What is Effective Social Media Marketing? – Part 2



In the first part of this article we explained why effective social media marketing is a ‘must-achieve’ for any company wishing to build brand recognition and increase their customer base.

To complete this 2-part article we will explain the importance of getting this social media marketing strategy right and some major benefits to be gained.

Increased business visibility:

To prosper and build a solid foundation for your brand, product or service you need to rise above the competition. This will be achieved by sending out clear, consistent brand messages to your desired target audience.

Increasing business visibility will have a marked impact in terms of:

  • Increasing site visits
  • Increasing lead opportunities
  • The growing potential of conversion rate opportunities
  • Positive increases in sales figures
  • Growing brand recognition
  • Growing customer loyalty thanks to the consistently positive customer experience you provide

An added bonus:

Social media marketing campaigns are extremely cost effective and should be within reach of all companies. The established platforms continue to thrive while there is no shortage of newcomer’s intent on making an impact.

The combined total of subscribers across these platforms is staggering and will continue to rise. It should be very clear that the number of users involved should be seen as a potentially lucrative new customer base.

Target audience knowledge:

Companies that assume their brand will filter naturally to platforms that best fit the brand image they are hoping to convey are missing a trick. This scattergun approach will not clearly define brand image or be directed specifically to the desired target audience.

You should be targeting the type of customer you want by delivering a crystal-clear statement of brand intent. You should not be expecting potential customers to search across platforms for a brand that lacks clear intent.

Convey a clear, consistent message relating to brand intention and direction with researched knowledge of the audience you are seeking. This will greatly increase brand exposure to the customers you are looking for.

The importance of a compelling story:

A compelling story needs to impress the continuously growing number of users on platforms that are becoming increasingly influential in terms of a brand’s standing.

Careful analysis and a comprehensive understanding of your market sector, competitors and a thorough understanding of such things as customer geographic, demographic and spend patterns will show where future efforts should be placed.

It is not sufficient to treat such analysis as a one-off exercise or sporadic basis. The rapid change in attitudes, the rise and fall of different social media networks and knowledge of which business sectors and brands populate which platforms and audience type will give major insight into current and forecasted trends.

Keep tabs on your competitors and understand what they are getting right as well as where they need to improve. Copying should never be considered, but insight can inspire!

Provide a positive customer experience:

Effective social media marketing is a must if you are looking to increase brand awareness but this must be backed up by a positive customer experience. Provide relevant, clear and concise information on topics that are relevant.

Inform, educate and interest, offer access to white-papers, webinars and technical data along with a whole lot more. Your goal is to encourage visitors to linger longer. Achieve this and you will see them return regularly.

That ends our two part blog on the effectiveness of social media marketing.

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