but it is been observed in quite a few claims that Google uses uninstalls as an aspect to rank apps down.


Although there are several other factors that influence app rank boost up, these factors are well thought-out by many app developers. So, analyze them before developing a better understanding of how to propel app ranking and top your app on the app charts.

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