Codecademy Review 2021: It’s Free, But Is it Worth It?

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Ease of Use 8.5
Course Navigation 8.8
Course Content 9.0
Help & Support 8.5
Pricing 9.2


  • Free courses!
  • Lots of practice exercises
  • Mobile app available


  • No video instruction
  • May be too simple for the experienced coder

Introduction: Codecademy – free and fun way to learn code

Codecademy is one of the biggest online learning platforms for individuals looking to learn more about coding, especially those who are on the beginner to intermediate level. All the courses are free, and there are several programming languages available, including CSS / HTML, SQL, Ruby, and more. If you find Codecademy limiting, a Codecademy Pro free offering is available as scholarships to students. Soon, unemployed and laid-off workers will benefit from scholarships as the pandemic goes on. In this Codecademy review, let's analyse if this platform is worth it and see if they're offering a Codecademy free trial.


Ease of Use:

Overall, Codeacademy is relatively easy to use. Those without coding background get an amazing walk-through from the site itself. The Codecademy website offers a quiz on its homepage to help first-time visitors start with their learning.

To start, click on your chosen Codecademy free trial programming language and this then launches the course. There is no need to install third-party software that makes you worry about the right packages or other technical stuff. Coding is done through the browser.

You can get a Codecademy free trial for the Pro version to use for 7 days.

Start a Codecademy Pro free trial


In this Codecademy review, it must be clarified that Codecademy is free, but it isn't feature-packed. If you want to really learn to program, Codecademy Pro is your best bet. Luckily, right now, a Codecademy Pro free version is available for use to high school and college students. For the Pro version, there are members-only content, peer support, real-world project, and step-by-step guidance. To access this, Codecademy Pro free is currently available as scholarships to students and will be available to laid-off workers.

They also have partnerships with companies like Amazon that helps users develop apps using Ruby for Alexa, Amazon’s most popular assistant.  In our Codecademy review, we note that users can choose from working using Ruby on Rails, Sass, or javascript frameworks.

Course Navigation:

In our Codecademy Pro review, navigating through the course is pretty straightforward and is surely beginner-friendly, based on the majority of Codecademy reviews. The course starts with trying to recreate the classic “Hello World” example and then moving on to more detailed and complex examples.

The learning flow is straightforward and resembles a classroom approach. This makes it comfortable even for young students or those who have never tried coding before and is one of the highlighted features in our Codecademy review. The platform is well-designed too, helping learners focus more on the lessons, encouraging hands-on practice.

Video Quality:

Videos are part of the Codecademy curriculum and are used to make further the lessons more engaging.


In this Codecademy review, it's important to discuss the layout of the site. To start, the Codecademy website lets you quickly find the information you are looking for. As mentioned, there is a quiz available as well for first-time learners who are not sure where to start.

Also, a box on the left displays the details about the lesson, including the necessary tasks to be completed. The questions increase in complexity as the learning progresses, including lessons on data types, variables, and more.

Community Interaction:

At Codecademy, there is a community of students willing to help each other out. In this Codecademy pro review, we find that there are live help and tutoring as well, for an added cost. Moreover, there is no pressure as well in the timelines, as learners can adjust their learning based on their schedules.

Should you feel the need to drop the course temporarily, you are free to do so anytime. The same goes for going back to learning the course. Compared to other learning platforms, this flexibility is something users have been grateful for and checks the box in our Codecademy reviews.


In this Codecademy pro review, we note that there is no limit in the Codecademy go mobile lessons and practices, as well as step-by-step guidance and community support.

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Course Content:

All the courses available at Codecademy are free, but there is a paid Codecademy Pro option that offers additional benefits. For the free version, these include hundreds of hours of content ranging from beginner level to intermediate. In the Codecademy Pro free version, students can still enjoy premium content, including quizzes, customized learning track, projects that are an excellent fit for a portfolio, and the flexibility of your learning schedule.

Range of courses:

Codecademy offers the following for free and has one of the most comprehensive courses available online: CSS / HTML, SQL, Ruby, React.js / Angular JS, Python, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Bash / Shell, Swift, and Kotlin.

Best-selling courses:

In this Codecademy review, here are its best-selling courses: Web Development for HTML/CSS and JavaScript, Programming and Computer Science for Python and CMD Line, and Data Science for Python and SQL.

Also, based on our Codecademy Pro review, the most popular courses include Machine Learning, Developer Tools, and Code Foundations.


The personalised Codecademy certificate of completion is only available when the course or Path has been fully completed on a Codecademy Pro free membership. This includes completing all the quizzes, articles, projects, lessons, and videos as well.

Content Quality:

Included in its solid roster and noted in this Codecademy pro review are HTML/CSS, Rails, JavaScript, Git, SQL, and more. The free subscription also has limited mobile practice on the Codecademy app as well as real-life practice assignments. Codecademy reviews on the Pro plan note access to unlimited mobile practices.

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Support and Resources:

The Codecademy Support centre features a space for Forum, as well as Chapters and Events. The Forum allows users to ask questions, share and talk about projects, as well as interact with the community. Resources include several cheat sheets as well as blogs and articles.

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The Codecademy courses are available for free. However, a “Pro” membership will provide more courses, features and benefits;


Compare full plan details

As a special offering during the pandemic, Codecademy Pro free scholarships are currently available on its website for high school and college-level students. It has also announced its intention to offer free courses to workers.

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Conclusion and Recommendation:

The courses are perfect for beginners, including Codecademy for kids who are just starting to learn how to code.  Those who have never done code yet will stand to benefit from it. I recommend Codecademy for Students for those with basic experience up to the intermediate level.

In our Codecademy Pro review, Codecademy courses might be on a slower pace to users with a strong background in programming languages. Therefore, it might not suit those looking to explore more languages beyond the initial 12 that is offered.

For users wondering, which is better – Codecademy vs Udemy? The latter offers more available subjects from computer programming and beyond. There is also a Team Treehouse which uses mostly videos covering game design, coding, web design, and hard programming.

In conclusion, Codecademy is a great entry-level learning platform, perfect for beginners. Its free courses and Codecademy scholarships available, along with the ease of use, makes it an exciting platform to learn coding. It covers the basics of the languages it offers, as well as simple advanced on-hand practices. You can test the waters with a Codecademy free trial, too!

Begin your Codecademy free trial now


Is there a Codecademy free trial for Pro?

Yes, there is a free trial for 7 days upon sign up.

What is Codecademy Bootcamp?

Bootcamps typically last 12-16 weeks and are full-time courses that offer in-depth learning and full immersion. This is a fixed schedule. For learning at your own pace, the Pro Codecademy free trial membership is more fit.

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