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Ecommerce has arguably already replaced traditional commerce; Common sense states, if you have something to sell, make sure you are selling it online as well. Then to sell online you will simply need an online Ecommerce portal.

Why does this matter?

eCommerce can seem like a crowded market but it is still very much a growing field with an increasing share in global shopping every year. Selling online is much easier than the traditional “offline” way. You simply need a website, generally called an eCommerce portal or an eCommerce site. Of course, a professionally designed site, developed by expert eCommerce web development services and/or a professional eCommerce Website Design UK team, will give you an edge over your competition.

What eCommerce solutions do we work with?

We are a leading name in ecommerce website design UK and ecommerce site development in the UK. But this reputation didn’t come instantly. We have worked towards this painstakingly using many hosted eCommerce solutions including Shopify, BigCommerce, and open source systems including WordPress WooCommerce and Magento for our clients and their business eCommerce website.

Why choose Stuart Kerrs?

This is where our skills, expertise and experience comes in for you. Whether upgrading to ecommerce from an existing website design or ecommerce from the start, our unmatched eCommerce web design services not only help you sell online but help you sell easily, more efficiently and quickly.

Now we can now claim our ecommerce portal development service is second to none. Not only because of our ecommerce site development expertise, but also because of the long experience we've had of providing ecommerce web development services. Packing unbeatable features, we don’t just build a portal for our clients, we create a total business online.  All our ecommerce designs are also built SEO friendly with a structure that allows best SEO interlinking.

With an online business ecommerce website portal your small business website has many advantages over traditional commerce including a broader customer base, never-ending open hours, online marketing tools, social media, personalised deals and offers, discretion and privacy and much more!

Service Features

Good Design.

A bespoke website design can be applied easily to any of our e-commerce portal developments whether open source or hosted source systems. If you have seen anything on the internet which caught your fancy, we can match it then make it better.

Easy Backend Management.

We use open source systems recognised for their simplified backend; if required even a non-IT person can easily manage the inventory. Adding/removing products, changing product description or price, issuing discounts and coupons, everything done via few clicks.

Flexible Payment Option.

We integrate every payment method you can think of, credit card, ATM card, online banking, PayPal, cash on delivery (COD) and more and we do this in partnership with Braintree. You wont miss a customer over payment procedure, if Stuart Kerrs designs your ecommerce portal.

Multiple Language & Currency.

If you are selling worldwide, trust us, you will need this. The customer needs to know how much exactly you are charging him in his currency. Moreover, they will also love to read the product description in the language they are comfortable in. We can even make this system automatic by tracking the customer location.

Mobile Optimised.

Our ecommerce portal designs are 100% mobile optimised being responsive in design, making it as easy to shop from the mobile as it is from the tablet and desktop.

Cost Effective.

Our eCommerce Portals do not cost the earth. With open source development reducing time required for creating your online portal, we believe pricing should therefore reflect.

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