Express VPN UK Review 2023: ExpressVPN deals and discounts!

Last Updated on   January 21 2023,
Fact Checked  by     Stuart Kerrs.

Express VPN

Ease of Use 10.0
Features 10.0
Performance 10.0
Support and Resources 9.5
Pricing 9.0


  • Network Lock (Kill Switch)
  • No-logs policy
  • Strong encryption & VPN apps for every device
  • Dedicated Servers for streaming, works with Netflix
  • Torrenting is allowed
  • 30-day transparent refund policy
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Split Tunneling & Tor Onion
  • 5 Simultaneous connections
  • 35% ExpressVPN discount


  • Comparatively expensive
  • No free trial

Express VPN UK; The Best Premium VPN service.

All the reviewable VPNs go through an extensive research process, digging them in an extent where biasness leaves no footprints; so for this ExpressVPN review. In this review, we will discuss why, when, how Express VPN UK is the biggest and the most prominent VPN service, setting trends and benchmarks in the VPN industry. As well as help you get the best out of your Express VPN UK service and maybe even assist you in finding ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals if you're here looking to get an ExpressVPN account free.


ExpressVPN Unlimited Servers – Wide Spread Global Reach

ExpressVPN has a list of 3000+ servers in 94 Countries being available in 160 locations; this is a bonus for users as they can connect to any server around the globe to access geo-restricted content. Compared to the rest of the VPN services, ExpressVPN surpasses them all in terms of server coverage; streaming experience can never be better than this. They often have ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals, which makes it popular amongst users. Though coming across an Express VPN account free can be a little difficult.

What is so special about ExpressVPN servers?

Express VPN UK has recently launched a new feature called TrustedServer technology. They define the feature in the official blog post as:

“In contrast, the traditional and most common way of running servers relies very much on hard drives, which retain all data until they are erased and written over, a painstaking and error-prone process. This increases the risk that servers could inadvertently contain sensitive user information. If someone were to hack or seize the server, they could gain access to this data. Even worse, hackers who do find their way in might be able to install a backdoor that remains indefinitely.”

Based on this feature now all ExpressVPN servers are running on volatile memory (RAM), and not on hard drives which gives a benefit that all the data of users will be wiped out every time, the RAM is powered off and on again. It is also to be noticed that RAM requires power to store data and as the power goes off, the data will be wiped out completely and user VPN session will start from scratch.

VPN Servers 3000+ in 94 Countries
Offered Protocols OpenVPN, PPTP, IKEv2 and L2TP
Level of Encryption Used AES-256-bit
Dedicated Apps for all Devices Yes
Netflix Yes
Torrent friendly Yes
Location British Virgin Islands
Support 24/7 Live Support
Zero-Log Policy Yes
Simultaneous Connection 5

Ease of Use:

How to use ExpressVPN?

  1. Signup and download the app
  2. Log in your account
  3. Connect to VPN server

Five Simultaneous Connections

Express VPN UK has recently increased the number of simultaneous connections from 3 to 5 which was one of the drawbacks in the service previously. Now, a user can easily connect 5 devices with a single account at the same time and enjoy unlimited streaming from Netflix USA. Though, keep in mind your “tier of subscription” when applying for ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals, be sure to check how many connections it allows. And any deals on ExpressVPN account free trials might only allow 1 connection.

Available Apps and Supported Devices on ExpressVPN Connection

Express VPN UK is a reliable VPN tool that offers multiple devices and operating system compatibility. This is a flexibility that we expect in every VPN provider so that users can configure the VPN on their devices.  The device compatibility of ExpressVPN is long and diverse; let's discuss them:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Blackberry
  • Router
  • Chromebook
  • Kindle Fire

The above mentioned are the dedicated software available for smart devices; the native apps of ExpressVPN for Android and iOS are incredibly flawless. To further enjoy streaming securely, ExpressVPN UK offers router compatibility as well, which is an explicit feature. While connecting to a router, you can quickly secure any device connected on your home WiFi whether its laptops, smartphones, PC, tablets, iPods Smarts TVs, etc.

As a bonus, Express VPN UK also recommends which router to buy as well which makes the buying decision better, you can find these sugggestions sometimes as part of their ExpressVPN UK discount and Express VPN deals pages. Every page is designated to provide configuration settings. To enjoy the app on your gaming consoles and Smart TVs, the VPN offers apps for (keep in mind that the ExpressVPN account free might not be available across some platforms):

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Samsung Smart TV

While connecting to these smart TVs and gaming consoles, you can forget about losing your gaming profile or Smart TV access. The ExpressVPN will encrypt and secure all your streaming and gaming endeavors, this should be the case with Expressvpn account free trials too.
To further incorporate the extension or addon on your browser, download ExpressVPN on your browsers and configure the extensions on the following:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

These browser extensions are just one-click away; enhances your browser security right away.
For more information on the device specifications and configuration guide, check the Express VPN’s device and apps support page.



Dedicated Servers for Netflix and other Streaming Websites

In this review, we can state that streaming is a niche, given the security tool with infinite entertainment experience. It has a long list of streaming websites that it unblocks easily with a blink of an eye, making your streaming worthwhile. Also, it has an entire page on the site and a wholesome list on the app that provides dedicated servers for streaming.
Those servers provide popular streaming sites including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Each streaming platform has been described in considerable detail with a step by step guide to unblock the sites. Netflix works probably most cruelly, blocking multiple VPN servers; in case you find yourself stuck, quickly switch from one server to another, so that you can access Netflix. We ran a few tests on the ExpressVPN Netflix performance, the response were positive.

Strong P2P Supported Servers

We were skeptical in finding that all the servers provided by ExpressVPN are P2P supported; we’ve tested few of them and all the smart location were connected to the best P2P supported server; thank you ExpressVPN for being easy on Torrenting and file sharing.

ExpressVPN’s Transparent Log Policy

Claiming we have a no-log policy is common, and every other VPN provider claims it. Question is how true is it for Express VPN UK? Express claims they do not record on their paid or their ExpressVPN account free trials;
ExpressVPN Privacy Towards Logs
So far the VPN did not encounter any such incident where they log data. The above points indicate that the service does not store or retain your data. As soon as the connection is established, all the servers are immediately encrypted, and the chance or retaining any data is close to zero.
They retain nominal specifics that are used to run the system smoothly.

Protocols Supported by ExpressVPN

Express VPN UK uses highly encrypted protocols, that’s currently being used by the US government and NASA to have a 100% secure network. The VPN uses AES 256-bit (Advanced Encryption Standard) which is a solid encryption that uses ultra-security layer to make your identity hack proof.
The additional protocols they offer are:

  • OpenVPN with TCP/UDP
  • IKEv2
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • PPTP

OpenVPN is a recommended protocol tested in ExpressVPN as it provides additional layers of encryption to your network. You can anytime switch between the protocols of your choice depending on the operating system you have.

Security Features of ExpressVPN

Internet Kill Switch

This is a useful feature that Express VPN UK is offering to secure the network connection while connecting to the VPN. Within the connection process, this feature keeps the encryption tunnel blocked so that no outside traffic could penetrate the tunnel. The same applies while it disconnects (and this should apply to any the accounts obtained from ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals as well as any ExpressVPN account free trials).

We analyzed this by disconnecting the internet to see if the feature works. At all times our IP was secure and ExpressVPN and Express VPN UK account did not expose our identity; make sure your internet traffic is 100% secure.

DNS Leak Test:

We further tested the DNS leak protocol that stops your IP from being leaked in a case of a connection failure. DNS leak is an everyday ordeal and could happen due to a few possible reasons.

  • Manual DNS set up process
  • The router has been compromised or leaking
  • The VPN is manually set up

At any stage you feel like the Express VPN UK account is leaking your DNS, then you can cross check through the support team instantly. While testing EXpressVPN for DNS leak, the VPN did not leak the DNS and our connection was secure at all times.

WebRTC Leak Test:

Having WebRTC is an excellent addition as this protocol checks various techniques to locate the IP address. Majority of the browsers leak your WebRTC by default, but it can be manually disabled if you know the right method.
ExpressVPN DNS WebRTC and IP Leak Test

Split Tunneling:

Further, Express VPN UK offers a diverse split tunneling protocol where you can easily choose the tunnel to route your traffic. This makes things streamlined to ensure your identity does not get leaked since your traffic would come from different channels.

Compatible with TOR:

Is ExpressVPN safe? Yes; because it has a list of security addons that provide top of the line encryption and TOR onion is one of them. Combine VPN and TOR; you will eliminate all possible privacy issues, and your network would be solid as a steel vault.
TOR works better on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Android browsers with their expressvpn APK and you can use this URL to launch the connection http://expressobutiolem.onion

See more ExpressVPN features


ExpressVPN Speed Test

We expected the speed test to be the best so far because of being premium yet qualitative service. Express VPN UK did not let us down and it surely came out to be the fastest VPN, as we tested the internet connection speed comparatively – before and after VPN connection. We tested 83.15 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection which is impressive, especially if you factor in the price after any ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals you can get for your Express VPN UK account.
Let’s see our test results.

  • Asia Server (Hong Kong)

Ping: 292ms / Download: 30.26 Mbps / Upload: 12.46 Mbps

  • US Server (New York)

Ping: 110ms / Download: 60.04 Mbps / Upload: 30.41 Mbps

  • European Server (London)

Ping: 40ms / Download: 83.15 Mbps / Upload: 51.81Mbps

Support and Resources:

Responsive and Fast Customer Support

ExpressVPN support is very active as the live chat support created no fuss while lodging a query. Live chat support is a highly valued aspect, and it falls under one of the marking criteria for our unbiased reviews. We always make sure if the support is responsive and how helpful the live chat representative is; such as if they are willing to help with expressvpn discount and/or express vpn deals.

ExpressVPN live chat representative dealt our query instantly and did not waste time with introductions, instead fix and gave a solution to the desired concern. They also provide email support which we do not recommend as it took more than 5 hours for us to receive the ticket combined with more hours to receive our answer (though your response time might vary dependent on certain accounts tiers obtain from ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals as well as any ExpressVPN account free trials). Express VPN UK can definitely make this segment better.

See more ExpressVPN support features


ExpressVPN price is a big question by many who take a step back while going through the pricing plans. Good security has a cost attached, and Express VPN UK proves that by offering three pricey plans outside of their ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals and ExpressVPN account free trials;

  1. $12.95/month
  2. $8.32/month for 15 months (ExpressVPN discount 35% off)
  3. $9.99/month for 6 months

Express VPN Deals and ExpressVPN Discounts

Being a premium service, ExpressVPN charges may seem legitimate, but they are indeed not cheap. You should think twice before you purchase as the average monthly plan is between $4-$5 and the 15-month plan is another story; this is not for someone who’s on a tight budget (though that might change if you can get your hands on any ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals as well as any ExpressVPN account free trials discounts).

Currently, the 15-month plan has a deal which is why it’s cheaper than the actual rate. The regular price is $12.95/month, which has come down to $8.32 after a 35% ExpressVPN discount.

ExpressVPN Payment Methods – Good Payment Options

The payment options for Express VPN UK are sufficient enough for users around the globe. It offers:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards
  • Digital currency (Bitcoin)

Other payment options are available as well which can be availed, but the point of concern is clear; payment methods are flexible, and users would be more than happy with it. Also remember before paying to check for any ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals as well as any ExpressVPN account free trials that you can use, online.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee lives its reputation

There is not an ExpressVPN free trial but if not satisfied with ExpressVPN service, you can claim a refund anytime under the 30-days refund policy. Unlike many VPN providers, ExpressVPN do not have any hidden charges (even if you got your account from ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals as well as any ExpressVPN account free trials). Either the VPN has a bandwidth limit or any other limitation to data usage. Gladly, you can use ExpressVPN to be anonymous online without worrying about wasting your bandwidth data.

ExpressVPN Account free!

Essentially the ExpressVPN best deal of the century. You can signup and close for the 30-Day money back guarantee to get your ExpressVPN account free! This may become a little tiresome doing over and over again but for one off events where you need a VPN, you can work this trick to get the best VPN on the market!

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Conclusion and Recommendation:

Do we recommend Express VPN UK? Yes, we do recommend Express VPN UK as a secure and trustworthy VPN provider. It feels excellent in many aspects. While keeping aside the price as for once, the features it offers speaks a volume which is garnished by security. And remember, the price can be offset with some ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals as well as ExpressVPN account free trials.

ExpressVPN service provides double security through the Tor onion and highest grade encryption protocols provided to secure your network.

ExpressVPN app is good to use with easily available features on the wireframe categorized in sub-menus.

Coming to the pricing plan, we are not sure with your budget benchmarks but still there is no argument that the pricing plan as is not as budget friendly as others. We would argue though, you get what you pay for, and Express VPN UK really is the best. And if you really need to offset the cost; look for ExpressVPN discount and Express VPN deals as well as any ExpressVPN account free trials.

Looking at the bigger picture, the pros weigh more than the cons of this VPN and its services are exceptional. It is what we choose and our number one recommendation!


>Why ExpressVPN is the best?

Does ExpressVPN Work Well with Streaming Websites?

Does ExpressVPN Retain Logs?

The VPN did not have an accident or case whatsoever which would showcase they retain data. This seconds their claim of no-logging and seals their trustworthiness.

Which Protocols Does ExpressVPN Use?

It offers IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN with both TCP and UDP ports.

Which Protocols Does ExpressVPN Use?

Upon testing nearly half servers we can conclude that ExpressVPN is P2P supported.

Is ExpressVPN Safe?

After reviewing it we can assure you that it is safe and sound with reliable features that compliment this claim.

Does ExpressVPN Work on Kodi?

That’s all for now:

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