Drone X Pro Reviews 2022; aka Shadow X drone, is it a Scam?

Updated May 8 2022
Loy Heaton
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DroneX Pro / Shadow X Drone

Ease of Use 9.5
Design 10.0
Features and Functionality 8.0
Reliability 9.0
Pricing 9.5


  • It's TINY!
  • Super easy to pilot
  • Great sleek futuristic design
  • Easily replaceable batteries
  • It's SO TINY!!


  • Camera quality may not be up to par for some
  • Battery life could be a little better

Flight of the Drones!

If you're looking at drones, then I can probably guess you're either extremely interested in photography or have a deep interest for awesome flying remote control vehicles. Either way, you're in for a lovely treat. You may have heard about the Drone X Pro UK flight gadgets; and let me tell you: they are absolutely great. Also known as Shadow X drone UK or Shadow drone, in this DroneX pro reviews we'll get into the specs, facts and reasons as to why you might be interested in getting yourself a this fantastic drone.

Let me start this Drone X Pro reviews by saying that flying remote drones have come a very long way since it's inception and initial popularity. Like every piece of technology out there, what can start off somewhat disappointing to many, typically and eventually becomes great in comparison. Since it's start in military usage, to the first commercial drone and to now in 2020; commercial drone tech and availability has gone through the roof ever since the first commercial drones took flight back in 2006.

So strap in and prepare for flight as we continue on with this Drone X Pro reviews aka Shadow X drone review.

What is a drone?

Let's start this Drone X Pro reviews aka Shadow X drone review with a short introductory section on what exactly is a drone and the things you can expect from owning and playing with awesome flying machines. What exactly is a drone? When it comes to aviation terms, the definition of a drone is a remote controlled flying vehicle. Other terms you may hear for it is: Un-manned Aerial Vehicle (UAV for short).

Dronex Pro in black background

Drones have been in fact used for far longer than most people think; from even before the second world war! However; drones and UAVs have been almost exclusively used in and for military purposes up until around 2006, which was when the first commercial drones were available to the public. In fact, that seems to be a trend; specially amongst the aerospace industry. Something starts off in the military, only to be available for commercial use down the line. But the actual use of the UAVs and drones themselves don't actually change all that much in the grand scheme of things.

Military drones were historically used as scouts as they had the ability to take photos and videos from the air; thus providing valuable and actionable intel from up high. Guess what is the most popular usage for commercial drones nowadays and is something I extensively tested during my DroneX Pro tests? That's right: taking photos and recording videos from the air! Whilst of course I'm not in the military nor do I have military uses to try and test for, for my DroneX pro reviews and DroneX Pro tests. But it can't be denied that people take up drones as a hobby in order to get aerial pictures and videos.

strip photo of the features for dronexpro

If you're reading this Drone X Pro reviews aka Shadow X drone review, you might have already seen or heard about one of the biggest companies in the world: Amazon, wanting to use drones in order to deliver packages and parcels. Once again. the military were the first to use UAVs to fly their drones into dangerous territories in order to drop off packages and supplies, and once again: the commercial world seems to want and have already adopted the same practices. Getting your own Drone X Pro UK will definitely be fun and you're probably really excited to hear more in this DroneX Pro reviews; so how about we move onto the next section of this DroneX Pro test and get into the specs and features list; as well as the tests I carried out for my DroneX Pro reviews.

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My Shadow X Drone / DroneX Pro test and specs/features list

No gadget review article is complete without a proper specs and features list and/or section. And this Drone X Pro reviews aka Shadow X drone review is no different. I will start this drone x pro specs section with listing some of the more important specs of the Drone X Pro UK model:

  1. Drone size: 27 x 19 – 5x5cm when fully expanded
  2. Weight: 96 grams with battery – 78 grams without battery
  3. Camera: 2MP 720P – wide angle
  4. Camera Resolution: 1280x720p (720p camera)
  5. Battery size: 3.7V 500mAh Lipo battery
  6. Flying time: Averaging 8 minutes
  7. R/C distance: 80 to 100 meters

Let's start with what a lot people getting into drones look at first; the camera. 720p isn't the greatest, but it's far from the worst. While many do wish it was at least 1080p, 720p will be more than enough for what most people will want and/or need it for. And the fact that it's wide angle, you can be sure you won't miss much with this drone's camera. I snapped some beautiful photos during my dronex pro test for my dronex pro reviews.

dronex pro folded in hand


If you're still upset about the camera quality not being the best of the best, wait till you take a look at the actual size of the drone. When fully expanded (which means all 4 arms are extended for flight), the awesome Drone X Pro UK model clocks in at ONLY 27 – 19cm wide and only 5cm thick/tall. It's absolutely tiny! I was able to literally fit the drone itself into my cargo shorts pockets when the flight arms were folded in. And the fact that it weighs less than 100grams, I barely noticed it was there when I took it out of the house in my shorts. The remote and accesories may not be able to all fit in your pockets however, but the entire ensemble can easily fit into a small backpack; including any spare batteries and other gadgets you might have. Definitely one of the best portable drones available commercially, even as of today!

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Speaking of battery size; the battery capacity of this drone isn't the greatest, but there are far worse out there. With an “average” of 8 minutes, you're probably looking more towards 10 minutes of air time. Throw in the fact that the battery is extremely easy to slide on and off; with a few spare fully charges batteries in my bag; I never had the sense of “not enough” air time when carrying out my DroneX Pro test for this Dronex pro reviews. Flying the Drone X Pro UK model was a blast and I had a great time doing so for my Drone X Pro reviews aka Shadow X drone review.

The features of this nifty drone are great too. I really did have a good time taking my Drone X pro UK model out for tests. First things first, the remote for the drone itself is nicely designed and easy to learn and understand. It even has a phone holder at the bottom side of the remote for comfortable attaching of your smartphone. drone x pro showcase photo

Other features for the Drone X Pro UK model that I got to test for my Drone X Pro reviews aka Shadow X drone review include:

Slow-Mo Camera mode. See, I told you the camera is awesome. Sure it might only be 720p, but slow-mo is a great feature to have.

Panorama mode. Just wait till you get your hands on one of these, get it up high in the air and take awesome panorama photos. It's just amazing.

One-Key Take Off and Landing. Many people can get intimidated with drones as some models can be difficult to fly. But not this Drone x pro uk model. During my dronex pro test for this review; I even let my friends young daughter pilot the drone and there were no problems at all.

In-Air Level Calibration. This along with their one key landing and one key take off really makes it easy for anyone to pilot. The in-air calibration makes sure your drone stays level whilst in flight. Flying it for my DroneX pro reviews was really an experience to have.

As you can see from this part of my Drone X Pro reviews aka Shadow X drone review, I had a great time conducting dronex pro tests and I enjoyed and still am enjoying this fantastic gadget. Drone X pro UK comes with many features for all to experience.

Shadow X Drone / Drone X Pro price and where to get one

Let's talk about the Drone X Pro price! For the features and specs alone that I've listed in this DroneX pro reviews, it should be a no brainer. The pricing point is great and it serves well as a gift or present for friends that are interested in drones and/or like gadgets in general. To make sure that you aren't falling for Drone X pro scam and DroneX pro scam sites, make sure you purchase your Drone X pro UK model from a trusted source and get FREE SHIPPING with every purchase and order.

Dronex pro price list

And there's even more; should you for some reason have a fault or an issue, you can apply to their 30-day money back guarantee! Just be sure to read what it is your need to do in order to send it back and be eligible for the money back guarantee. And having talked about buying it as gifts for tech and drone enthusiasts; they even offer bulk package purchases with discount prices by throwing in extra drones for FREEWhat's better than getting a great and fun gadget in bulk and saving money with more you buy? Very little. I wouldn't wait, get flying and taking/recording awesome pictures and videos today.

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My conclusion on the Shadow X Drone / DroneX

I've written gadget articles and reviews. But this Drone X Pro reviews aka Shadow X drone review is by far the most fun I've had writing one. Conducting DroneX pro test with my Drone X pro UK model was such a fun experience that I would suggest it to just about anyone. Sincerely the greatest and most fun time I've had writing a gadget review article. Who knows, you may very well be inspired to write your own dronex pro reviews after you get your hands on one.

That’s all for now:

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